[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best 4 Star Heroes (Latest Patch)

Xiangling showing Lumine the Wangshu Inn

Nowadays, players of Genshin Impact are only interested in the new 5-star characters that get released. They no longer pay too much attention to the 4-star characters that get released between the lines. 

Why is that? Probably because they no longer think they are useful or powerful. In this guide, you’ll see who are the best 4-star characters in our opinion, and just how much use they can have in your team. I’m sure, by the end, you’ll have chosen one or two to play with.

10. Yun Jin (Enabler and Shielder)

Yun Jin is a new character who was released this Lantern Rite, a.k.a. Lunar New Year celebration in Genshin Impact. She’s a Chinese opera actress widely known through Liyue. As a new Geo character, she can use Geo resonance, a really good passive. Moreover, her hit contains a powerful shield to defend from momentary attacks; and a normal attacks damage buff for your main DPS.

What Makes Yun Jin Great:

  • Buffs damage dealt by normal attacks of the team
  • Creates a shield to stop strong attacks momentarily 
  • Easy to build
  • Can cause Geo resonance

9. Sara (Enabler and Battery)

Kujou Sara may seem like a villain from Inazuma at first, but she’s not at all. Not only is she too nice for her own good, but she also comes from athe powerful tengu family and has powers beyond human understanding. Her burst can call forth thunder to kill her enemies, and her arrows create tengu feathers to buff allies. She deserves the title of general in battle she possesses.

What Makes Sara Great:

  • Buffs ATK of characters that are in the field
  • Burst deals tons of damage
  • Passive helps recharge energy

8. Rosaria (DPS)

In 8th place, we find the second playable Mondstadt nun (after the idol Barbara) who’s a powerful DPS. As she’s a Cryo Vision user, she shines the most in a Melt elemental reaction team. Her Cryo attacks arriving at enemies infused with Pyro (by Xiangling for example), will have their damage doubled. Together with her ability to move faster at night, your nocturnal battles will be over in a blink.

What Makes Rosaria Great:

  • Faster attacks at night
  • Huge Cryo damaging area elemental burst
  • Good DPS in Melt combinations

7. Beidou (DPS)

Beidou, the pirate captain from Liyue, is also another DPS. This time her vision is an Electro vision and thus she’ll look for reactions like Electrocharged (with Xingqiu, for example). Her main perk is her unique shield that stops any attack plus countering with the same force. Not only that, her burst calls lightning upon enemies to deal Electro damage even when not on the field.

What Makes Beidou Great:

  • Counter shield that stops any attack
  • Burst can attack enemies with Electro even when off-field
  • Useful for controlled elemental reactions

6. Fischl (Enabler and Battery)

Fischl is another Electro character, but used more as a support than a DPS. Her main skill is her imaginary friend Ozvaldo. Her elemental burst allows you to back off and resets Oz’s countdown. Oz’s purpose is to constantly shoot Electro bullets that create Energy particles and apply Electro to your enemies. Your elemental burst will always be ready and your enemies will be ready as well, to die that is….

What Makes Fischl Great:

  • Good off-field damage
  • Oz can be used as an Electro battery or for Electro based reactions
  • Elemental burst resets skill cooldown

5. Diona (Healer, Battery, and Shielder)

This cat-eared girl from Mond is also a supporting character, really useful in teams with another Cryo character (for elemental resonance) and teams based on Cryo reactions (freezing, melting…). Similar to Rosaria, she creates a Cryo area to cause reactions and recharge energy. Why’s she above? Well, she’s also got a shield, the area also heals, has lower cooldowns… Do I need to say more?

What Makes Diona Great:

  • Elemental burst heals a ton
  • Shielding to stop attacks
  • Tons of energy with shield and burst
  • Useful for freezing or melting

4. Sucrose (Enabler and CC)

Every RPG game has some abilities to control the position of enemies, called crowd control, and Sucrose (and every Anemo character) has a CC kit. Her whole kit groups enemies so that you can attack them together, also infusing them with another element thanks to Swirl. Moreover, if built with the Viridescent Venerer artifact set, she will decrease the elemental resistance of those enemies so they suffer more damage!

What Makes Sucrose Great:

  • Elemental resistance of enemies decreases (Viridescent Venerer)
  • Fantastic crowd control similar to Venti
  • Increases Elemental Mastery of the team

3. Xiangling (Enabler)

We enter the top 3 and here we’ll have the most used supports in the game. Mostly used in burst teams and power showcases, these three increase the damage produced by the DPS. Xiangling’s most useful ability is her burst, which infuses Pyro and is good for elemental reactions. It also increases the Pyro damage bonus of the team and ATK if another Pyro character is in the team.

What Makes Xiangling Great:

  • Best for elemental reactions with Pyro
  • Burst has a huge area of effect 
  • Increases Pyro damage
  • Can cause Pyro elemental resonance and increase ATK
  • Also good as a Pyro battery

2. Xingqiu (Enabler and Healer)

The second support of the golden trio is Xingqiu. Essential is the word that describes him when referring to a melt or freeze team composition. His skill allows him to create water swords that will apply Hydro to enemies with just a touch. This makes creating elemental reactions as easy as blinking. Not only that, his burst even deals damage and he can heal your field character depending on his HP!

What Makes Xingqiu Great:

  • Essential on vaporize and freeze compositions
  • Off-field damage with his burst
  • Infuses Hydro just from getting near the enemy: easy to play
  • Some healing

1. Bennett (Enabler and Healer)

And finally, the cherry on top, Bennett. He’s simply the best support in the game and no one has been able to top him since the start. His skill generates tons of energy for his burst spam. That burst centres in, well, everything. It deals damage, heals your party a ton, increases your attack up to 1200, and even clears debuffs! Bennett is undoubtedly the best boy.

What Makes Bennett Great:

  • Best buff provider in- game
  • Healing is top- notch
  • Can also be used as a battery
  • Clears debuffs like corrosion


I hope the people who before reading this thought 4-star weren’t useful have reconsidered their position. Not just the golden trio support, even some rated below like Sucrose or Diona are members of really used teams of pro Spiral Abyss players. Try upgrading your characters a bit, change their artifacts, include them in their team and you’ll see. Less damage? No utility? No one in Genshin Impact has no use I assure you.


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