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The Best Girls in Genshin Impact
Here are the Best Girls in Teyvat!

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There are many female characters in Genshin Impact. Actually, the majority of the playable characters are female. It’s also quite hard to choose who are the best girls because almost all of them are good and loveable in their own special ways. Honestly, this topic is highly debatable especially for geeks like us - we can literally write a whole essay just to prove that our highly-beloved Waifus is the “bestest” of them all. Regardless, we will show you our personal Top 5 Best Girls in Genshin Impact, and we will try to convince you why these girls deserve the appreciation. 


5. Sucrose

Sucrose trying to impress you with her alchemy skills

Sucrose is your typical shy nerdy girl, she is very obsessed with experimenting and researching different things. She is very talented in alchemy and her skills even earned the recognition of Albedo, the master alchemist himself.

What is so special about Sucrose is her personality - she is very timid, yet she can be kawaii sometimes. She doesn’t know how wonderful she is and she doesn’t know how skillful she is in terms of alchemy. In terms of battle, Sucrose is a very useful Support character. She can trigger Swirl Reactions efficiently and she can provide good crowd control effects. She can also give Elemental Mastery buffs to her allies.

Interesting facts about Sucrose:

  • Her ultimate goal is to create a wonderland using her alchemical skills.
  • She has a healthy “scientific” diet.


4. Hu Tao

Say hello to Hu Tao

If you like girls with a quirky attitude, then we can agree with this one. Hu Tao is the current director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue. She has a very peculiar personality, she loves pranking her friends and doing a lot of mischief. Although she has a playful personality, she still has a rather serious approach to her role as the director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

As a playable character, she is very fun and exciting to use. She has a unique mechanic that suits her personality and background story. She is also powerful in combat and she can defeat pretty much any enemy in the game.

Interesting facts about Hu Tao:

  • She named the Stone Lions in front of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and she treats them like pets.
  • Seafood is her favorite food.
  • She loves poetry.


3. Jean

Jean blowing a dandelion

As much as the people of Mondstadt love her, Jean also holds a special place in our hearts. She is the hardworking Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius of Mondstadt. As I said, she is endeared by the people and she is looked up to by her fellow knights. She is very caring and she is very passionate about keeping the welfare of Mondstadt as a whole.

Behind her caring and peaceful nature still lies the heart of a knight - she won’t be the Acting Grandmaster for no reason. She is highly respected in combat. She incorporates her skills to aid her allies, ensuring that no one will be badly hurt in the battle. She can heal the party with her abilities.

Interesting facts about Jean:

  • She is a fan of romance novels.
  • She has a pet tortoise.
  • She brings honor to the knighthood legacy of her family.
  • She loves children.


2. Ganyu

Just Ganyu being kawaii

As one of the Best Girls in Genshin Impact, Ganyu can capture your heart in many different ways. In personality, she is very hardworking and she takes no day off. As a Secretary and Emissary of the Liyue Qixing, Ganyu deals with Liyue's affairs smartly and calmly. In terms of appearance, words are not enough to describe how beautiful her character design is.

In combat, she is very powerful and very skillful. I mean, what will you expect from a 3,000-year-old half-adepti who battled side-by-side with Rex Lapis during the Archon Wars? She is also very strong as a playable character. Ganyu is capable of eliminating enemies from a safe distance. She can also wipe out groups of enemies effectively with her powerful abilities.

Interesting facts about Ganyu:

  • She is very conscious of her self-image.
  • Ganyu doesn’t eat meat and she doesn’t drink any beverage except pure water.
  • Ganyu loves dogs so much to the point that she tried to name all of those in Liyue Harbor.


1. Amber

Amber inviting you on an adventure

And the top spot for our best Girl goes to none other than the lovely outrider herself, Amber. I know what you're thinking: "Out of all the strong girls in Genshin Impact, why Amber? She's just a starting character". Yup, I know that there are characters better than her combat-wise, but please hear us out on why we placed her on the top spot.

First of all, Amber is the first character that we had met in the game (aside from Paimon, of course). She trusted us wholeheartedly and she accompanied us to the headquarters in Mondstadt. She is also the one who taught us how to glide and she even gave us a gliding license.

She also worries about us. It was noticed after we first fought Dvalin in Mondstadt, she quickly approached us and asked if we were hurt in the battle (take note that Amber just met us on the same day it happened). It just proves how caring and sweet Amber is. She also pledged to help us find our missing sibling - she even posted multiple “Missing Person” posters just to help us.

Overall, Amber is very loveable and caring. She is also courageous as seen in her Story Quest. If those traits don't convince you, I don’t know what will. But for us, Amber is the best Waifu we can have.

Interesting facts about Amber:

  • She came from a family of outriders.
  • She loves drinking coffee.
  • Amber owns a journal. She loves to record the memorable moments of her adventures; and the latest entries in her journal are mostly about us, the Traveler.


And that’s the conclusion of our list. We hope you like it. Please feel free to leave a comment below. We hope that this post will not spark a heated debate. Just kidding!

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