[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Exploration Characters That Are Amazing

It's clear that Venti loves Cecilias.

Genshin Impact gives you lots of things to do. And exploring is one of them. Climbing Liyue’s Mount Aozang, gliding through Dragonspine, or swimming in Sangonomiya. With Teyvat’s vast map, exploring is one of the reasons (if not the main) Genshin Impact has the players it does.

However, what is the best to use when exploring? Do some characters climb faster than others? Are there characters that can swim longer? All these doubts will be cleared if you read this Top 5 Genshin Impact Best Exploration Characters.

5. Kamisato Ayaka

We start this top 5 with Inazuma’s Shirasagi Himegimi, Kamisato Ayaka. This Cryo character is the eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan in Inazuma. Together with her brother, she leads the Yashiro Commission while freezing our hearts with her beauty.

As one of the two characters with an alternative sprint in the game, Ayaka can be a great asset while exploring Teyvat. With her special sprint, she can run through the water surface, which is faster than swimming.

Even if you run out of stamina, she has a solution. When she stops sprinting she jumps out and freezes the water. From there, you can keep creating an ice bridge with her Cryo-infused basic attacks.

What Makes Ayaka Great for Exploration

  • Alternative sprint makes her able to run through water
  • Basic attacks and elemental skill freeze water, so she's able to make an ice bridge

4. Zhongli

As the Lord of Geo, how can Zhongli not be up to the task of exploring? Does everyone remember how he created Guyun Stone Forest? No? Well, he rained thousands of rock pillars to the sea just to trap some god.

His elemental skill is the same. He can summon a Geo pillar from the ground so you can climb it and continue exploring. Not only can he summon them on the ground, but, if you position yourself correctly, you can also create pillars from the walls or even diagonally instead of vertically.

What Makes Zhongli Great for Exploration

  • Elemental skill creates a stone pillar you can climb

3. Xiao

Liyue’s Vigilant Yaksha, Xiao, comes third. As the last Yaksha adepti alive, his duty is to cleanse the region from the darkness. With his proficiency using his Anemo vision, he battles demons day and night. If you call him loud enough, he will always come to help you. Unless you are Paimon, that is.

The first perk Xiao offers to your team is a decrease in your stamina consumption while climbing. Everyone has shouted more than once in frustration because your stamina depleted before reaching the top. Well, Xiao solves this problem for you.

His passive ability is not the only helpful thing about him. Lemniscatic Wind Cycling, his elemental skill, can be used in mid-air. This skill allows us to move horizontally twice, without spending gliding stamina.

What Makes Xiao Great for Exploration

  • Elemental skill can be used to travel mid-air
  • Passive decreases climbing stamina consumption for party members by 20%

2. Kazuha

In second place we find Kaedehara Kazuha. As one of the best characters from Inazuma, he’s not only an amazing support, but is great for open-world exploration as well. This wandering samurai has traveled throughout the archipelago, so of course he would be great in the wilderness.

His kit makes him worth the name of his samurai clan. With an elemental skill that lifts Kazuha upwards, you can start climbing without wasting any stamina. It can also be used in mid-air for prolonged flights.

Kazuha also has a passive ability helpful for exploration. This ability decreases the cost of sprinting so you can run more time with the same stamina. If you want to do your daily commissions faster than ever, Kazuha’s sprinting perk will be helpful for you.

What Makes Kazuha Great for Exploration

  • Elemental skill lifts Kazuha into the air
  • Elemental skill can be used in mid-air to prolong flights
  • Passive decreases sprinting stamina consumption for party members by 20%

1. Venti

And the Anemo Archon, Venti, takes first place. Venti (formally named Barbatos) is, if you remember, also the God of Freedom. Being the god of freedom, he will help you to fly and glide from one end of Mondstadt to the other.

First, he shines because of his elemental skill. When charging it, it has two functions: launching Venti into the air and creating a current for 20 seconds. With this, you can make your Venti or other characters or even friends start climbing from there. Maybe you don’t even have to climb because his current is as high as the wall.

His elemental burst can also clean up groups of hilichurls or treasure hoarders in a moment. This vortex pulls in enemies so you can kill them with one shot, without having to run from one tent to another killing them.

Finally, we have his passive ability. With this one, your entire team will have a 20% decrease in stamina consumption while gliding. You won’t be trying to fly through Dragonspine just to fall into the void because of your stamina anymore.

What Makes Venti Great for Exploration

  • Holding Elemental skill launches Venti into the air
  • Holding Elemental skill creates an upcurrent that lasts 20 seconds
  • Elemental burst can clean up enemy encampments in seconds
  • Passive decreases gliding stamina consumption for party members by 20%


In Genshin Impact every character has a role. In this top 5, we show you the best characters for exploring the open world with ease. Just imagine a team with these 5 characters. You would have a wide range of passive abilities, decreasing your gliding, sprinting, and even climbing stamina consumption.

You would be able to climb higher with platforms and currents. Or glide further with continuous jumps and horizontal movements. Not only that, traveling through water won’t be a problem anymore. Long live ice bridges! Exploring is the main attraction of this game, so just have fun and discover the secrets of Teyvat.


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