Genshin Impact Best Sub-Dps Tier List (1.6)

Genshin Impact Best Sub-DPS

Every character in Genshin Impact is very powerful and useful on its own. However, some characters perform better when used for a certain Role. In this guide, we will rank the best Characters that perform well in the Sub-DPS Role. Sub-DPS characters are characters that can give an additional source of Elemental Damage for your team. They mostly rely on their Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts to provide significant damage. They are also the characters that can set up Elemental Reactions for your team.


Here are the ranks we used:

  • OP = characters that are broken (in a positive way) in the current version
  • S = top-performing Sub-DPS characters
  • A = good Sub-DPS characters that can provide significant amounts of additional damage for the team
  • B = pretty decent as a Sub-DPS, but they can be outperformed by others for this role
  • C = can be used as a Sub-DPS but are probably better for other roles




Venti is a Top-tier Sub-DPS Character. His abilities can deal perilous damage by triggering Swirl Reactions (Swirl is buffed in the current version). His Elemental Skill can knock enemies and His Elemental Burst can pull enemies. Venti's Elemental Burst deals Damage over Time to the pulled enemies and can also absorb other ELements. Venti is very useful for defeating groups of enemies quickly.




Albedo can produce Transient Blossoms by creating a Solar Isotoma on the field. The Transient Blossom deals AOE Geo Damage to enemies. Albedo's Elemental Burst deals massive damage to groups of enemies. He is effective when fighting multiple enemies
Mona can deal repeated Hydro Damage to multiple enemies. Mona also has a good CC potential: her Elemental Skill taunts enemies and her Elemental Burst immobilizes affected enemies. She is very good at setting up and triggering Hydro-related Elemental Reactions.
Kazuha can deal tremendous damage by triggering Swirl Reactions. His Elemental Skill allows him to pull enemies and perform a specialized Plunge Attack. His Elemental Burst is good for fighting groups of enemies because it has a large AOE. The damage output of his Elemental Burst will increase if it absorbs other Elements.
During the effect of Xingqiu's Elemental Burst, Rainswords will shoot at enemies whenever the active character performs Normal Attacks. Xingqiu is very efficient at triggering Hydro-related reactions because both his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can repeatedly apply Hydro Element to enemies. 
Ganyu can deal tremendous Cryo Damage to multiple enemies using her abilities. Her Elemental Burst bombards ice shards to a large AOE. The ice shards provide constant Cryo Damage. Ganyu is also good for setting up Cryo-related reactions because her Elemental Burst can apply Cryo Element continuously.
Fischl can summon her companion, Oz, to aid her in battle. Oz can attack enemies and can constantly apply Electro Element. Oz stays on the field even if Fischl is swapped out. Oz can be paired with other characters to repeatedly trigger Electro-related Reactions.
When under the effect of his Elemental Skill, Tartaglia's Normal and Charge Attacks can deal Hydro damage to enemies and can trigger effects that deal AOE damage. He can trigger and set up Hydro-related reactions efficiently. His Elemental Burst also provides massive amounts of Hydro Damage.




Klee can efficiently apply Pyro Element to multiple enemies. She can spam her Charge Attack and Elemental Skill to provide constant AOE Pyro Damage. She is very useful for eliminating multiple enemies as she can trigger and set up Melt and Vaporize Reactions on a large scale.
Xiangling can produce constant Pyro Damage. Her Elemental Burst has a long duration and it can continuously apply Pyro Element to enemies surrounding the active character. Xiangling is useful at setting up Pyro-related Elemental Reactions.
Chongyun's Elemental Skill can imbue Cryo Element to the weapon of the characters inside the field. It is very useful for consistently applying Cryo Element to enemies. His Elemental Burst also deals significant Cryo Damage in an Area of Effect.
Sucrose is also a character that has good CC abilities Her Elemental Skill can knock up enemies and can trigger Swirl Reaction to deal high damage. Her Elemental Burst pulls enemies in an area and deals Anemo Damage in set intervals. Her Elemental Burst can also absorb other Elements.
Zhongli can provide significant amounts of Geo Damage. His Elemental Burst has a very large AOE and it can deal massive Geo Damage. Enemies affected by his Elemental Burst are also petrified and cannot move for a duration. He can also destroy enemies' Geo constructs efficiently.
Rosaria is very good for setting up Cryo-related Elemental Reactions. Her Elemental Burst has a large AOE and it applies Cryo Element to enemies in set intervals. Her Elemental Skill also has a short cooldown. Therefore, she can deal constant Cryo Damage to enemies.




Beidou can be used for setting up Electro-related Elemental Reactions. Under the effect of her Elemental Burst, she can apply Electro Element to multiple enemies. She can also eliminate enemies efficiently by triggering Overload Reactions repeatedly.

Kaeya is a good character for repeatedly applying Cryo Element to enemies. His Elemental Skill has a short cooldown and his Elemental Burst has a long duration. Kaeya can be used to trigger Melt or Freeze Reactions continuously.

As a Sub-DPS, Jean relies on Swirl Reaction to provide significant damage. Her Elemental Skill has good damage and it can throw enemies away from Jean. Jean can effectively trigger Swirl Reactions with her abilities.




Lisa can be used as a source of Electro Damage. She can constantly apply Electro Element to enemies by tapping her Elemental Skill. Her Elemental Burst has a large AOE and can repeatedly attack multiple enemies with Electro Element.
Amber can apply Pyro Element to enemies using her Charge Attacks. Her Baron Bunny can taunt enemies and can also deal AOE Pyro Damage when it explodes. Her Elemental Burst can constantly apply Pyro Element to an area.
Traveler (Geo)
Geo Traveler can be used to set up Geo-related Elemental Reactions. Both his/ her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst deals AOE Geo Damage.
Traveler (Anemo)

Anemo Traveler can trigger Swirl Reactions using his/ her abilities. Both his/ her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can also absorb other Elements.


We hope that this list helps you in choosing the best Sub-DPS characters for your team. If you have comments or suggestions, please leave them below. We will be glad to know your insights.

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