[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Popular Ships

Genshin Impact Most Popular Ships
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Ships. Not like the ones that got stranded into the Suez Canal, but the ones that tickle our fancy. Because other than tier lists, big damages, and metas, we have this innate desire to know who’s dating who. There, we squeal. And like the true gamers that we are, we’re not bound by the walls of the game’s headcanon. We’re capable enough to make our own.

Proceed with caution because this would be your first dive into the fanfiction rabbit hole of Genshin Impact’s most popular ships. Yes. Most of them are gay.


10. Albether, ART by @notbabycarrot

Albedo and Aether snuggling in bed

Sating their bits of curiosity with a few experiments, this ship sailed through the winds of companionship. Its fans believe that these characters know that the other is special and that they act as such. 

Banking on Albedo’s iconic words of “If one day, I lose control... Destroy Mondstadt... Destroy everything… can I rely on you to stop me?” means that this relationship could only grow from here on out. 

What makes Albether great:

  • They have a good chemistry
  • Their relationship could happen canonically

Albether full details here.


9. Beiguang, ART by @lumiphi_art

Ningguang and Beidou taking a selfie

Opposites attract, indeed. 

Both are women that hold powerful a position in this world. But Beidou is an outgoing pirate—the good kind, as the kids in Liyue had said. Now, add that flair against someone like Ningguang, who seemed to be reserved and is comforted by the rules, then you’d get a cute and compelling relationship of one party offering adventure while the other promises perspective.


What makes Beiguang great:

  • Fosters growth and development on both characters
  • Their personalities compliment each other
  • Rides on the opposite attract vibe

Beiguang full details here.

8. Jeanlisa, ART by @El0isaa

Jean and Lisa taking a selfie—in their underwear.

Jean is a workaholic. We know that. She would always be holed up in her room, working through documents that it won’t be much of a stretch to say that the Knights of Favonius could exist because of her own efforts.

The thing is that she’s not fond of resting. But when she does, she would be hanging out with Lisa, who chose to be a humble librarian because the work is easy enough. By then, the fans would be left to be creative enough to fill the gap between their relationship.


What makes Jeanlisa great:

  • A femship that could have an actual ground
  • They have a  good chemistry
  • Follows that “opposites attract” vibe


Jeanlisa full details here.

7. Kaebedo, ART by @max_eera

Albedo getting manhandled by Kaeya

“What, you into him as well?” 

That vague line from Kaeya sure took a different route and had the fans grabbing their keyboards and pencils to make this ship happen. Of course, he might be into him as well. 

It might be banking on the “opposites attract” trope again with Kaeya being outgoing and Albedo being the quieter one, but what seemed to gather the interest of people is that they might band together and destroy Mondstadt. 


What makes Kaebedo great:

  • They have good chemistry
  • They might actually destroy Mondstadt together

Kaebedo full details here.


6. Xiaother, ART by @pun_rii

Aether and Xiao talking

Xiao saving Aether caught our attention for sure. And us bugging him during the Lanter Rite festival made it so much better. 

It shows the growth between these two characters. Xiao has been traumatized, being left alone to bear his work of killing, and the fans believe that Aether would be there to support him. It’s all for the pursuit of happiness. 


What makes Xiaother great:

  • They have good chemistry
  • Their relationship promises growth
  • They have similar aesthetics

Xiaother full details here.


5. Xingyun, ART by @izacchii

Chongyun and Xingqiu flirting, probably

This trope banks on Xingqiu and Chongyun being the same.

They’re from the same background. They’re both devoted to their craft. They’re both comfortable around each other. We know that they’ve bonded a lot at this point with the help of their voice lines. 

All that’s left is for the fans to fill those gaps of information and add some romantic flair to it. 


What makes Xingyun great:

  • Their romance could have actual grounds
  • They’re best friends
  • They have a good dynamic
  • They have good chemistry

Xingyun full details here.


4. XiaoVen, ART by @coppersketches

Xiao and Venti being there for each other

We just wanted Xiao to be free and happy. What makes it better is that Venti, the Anemo Archon, is the epitome of freedom that could give him just that.

The fans relied on the game’s lore and trailers for their optimal supply of creative juices. We know who Xiao is. We know that he had suffered. And we know that he’s going to be alright with Venti comforting him. 


What makes XiaoVen great:

  • The nature of their romance is comfort
  • Their relationship promises growth
  • They have a good dynamic

XiaoVen full details here


3. Chilumi, ART by @zhacaitan

Childe and Lumine being a married couple

It started with “Hey, girlie.” He saved us, the players in a difficult situation. We fought him, too, since he has priorities, and what happened next was pretty much the fans shipping them because they look cute together. 

The “enemies to friends” trope is strong in this one.


What makes Chilumi great:

  • They have a lot in common
  • Their relationship could have actual ground
  • They have a good dynamic

Chilumi full details here


2. Kaeluc, ART by @cloudydango

Kaeya and Diluc taking a selfie

The epitome of “what are you doing, stepbro?” 

They’re adoptive brothers. I’m not so terrible that I’d spoil this to you, but something terrible happened. It caused a rift in this relationship and after that, they’ve treated each other differently.

Of course, with a little creativity, their dynamic took a more interesting turn.


What makes Kaeluc great:

  • They're brothers
  • Their relationship could have actual ground
  • They have a good dynamic

Kaeluc full details here


1. ChiLi, ART by @tenpotsofwine

Childe and Zhongli sharing tea

This is undoubtedly the most popular of them all. 

With the number of their voice lines referencing each other, to their complementing aesthetics, their opposite yet secretive dynamic, and up to Childe being Zhongli’s sugar daddy, we can’t really deny how this ship got popular with the fans. 

What makes ChiLi great:

  • Their relationship could have actual ground
  • They have a good dynamic

ChiLi full details here.


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