[Top 3] Genshin Impact Best Raiden Shogun Builds That Wreck Hard!

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Everyone loves Shogun Raiden, she's just too amazing! She deserves to be builded!

Raiden Shogun is the vessel of Beelzebul, the current Electro Archong of Inazuma, and meditates inside the Plane of Euthymia while letting her puppet control the daily affairs of the nation. Yes, we know, MiHoyo really gave her best with this lore.

This puppet follows a set of directives programmed into her. The Shogun is cold and stern in personality while Ei, her true identity, is kind and joyful.

Raiden Shogun is an Electro Polearm user whocan be used as support and Burst DPS. She’s one of the Archons so we couldn’t expect less about her to be amazing. We’ll show you some of her best builds! Let’s start!

3. Noblesse Oblige and Thundering Fury


Noblesse Oblige is an Artifact Set that can be obtained from Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern. 

Noblesse Oblige’s 2-Piece Bonus increases Elemental Burst DMG by 20% and Thundering Fury’s 2-Piece Bonus increases Electro DMG Bonus by 15%.

  • If you don’t know how you’ll use Raiden Shogun this set is perfect for that. This one will give her a lot of Burst DMG for a support Shogun and it’ll increase her normal attacks when they’re Electro attacks after she uses her Burst.
  • Bennet, Xingqiu, and Xiangling are good options for a team with Raiden Shogun. They’ll give her a lot of DMG and will benefit a lot from Elemental Reactions.
  • The Catch is a good option for this build. Its 2nd stat is Energy Recharge and increases Elemental Burst by 16% and its CRIT Rate by 6%.

2. Thundering Fury


Thundering Fury is an Artifact Set which can be obtained from Midsummer Courtyard. Its 4-Piece Bonus increases the damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged, and Superconduct by 40%.

  • Since this set decreasesElemental Skill CD too it's perfect for a support Raiden Shogun. When she uses her Elemental Skill and othercharacter attacks, Raiden Shogun’s Electro attacks will increase Elemental Reaction’s DMG.
  • A perfect team for this build is one formed by Diluc, Ayaka, or Hu Tao, since they’ll benefit a lot from these Elemental Reactions.
  • The perfect weapon for this set is the Deathmatch, a polearm whose 2nd stat is CRIT Rate and if there are at least 2 opponents nearby, ATK is increased by 16% and DEF is increased by 16%.

1. Emblem of Severed Fate


Emblem of Severed Fate is an Artifact Set that can be obtained from Momniji-Dyed Court in Inazuma. Its 2-Piece Bonus increases Energy Recharge by 20% and its 4-Piece Bonus increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of ER ( max of 75% bonus).

  • If you’re thinking about building Raiden Shogun as a Burst DPS, this set is perfect for it.  With this set, Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Burst will deal a lot of DMG since this set increases it. 
  • This set provides a lot of ER too so you’ll have Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Burst faster. The best sub-stat for this set is ER since it’ll increase her Elemental Burst DMG based on how much ER she has. Xingqiu is perfect for this team composition.
  • The Engulfing Lightning is the best polearm for her. Its 2nd stat is Energy Recharge and ATK is increased by 28% of Energy Recharge over the base 100%.

Raiden Shogun is perfect as Support, DPS, or Burst DPS, but you have to choose which one you prefer now that we showed some builds for her!


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