[Top 3] Genshin Impact Best Lisa Builds That Are Powerful

Genshin Impact Best Lisa Builds Powerful
Lisa's the top student the Akademiya's had in ages, and she proves it on the battlefield.

Lisa, being one of Genshin Impact’s starting characters, is often overlooked by the community. In reality, her kit is one of the most complex in the game, and hides a lot of her potential.

In the early years of the game, Lisa struggled to find a niche in which she excelled. Overload teams existed but weren’t heavily favored, most of the community simply used her as a low-investment support. However, everything changed with the 3.0 update and the introduction of the Dendro element.

Now, Lisa has found her role not only as a powerful reaction DPS with Hyperbloom, but also as an incredible Electro DPS with the introduction of the Aggravate reaction.

Why you should use Lisa:

  • Her normal and charged attacks provide a notable amount of damage when she’s played on-field thanks to how the Aggravate reaction works;
  • Her elemental skill is one of the most misunderstood in the game: Tapping it will fire a small projectile with a very short cooldown which applies a stack of the Conductive effect. This increases the damage done against enemies with it when holding her skill. If multiple enemies are in a small area, the effect will bounce around, applying multiple stacks. 2 conductive stacks will be applied to an enemy if an Overload or Superconduct reaction is triggered;
  • Holding her elemental skill will have her charge up a very powerful attack, which can be released after 1.9 seconds. If it hits an enemy with 3 conductive stacks applied to them, the damage multiplier is one of the highest for any single hit in the entire game;
  • Her elemental burst summons a field which releases a total of 29 Arcs, which target a random enemy. With her 4th constellation, each Arc can release up to 3 Discharges, meaning up to 3 enemies can be hit at once;
  • Her 1st ascension passive allows her charged attacks to also apply the Conductive status, although these won’t benefit from the bouncing mechanic. Still useful while her skill is on cooldown;
  • Her 2nd ascension passive provides a 15% defense decrease to enemies hit by her elemental burst, one of the only sources of such an effect in the game. This opens up her options not only as a DPS but also as a valuable support character;
  • Her best constellation is arguably her 4th, which provides up to a 40% DPS increase against multiple enemies. Other than that, her 6th constellation automatically applies 3 Conductive stacks to enemies when she swaps in, which is very good for an off-field DPS play style.

On-field DPS Lisa

Lisa thanking you for reading.

Lisa’s best build since the 3.0 update is as an on-field DPS making excellent use of the Aggravate reaction. This playstyle makes use of her entire kit.

Lisa’s Aggravate team benefits not only from her very strong elemental burst and skill, but also from her fast-paced normal attacks and her elemental mastery ascension stat. The way Aggravate works is that when it’s triggered, a number based on her elemental mastery and character level will be added to her hits before they’re affected by damage multipliers, making the reaction also scale off all traditional sources of damage. This allows Lisa to make use of Aggravate while also making the most of her high base damage.

What On-field DPS Lisa excels in:

  • Very high personal damage thanks to her high talent multipliers and the Aggravate reaction;
  • Makes use of her entire kit, including even her normal attacks;
  • One of the better users of the Aggravate reaction out there;
  • Flexible team building options, only needing an additional Electro unit and a Dendro applier;
  • Can make use of the Thundering Fury artifact set to decrease the cooldown of her held skill.

Build details:

  • Talent priority should be elemental burst = elemental skill > normal attacks, but normal attacks shouldn’t be disregarded either;
  • Her best weapon is Kagura’s Verity, followed by Skyward Atlas, Lost Prayers to the Sacred Winds, and Memory of Dust. Good 4-star options are The Widsith and Solar Pearl, with Hakushin Ring being a good F2P option;
  • Her best artifact set is Thundering Fury, which provides a small Electro damage bonus and additional energy, which eases her elemental burst recovery as well as decreasing the cooldown of her elemental skill. Main stats should be Atk% for the sands, Electro dmg% for the goblet, and Crit rate/damage for the circlet;
  • She should be leveled all the way to 90, as the extra levels increase the power of the Aggravate reaction.

