[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best F2P Bows for Sub-DPS and Support

Genshin Impact Best Sub-DPS/ Support Bows
Diona wielding The Stringless Bow

In Genshin Impact, one of the many ways to improve and strengthen your characters is to equip them with the right weapon. A character can be equipped with any weapon as long as that weapon is in the corresponding weapon type that the character can use. 

This article will discuss the best weapons for Sub-DPS/ Support Bow characters, which require fewer resources to be upgraded into their maximum potentials (F2P-friendly weapons for short). We will also tell you how to get those weapons.


5. Alley Hunter

Alley Hunter

Secondary Stat: ATK%

Special Effect: (Oppidan Ambush) While the character equipped with this weapon is in the party but not on the field, their DMG increases by 2% every second up to a max of 20%. When the character is on the field for more than 4s, the aforementioned DMG buff decreases by 4% per second until it reaches 0%.


Alley Hunter is most useful if you have a “selfish” Main DPS Character (characters that require long exposure in the field to execute their maximum damage output). Remember that the Character/s that will be using this Bow should be off the field most of the time. With this information, we could say that this Bow is effective for Characters that have Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts that have a long duration. These Characters are only taken out to the field just to perform their Skill or Burst.

These Bow can be used for Characters like Fischl (Sub-DPS Build), Diona, Venti, or Amber. All of these characters are reliant on their Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts, so they will not take much time on the field, thus they can maximize the effect of “Oppidan Ambush”.

Where to get: Promo Weapon in an Event Wish


4. Favonius Warbow

Favonius Warbow in the Archives Section

Secondary Stat: Energy Recharge%

Special Effect: (Windfall) CRIT hits have a 60% chance to generate a small number of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12s.


This Bow is useful for Elemental Burst-reliant Characters. The main function of this Bow is to increase the rate of Energy Recharge of the Character using it. The Energy Recharge Secondary Stat and the Special Effect “Windfall” both help in Recharging the Energy of the wielder’s Elemental Burst.

Favonius Bow is good for those Characters that have an Elemental Burst that requires more Energy to be used. The only downside of this Bow is the wielder needs a high Crit Rate to Maximize the effect of “Windfall”, and as we know it, Crit Rate is not that significant for Sub-DPS and Support Characters.

Where to get: This Bow can be obtained by Wishing


3. Sacrificial Bow

Sacrificial Bow in the Archives Section

Secondary Stat: Energy Recharge%

Special Effect: (Composed) After dealing damage to an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30s.


Characters that have high-damaging Elemental Skills or Characters that are Elemental Skill-reliant are greatly benefitted by this Bow. The Special Effect “Composed” can reset the Cooldown of the wielder’s Elemental Skill if the wielder deals damage to enemies. With this effect, the wielder can use his/ her Elemental Skill up to a maximum of 2 times consecutively.

Sacrificial Bow is great for Ganyu with Sub-DPS build. Ganyu’s Elemental Skill deals a large amount of damage to enemies. If equipped with this Bow, Ganyu can use her Elemental Skill 2 times, thus increasing her Overall Damage Output. This Bow is also good for Diona and it can also help regenerate her Energy faster.

Where to get: This Bow can be obtained by Wishing


2. Windblume Ode

Windblume Ode in the Archives Section

Secondary Stat: Elemental Mastery

Special Effect: (Windblume Mastery) After using an Elemental Skill, receive a boon from the ancient wish of the Windblume, increasing ATK by 16% for 6s.


This Bow is a Special Limited Weapon. It was available as a purchasable item in the Invitation of Windblume event shop. The event was released in Version 1.4. Aside from the event, there is no other way to obtain this weapon. So if you had the chance to get this Bow, consider yourself lucky.

We believe that this Bow is specially made for the Anemo Archon himself, Venti. The Elemental Mastery Secondary Stat increases the effect of the Swirl Reactions triggered by Venti’s abilities. Also, the Special Effect “Windblume Mastery” increases the overall damage of Venti whenever he uses his Elemental Skill. With this Bow, Venti can deal large amounts of damage to your enemies.

Where to get: Purchasable Item in the Past Event: “Invitation of Windblume”


 1. The Stringless

The Stringless in the Archives Section

Secondary Stat: Elemental Mastery

Special Effect: (Arrowless Song) Increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 24%.


By far, this is the best Bow that you can use for your Sub-DPS Characters. The Elemental Mastery Secondary Stat is a very helpful buff that increases the effect of Elemental Reactions triggered by the wielder. The Special Effect “Arrowless Song” is perfectly made for Sub-DPS Characters (as we all know, Sub-DPS Characters rely heavily on their Elemental Skills and Elemental Burst).

Any Sub-DPS Bow Character can be equipped with The Stringless. Ganyu (Sub-DPS Build), for example, has a very dangerous Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. But if you equip her with this Bow, her Overall Damage Output will furthermore increase and she will become a deadlier Sub-DPS Character. Venti can also benefit from this Bow. With this Bow, Venti can literally wipe out groups of enemies single-handedly using his Elemental Burst.

Where to get: This Bow can be obtained by Wishing.


And that’s the conclusion of our list. We hope you learned something from the article. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion below. We will update you when more weapons are added in Genshin Impact.


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