[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Swords

Genshin Impact Best Swords
For the poor, the unlucky ones, the min-maxers, and those who refuse to choose most 4-star weapons.

We aren’t so lucky, and rich that we’d be seeking out weapons to use instead of waifus and husbandos with the gacha. But chances are, you’d have one, two, or even five of these weapons if you went on a rolling spree.

This could help the newbies, too, who are searching for what Genshin Impact swords they could build for their characters. 

  This is a list of the best 4 and 3-star weapons one should not sleep on. 

10. Festering Desire, best for skill reliant main or sub-DPS

The only reason that this is not higher on the list is that this sword is currently unobtainable. This beast of a sword increases your elemental skill and elemental burst damage by 32%, while also increasing the crit rate of your elemental skill by 12%.  

If you have a character that relies on their skills, this is the sword that you need if you want everyone to know you mean business.


What makes Festering Desire great:

  • Decent base stats
  • Builds Energy Recharge


9. Sacrificial Sword, best for supports with high cooldown

Xingqiu’s bread and butter—you might as well think that it was made for him. This sword builds Energy Recharge as a secondary stat, and every time you use your elemental skill, you have a 40% chance to reset its cooldown. It’s not a terrible weapon to invest in since that 40% gets better with every refinement. 

The only thing that keeps this here is that it’s only obtainable through the gacha.


What makes Sacrificial Sword great:

  • Decent base stats
  • Energy Recharge focused
  • Cooldown reset 


8. Prototype Rancour, best for Physical Main DPS

This would be your best friend if you like hitting things. We’re looking at something that would be worth your time with its value—and this is something that you could grind for with a bit of luck, of course.  

You could get this one free for reaching Adventure Rank 10. Further refinements would have you fighting weekly bosses to get the materials you need, which is quite rarer than seeing a unicorn in real life. But once you got the materials, nothing would stop you from making this weapon at the forge. 


What makes Prototype Rancour great:

  • Decent base stats
  • Craftable, Grindable
  • Physical Damage bonus


7. Iron Sting, best for Main DPS

This would be your other best friend if Prototype Rancour wasn’t. It’s more versatile. While the other is a giant stat stick, an Excalibur to its Arthur, this fits everyone. If you have no other weapon, then this could fit the bill.

It’s not that bad at base but this truly steps up and brings about its value when fully refined. 


What makes Iron Sting great:

  • Decent base stats
  • Craftable, grindable
  • Could be used by anyone


6. Dark Iron Sword, best for Main DPS

Not everyone knows that this existed. At base, this boosts your damage by 20% upon causing Electro-based reactions and it only gets better whenever you get more copies. The other copies that you could use for its refinement would be based on luck, but the first one would be with Chen the Sharp. 

You can check how to get this here.

Don’t miss out.


What makes Dark Iron Sword great:

  • Decent base stats
  • Amazing Electro-based properties


5. Cool Steel, currently best for Cryo Main DPS 

This is easy to get by. One might consider it as the trash that the gacha gives them for failing to get their characters. But this gets better if you’ve put your resources into it, or if you didn’t have any other weapons. 

You would pretty much have the grounds to max-refine this weapon after doing a rolling spree, and its 24% boost to all of your damage is easy to proc and not something you should scoff at. 


What makes Cool Steel great:

  • Decent base stats
  • Great properties, although limited


4. Skyrider Sword, best for Main DPS 

This is easy to get by like the Cool Steel. And just like Cool Steel, this doesn’t disappoint whenever you pour your resources into it. This gives you a 24% boost on your attack and movement speed after using an elemental burst. 


What makes Skyrider Sword great:

  • Decent base stats
  • Energy Recharge for secondary stat
  • Great properties, although limited


3. Fillet Blade, best for Main DPS

This is what you want if for pure damage. It builds your attack and raises your attack by percent as you level it up. And every 11 seconds, you have a 50% chance to set off a bomb of 400% attack damage to an enemy. It’s beautiful. 

Putting your resources here won’t be a waste.


What makes Fillet Blade great:

  • Decent base stats
  • Energy Recharge for secondary stat
  • Great properties, although limited


2. The Flute, best for Sub and Main DPS.

The only 4-star weapon that I’d put here for general efficiency and a property that’s hard to ignore. It’s only obtainable through the gacha, but if you get this, you might as well celebrate because you get to have the better Fillet Blade.


What makes The Flute great:

  • Decent base stats
  • ATK% for the secondary stat
  • Great properties, although limited


1. Harbinger of Dawn, best for Sub DPS

The best of the best. If you’re a true F2P or just absolutely unlucky, then this should be your go-to weapon. Even the experienced players are building this for their supports for the absolute beast of value it brings to the table. 

It builds Crit Damage as a secondary stat, but it lets you have an additional 28% crit rate granted that the character using this weapon has 90% or more health.


What makes The Harbinger of Dawn great:

  • Decent base stats
  • Crit Damage for the secondary stat
  • 28% Crit Rate


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