[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Popular Characters

Genshin Impact Most Popular Characters

When you’ve got quite a lot of Characters in a free-world game, some characters are bound to be more popular than others.

Whether it’s because they’re strong, they’re easy to the eyes, or they’re just simply interesting, there are quite a few reasons why some characters are more loved throughout the community.

This list has a lot of characters from Liyue, but, personally, I believe it might be because they haven’t been adding new characters from Monstadt. New characters are bound to be more interesting and, in some cases, designed better.

It’s hard to say this is more popular than that because the standard is pretty subjective and there are a lot of other factors that might differ between people. That said, I’m not going to go into details about their power here, instead focusing on other factors like backstory and such.

  Here is my version of the current most popular characters in Genshin Impact!

10. Qiqi

There are quite a lot of things that make Qiqi charming. From her being a little zombie, frozen in time with her cuteness, to her ability to heal people. It is no surprise that she’s loved by many.

Qiqi also has an adeptus power within her, which she releases when she’s healing her company. The details of her forgetfulness and her love for ‘Cocogoat’ also adds to her cuteness on top of her design.

She works in Bubu Pharmacy under Baizu as his apprentice and helps with gathering herbs. This, and her tendency to write down important stuff due to her forgetful nature, makes her able to tell players where Liyue’s specialties are from the map.

Whether it’s because she works in a pharmacy or because she’s immortal, Qiqi is very great at healing characters in her party.

So, really, on top of her being one of the best healers in the game, Qiqi’s background and design push her forward in attracting people in.

What Makes Qiqi Awesome:

  • Great healer
  • She’s a chibi-zombie
  • Her flat voice and expressionless tendency paired with her cute face
  • Her Special Dish is called No Tomorrow

9. Ningguang

As one of the wealthiest people in Teyvat, it is no surprise Ningguang is one of the most popular characters in-game.

From the very beginning of her entrance during Liyue’s Archon quest, she has taken people’s heart with to her elegance and her overall very beautiful design. Almost everyone’s sure she would be a five-starred character, only to find out she isn’t.

She also has a floating Jade Chambers, which flies above Liyue. Not only is she the Tianqian of Liyue Qixing, she starts from the very bottom, too. Ningguang is very devoted to Liyue, always trying her best to maintain its safety as she keeps law and order.

During fights, she shoots gems that deal Geo DMG: a beautiful shining attack that fits Ningguang perfectly. She’s also able to create Jade Screen out of gold and obsidian. I guess it’s safe to say she’s big on her jewels. 

What Makes Ningguang Awesome:

  • Uses gems to fight
  • She’s a woman of golds
  • Very beautiful design
  • Has a floating Jade Chamber

8. Xiao

The last remaining member of the Five Yakshas, Xiao, is also a rather interesting character in Genshin Impact.

He’s a lone wolf, keeping to himself as much as possible as he resides in Wangshu Inn. Even so, being an adeptus, Xiao guards Liyue as a form of fulfilling his contract with Rex Lapis who frees him from his former master.

His Elemental Skill lets him shift forward, fast as the wind. And his Elemental Burst summons his demonic power, greatly increasing his jumping ability to the point where he can fly after his high jump. Being in this form costs him his HP, though, which is probably a telltale of Xiao and his negative karma.

His tragic story, I believe, is something that attracts a lot of players—feeling poor for the guy who’s left behind but still diligently holds on to his duty in Liyue.

What Makes Xiao Awesome:

  • Elemental Skill helps him shifts forward quickly
  • A rather unique design
  • Tragic backstory
  • Able to change form during Elemental Burst

7. Diluc

Ah, Diluc. The owner of Dawn Winery has always been popular since the beginning of Genshin Impact: both due to his rather cool characteristics and, well, his cool design. On top of all these, he’s a very great main DPS with a rather strong DMG everywhere he goes.

He’s Monstadt’s hidden hero: one that wants to stand for justice but not with the Knights. He prefers to do it alone and he’s more than capable in doing so. He doesn’t want the spotlight, which makes his character rather cliché but still attractive nevertheless.

He also has a somewhat tragic background, which makes him all the more attractive for a lot of players. 

For me, it’s the phoenix from his Elemental Burst that’s most interesting about the guy. But I’m sure that’s just my personal opinion.

What Makes Diluc Awesome:

  • A very strong main DPS
  • He can summon phoenix
  • A rather cliché but still interesting backstory
  • Cool design


6. Rosaria

As one of the newest characters in Genshin Impact, Rosaria is quick in becoming one of the most wanted characters in the game.

She first appears as an NPC during The Chalk Prince and the Dragon event back in 2020, and everyone (including me) has been crushing on her since then. She doesn’t exactly look like (nor act and speak) it, but she’s a sister of the Church of Favonius.

Her prompts and demeanor are rather cool (cold?), too, maybe somewhat parallel with her Cryo vision.

Her passive skill is also rather unique in which she speeds up Movement SPD during the night (18:00 – 6:00). This probably has to do with her tendency to also patrol Monstadt at night, making sure the city is safe.

