Genshin Impact: How To Farm Mora

Mora is really important in Genshin Impact and we'll tell you how to farm it when you need it!

Why is it important to know how to do this?

Mora is the official trade coin in Teyvat and so it’s for you. You need Mora for everything: leveling characters, ascending characters, level talents, level weapons, buying food… Mora is needed for everything!

But also, it’s very easy to get it even if it takes a long time to get a high amount of them.

How to farm Mora in Genshin Impact?

  • You’ll get Mora for every chest or domain you complete! Whenever you farm your artifacts or ascension items, you’ll get Mora every time you reclaim it. 
  • Every event gives a few amounts of Mora and every time there’s a new region to explore you’ll get a lot of Mora.
  • The easier way to get Mora is by farming Lay Lines. There are two times: the blue ones give XP books and the golden ones give Mora. If you farm them, remember that you can also use resin with them!

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