[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best 4 Stars Characters (Latest Patch)

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Although nowadays Genshin Impact is including more and more 5-stars characters that can act as a support, people still use 4-stars characters. Why’s that? Because they are amazing at what they do.

You may call them too specialized because they just increase one specific stat, or weak because they can’t deal damage on their own. However, in this guide, we’ll show you that if you choose the correct one to implement in your team, it’ll become ten times more powerful.

10. Thoma (Sub-DPS, Shielder, and Enabler)

Thoma is one of the latest 4-stars included in the game and he comes from Inazuma. Well, he’s a Mondstadter, but now lives with the Kamisato Clan as their helper. He usually helps around their house but can help in battle as well. His main support ability is his shield, which is based on his HP. Moreover, that same shield can spit flames that can even burn the enemy!

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Provide shields with Elemental Skill and Burst.
  • Can apply off-field Pyro reactions with Elemental Burst.
  • C6 provides a boost to party's Normal, Charged, and Plunge Attacks. 

Character details: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Thoma

9. Sayu (Enabler and Healer)

The ninja Sayu is another character from Inazuma, and one affiliated with the Kamisato Clan as well. She comes from a tribe of ninjas whose main purpose is stealth and infiltration. Although that should be her goal, her main ability is running at top speed and hitting enemies with her Anemo-infused tail. Moreover, every Swirl reaction made heals your team with Sayu!

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Elemental Burst can both heal and deal Anemo DMG.
  • Swirl reactions restore HP when Sayu is active.
  • Passive talent lets you sneak up on some wildlife. 

Character details: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Sayu

8. Gorou (Enabler, Shielder, and Healer)

It may seem like lots of characters from Inazuma, but that’s because they were the last to be included, together with their region. Gorou is a half-dog race that mainly helps around Geo teams. He can increase said team’s Geo Damage, Critical Damage, and even cause explosions when Crystallization happens. Oh, and don’t forget him buffing your DEF by a lot.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Boosts DEF, interruption resistance, and Geo DMG.
  • Buffs the entire party's DEF after using Elemental Burst.
  • C4 can heal active characters during Elemental Burst.
  • C6 can increase Geo CRIT DMG.
  • Displays Inazuma Specialties on the minimap.

Character details: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Gorou

7. Fischl (Sub-DPS, Battery, and Healer)

Fischl is another Electro character, but used more as a support than a DPS. Her main skill is her imaginary friend Ozvaldo. Her elemental burst allows you to back off and resets Oz’s countdown. Oz’s purpose is to constantly shoot Electro bullets that create Energy particles and apply Electro to your enemies. Your elemental burst will always be ready and your enemies will be ready as well, to die that is….

What Makes This Character Great:

  • High Attack speed.
  • Elemental Skill and Burst persist after swap.
  • Provides a lot of Electro particles.
  • Easily applies Electro and triggers Elemental Reactions. 

Character details: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Fischl

6. Sara (Enabler, Battery, and Burst DPS)

Kujou Sara may seem like a villain from Inazuma at first, but she’s not at all. Not only is she too nice for her own good, but she also comes from the powerful tengu family and has powers beyond human understanding. Her burst can call forth thunder to kill her enemies, and her arrows create tengu feathers to buff allies. She deserves the title of general in battle she possesses.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Has long-ranged arrow attacks.
  • Good for applying the Electro element.
  • Supports with ATK buffs and Energy Recharge.
  • Regenerates Energy for the team.

Character details: 

5. Yunjin (Enabler snd Shielder)

Yun Jin is a new character who was released this Lantern Rite, a.k.a. Lunar New Year celebration in Genshin Impact. She’s a Chinese opera actress widely known through Liyue. As a new Geo character, she can use Geo resonance, a really good passive. Moreover, her hit contains a powerful shield to defend from momentary attacks; and a normal attacks damage buff for your main DPS.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Elemental Skill generates many Elemental Particles.
  • Boosts Normal ATK DMG.
  • Elemental Burst has a Low Cost.
  • Elemental Skill DMG increases per Charge Level or Parry.

Character details: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Yun_Jin

4. Diona (Enabler and Healer)

This cat-eared girl from Mond is also a supporting character, really useful in teams with another Cryo character (for elemental resonance) and teams based on Cryo reactions (freezing, melting…). Similar to Rosaria, she creates a Cryo area to cause reactions and recharge energy. Why’s she above? Well, she’s also got a shield, the area also heals, has lower cooldowns… Do I need to say more?

What Makes This Character Great: 

  • Health Recovery and Shield Strength both scale with her HP.
  • Elemental Burst can apply constant Cryo on enemies.
  • Passive Skill allows her to create more restorative food when cooking.

Character details: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Diona

3. Xiangling (Sub-DPS and Enabler)

And finally, the cherry on top, Bennett. He’s simply the best support in the game and no one has been able to top him since the start. His skill generates tons of energy for his burst spam. That burst centres in, well, everything. It deals damage, heals your party a ton, increases your attack up to 1200, and even clears debuffs! Bennett is undoubtedly the best boy.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • High ATK Speed.
  • High AoE Elemental Burst DMG.
  • Elemental Burst has strong Pyro application on enemies.
  • Persistent Elemental Burst after switching out.

Character details: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Xiangling

2. Xingqiu (Sub-DPS, Enabler, and Healer)

The second support of the golden trio is Xingqiu. Essential is the word that describes him when referring to a melt or freeze team composition. His skill allows him to create water swords that will apply Hydro to enemies with just a touch. This makes creating elemental reactions as easy as blinking. Not only that, his burst even deals damage and he can heal your field character depending on his HP!

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Elemental Skill provides DMG reduction.
  • Elemental Burst provides consistent Hydro application.
  • High ATK speed.

Character details: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Xingqiu

1. Bennett (Enabler and Healer)

And finally, the cherry on top, Bennett. He’s simply the best support in the game and no one has been able to top him since the start. His skill generates tons of energy for his burst spam. That burst centres in, well, everything. It deals damage, heals your party a ton, increases your attack up to 1200, and even clears debuffs! Bennett is undoubtedly the best boy.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Provides powerful ATK buff and healing.
  • Chargeable and spammable Elemental Skill.
  • Can easily apply pyro to set up reactions.

Character details: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Bennett


There're a lot of types of characters in Genshin Impact, and this also applies to 4-star characters. However, after this guide, you’ve realised that they excel at supporting other characters. However, even if they can’t deal as much damage as a 5-star DPS, like Ayaka, they can increase Ayaka’s damage, time on the field, and a lot of her stats. So always have one of these characters under your sleeve!


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