What Makes Rosaria Awesome:

  • She’s fast, even more during the night
  • Her Elemental Skill lets her blink to the back of her target
  • Epitome of girl crush
  • A rather eccentric character remembering she’s supposed to be a sister

5. Keqing


The Yuheng of Liyue Qixing, Keqing is next on the list. She’s also a fairly popular character, not only because she has a rather pretty face and design, but she’s also a strong Electro Main DPS.

Keqing is one of those who believes one’s fate must be determined by themselves instead of only blindly letting the gods determine for them. Due to this, she works hard in her position and gets everything done as effective and efficient as possible.

Like Ningguang, she’s very dedicated to Liyue, even dealing everyday affairs no matter how big or small they are. She’s pretty much a perfectionist and very responsible with her jobs. Maybe it’s due to this that she’s a very good fighter, too.

What Makes Keqing Awesome:

  • Elemental Skill lets her teleport forward
  • A strong, determined character
  • Very pretty design
  • She works fast like lightning (get it?)

4. Hu Tao

The eccentric character that is Hu Tao makes her all the more desirable (like Fischl!). Despite being quirky with a happy-go-lucky characteristic, she’s the director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. This, I believe, is interesting enough already.

To add on, she likes pranking people and is rather big on surprises, making quite an impression on herself. Even Qiqi who’s mostly calm would lose it in her presence and Xiao finds her interesting. I feel like this says quite a lot about Hu Tao as a character.

In battle, Hu Tao can summon a spirit that deals Pyro DMG around her. Striking enemies with this spirit, interestingly, heals her HP. I guess all that time she spends dealing with spirits does have its benefit, it turns out.

What Makes Hu Tao Awesome:

  • An amazing main DPS
  • Summons ghost to help fighting
  • Very attractive design (scarlet eyes and flower-shaped pupils, guys)
  • Rather eccentric character
  • She sings for her idle motion

3. Ganyu

I’m sure no one’s surprised Ganyu is in this list. As the epitome of gracefulness, it’s hard to look for a fault in Ganyu. If I have to, maybe it’s her tendency to work too hard; though she seems to enjoy it herself.

From the way she’s designed, her motions, her VA, and even her Elemental Skill and Burst, there’s nothing about Ganyu that is not graceful. Even the characters in her name (甘雨) means sweet rain. 

As half-human and half-adeptus (Qilin), Ganyu makes a very good secretary at Yuehai Pavilion. Much like the other characters behind Liyue, Ganyu is also devoted to the city, wishing nothing but the well-being of the people within.

Having lived for thousands of years, one of the reasons why she’s very devoted to Liyue is probably due to her being a devout follower of Morax, the Archon of the city.

What Makes Ganyu Awesome:

  • Her Elemental Skill and Burst are designed gracefully
  • Half-human and half-Qilin
  • Gets along with Beidou, the pirate
  • Great main DPS
  • Always gets her work done

2. Venti

The mortal-vessel-of-the-god-of-wind-slash-a-bard, Venti, is here for so many reasons.

His carefree and playful personality makes him both likeable and questionable: is it really right for Monstadt’s Archon to be as lenient as he is? He’s no ruler, that much is clear, staying truthful to Monstadt’s freedom, but sometimes his sentiment can be a bit vague.

To add, Venti likes to drink accompanied by his high tolerance towards alcohol despite his look that resembles a minor. No worries about it, though, he is actually the Anemo Archon, anyway.

In the battle field, Venti calls the wind to do his bidding, even going as far as making a kind of black hole that sucks in enemies and everything in between for his Elemental Burst. Plus, he can summon air current to help characters fly upwards reaching otherwise unreachable places.

What Makes Venti Awesome:

  • He’s the Anemo Archon
  • Interesting back story
  • Quite a twist when he’s on his wise mode
  • The best sub DPS in the game

1. Zhongli

As a Playable character, Zhongli was a bit vague in the beginning. But, as a character in general, Zhongli is easily one of the most wanted characters in the game.

Maybe it’s due to his handsome design and awesome VA, but he turns to be a lot of players’ dream guy even now.

After his patch, though, he’s gotten much stronger and he turns into a more desirable character.

Just in case there are new players who haven’t gotten to it, here’s my spoiler alert. But as the current vessel of the Geo Archon, Zhongli makes a rather interesting character with his excessive knowledge and his inability to completely adapt to his human life.

You can put it in another way, but it’s also interesting to think he works under Hu Tao in Wangsheng Funeral Parlor as a consultant. I’m not sure what’s there to consult about in a Funeral Parlor, but he seems to do his job well.

Zhongli’s best feature, for me, is his shield. It helps players leave fights unscratched, of course a former god would know how to protect effectively. Additionally, he can even summon forth a meteor during fights. A god, is a god, alright.

What Makes Zhongli Awesome:

  • Amazing sub DPS
  • Shield is pretty much invincible
  • He’s…a former god
  • Interesting and detailed background
  • He can summon a meteor upon earth
  • Which makes it easier for him to build 

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