[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Characters Against Baal

Get a glimpse of the Electro Archon’s full power

There's two boss fights against Baal, but are we really fighting the right Raiden Shogun? 

Playable characters in Genshin Impact can also be the enemy, depending on how the story goes. Such is the case with Childe or Tartaglia, as we fight him every week in the Golden House for those level-up materials. During the 2.5 updates, the Raiden Shogun also became a weekly boss for farming materials. However, this isn't the first time we get to fight the Electro Archon.

Players fight the Raiden Shogun twice during the Archon quest to stop the Vision Hunt Decree. While the design of the recently added Raiden Shogun boss is more terrifying, these boss fights are completely different and can be difficult if you aren't ready. But at the end of it, you'll be able to learn more about Inazuma and uncover the secrets of the god the world knew as Baal.

The first thing you need to know about this fight is that it is entirely unwinnable. The goal isn't to defeat her but to deplete her health to 75%, and the cut scene is triggered. You'll be dodging between her AoE Electro attacks while looking for that small window of opportunity to attack her. There is also a phase wherein almost everyone loses their elemental abilities, which can catch you off guard on your first try.

If you die too early, you'll find yourself at the beginning of the fight once again. Here are some of the characters you want to use against Baal to survive until you move on to the next part of the story.

5. Traveler

The only time to bring out the Traveler

Despite being the main character, many players don't include the Traveler in their party as they aren't powerful in the actual gameplay. However, this section of the game gives this character a chance to shine. The Traveler will be handy during the part of the fight where all characters lose their Vision.

Staying true to the lore, the Traveler can keep using their Elemental skill and burst as their abilities are not bound by Visions. However, the real challenge would be keeping them alive during this part. Baal will hit you with her quick and massive AOE Electro attacks if you get close enough. Fortunately, there will be an opening when she pauses between her attacks.

Fighting in their Geo form would be the best as this will allow you to deal decent damage at a distance using their elemental abilities.

What makes The Traveler Great Against Baal:

  • Elemental abilities are still useable during the lost vision phase

See The Traveler in Action: 

4. Bennett

Good healers help you avoid using too much food.

When fighting a powerful opponent, you might be tempted to go with your most massive damage dealing characters and rely on food to stay alive during this battle. However, food can immediately make your characters full after a few bites. A better strategy would be to bring in a good support character like Bennett.

With his Elemental Burst, Bennett can heal himself and his teammates inside its AoE when their health is below 70%. If the active character's HP bar is above 70%, it can also buff their attacks. This will help you stay alive and increase your damage until you've lost your elemental abilities, as Bennett can keep its uptime with his Elemental Skill and a good number of Energy Recharge.

Unless you're confident about Bennett's numbers, it wouldn't be ideal to use him after everyone loses their elemental abilities. It would be difficult to get too close to the Raiden Shogun to attack.

What makes Bennett Great Against Baal:

  • Heal active characters
  • Energy generation

See The Bennett in Action: 

3. Eula

Getting Eula close enough to land a hit will be your greatest challenge

Eula is a character that deals a ton of Cryo damage with her Elemental Skill and Burst. Her burst can especially deal thousand of damage on its own, which will work great against the Electro Archon. However, Eula has a low particle generation, so you need to invest in Energy Recharge on her artifact substats and pair her up with a battery character to use her Elemental Abilities as much as possible. 

Furthermore, her biggest source of damage is Physical damage. Despite the limitations of Claymore users, Eula more than makes up for it with her incredible Physical DMG. This makes her an asset even when her elemental abilities have been disabled.

What makes Eula Great Against Baal:

  • Deals massive Cryo element
  • Incredible Physical DMG that makes her useful during the lost vision phase

See Eula in Action: 

2. Zhongli

Bring out Zhongli for an all-out Archon fight

The elemental abilities of Archons do not come from Visions. However, despite being an Archon himself, Zhongli will still lose his elemental abilities during the final phase. This may not make sense story-wise, but he may be one of the best supports you can have for your survival.

Zhongli can provide a strong shield that scales on his HP. His shield can absorb the damage dealt by the Electro Archon without making a dent in Zhongli and his team's HP. He can also summon a huge geo meteor that deals a massive amount of damage after its impact. Usually, this meteor can also petrify enemies, but it won't work with the Raiden Shogun.

Still, you'll want to use his burst as much as possible.   

What makes Zhongli Great Against Baal:

  • Shield for the majority of the battle
  • Elemental burst deals massive damage

See Zhongli in Action: 

1. Ganyu

With Ganyu, this section should be a breeze.

Like Eula, Ganyu is a Cryo character that can work well against the Electro archon. Her Elemental Burst has a large AoE and can deal tons of damage. It can also have a long uptime as it has a short cooldown and a medium energy requirement. However, one thing that makes Ganyu a great DPS against the Raiden Shogun is her ability to deal tons of damage with just her Charged attacks.

During this battle, the Raiden Shogun will make back-to-back attacks that will end in your defeat if you stay too close, even if it's just for a short moment. Since Ganyu can rely on Charged Attacks, you can deal massive damage at a safe distance without relying on her Elemental Skill and Burst.

The best part is that her Charged attacks will remain even after the decree. Charged attacks by bow users are usually infused with Elemental attacks. This allows Ganyu to fire off an icy arrow and deal Cryo DMG even when her Elemental Abilities are disabled.

What makes Ganyu Great Against Baal:

  • Charged attacks still work during the no vision phase
  • Long-range attacks

See Ganyu in Action: 


Even if you don't have these specific characters, your highest priority when choosing characters to battle the Raiden Shogun are the ability to use a shield, the highest damage potential, and healing abilities.

However, the main thing you should remember is that your DPS should not be an Electro character. Since the Raiden Shogun is the Electro Archon, Elemental attacks from the same element would not be effective against her. Choose characters that can counter Electro like Pyro, Cryo, or Hydro. You can also go for full Physical DMG.

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