Best team for this build:

  • Nahida

Nahida does the vital job of applying a reliable amount of Dendro to enemies from off-field, enabling Lisa’s Aggravates;

  • Fischl

Fischl is the quintessential support unit for Electro DPS characters, including Lisa. Her energy generation lowers Lisa’s energy recharge requirement, and her own elemental skill damage isn’t to be scoffed at;

  • Kaedehara Kazuha

Kazuha is the best Anemo unit to complement this team, as he applies a 40% Electro resistance shred with the Viridescent Venerer set and provides an elemental damage bonus to his teammates based on his elemental mastery stat.

Off-field DPS Lisa

Lisa thinking of who to give it to.

Using Lisa from off-field can be done focusing either on her own damage or on her supportive capabilities, but she provides more value with the former.

This build makes excellent use of her C6 to be able to instantly perform her held elemental skill for massive damage, although with proper use of the bouncing mechanic maximum Conductive stats can be set up quickly without it too. The main part of her kit here though is her elemental burst, where she’ll make use of her fast electro application and defense shred.

What off-field DPS Lisa excels in:

  • Her elemental burst deals great damage while shredding the defense stat of enemies that it hits;
  • Her elemental skill can be quickly used for a massive load of damage;
  • Can fit in various teams that make use of an Electro unit;
  • Can buff teammates by a significant amount with the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers weapon;
  • Can be built with very low or very high investment, depending on your wants and needs.

Build details:

  • Talent priority is elemental burst > elemental skill > normal attacks, with her burst now becoming the definitive highlight of her kit;
  • Her best weapons depend on if you’re running her with high or low investment. With high investment, her weapons of choice are still Kagura’s Verity, Skyward Atlas, Lost Prayers and The Widsith. On low investment, her best choice becomes Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers for the atk% buff to teammates, although Hakushin Ring becomes better in Aggravate/Spread compositions;
  • Her best artifact set for high investment is the Emblem of Severed Fate, which boosts her elemental burst damage and energy recharge. For low investment you’ll want Noblesse Oblige, which boosts elemental burst damage by a smaller amount and provides a teamwide atk% boost when she uses her burst.

Best team for this build:

  • Alhaitham

Lisa fits very well into a team built around Alhaitham, as both characters benefit from the Spread/Aggravate reactions, two sides of the same coin. Her defense shred also offers a notable boost to his personal damage;

  • Fischl

Again, Fischl is here to provide Lisa with energy, as well as offer more Electro application to fuel Alhaitham’s spreads;

  • Baizhu

This slot can really be filled with any supportive character, but Baizhu provides good Dendro application as well as very competitive healing capabilities.

Reaction DPS Lisa

Lisa showing why she's top of the class.

The original Lisa DPS build focuses on building her based on maximizing the elemental mastery stat to deliver strong Overload and Hyperbloom reactions.

While this build doesn’t make use of Lisa’s very powerful talent multipliers, it does take advantage of her synergy with elemental reactions and her ascension stat of elemental mastery. The best reactions to use with her are generally Overload and Hyperbloom, as Electro-Charged and Superconduct offer negligible damage.

What reaction DPS Lisa excels in:

  • Makes full use of her elemental mastery ascension stat and her fast Electro application;
  • Still benefits from all aspects of her kit including normal attacks, just not the talent multipliers for them;
  • One of the best users of the Overload reaction in the game, especially on the Electro side of it;
  • Very flexible team building options in Hyperbloom variants;
  • Quite easy to build, not requiring investing into talent levels.
  • As with any elemental mastery build, Lisa wants to be leveled to 90.

Build details:

  • There is no talent priority, as her damage with this build is based off transformative reactions, which don’t scale with talent damage;
  • Her best weapon is actually the craftable F2P option Fruit of Fulfillment, as it not only provides a good amount of elemental mastery, but also a lot of energy recharge, important for recovering her elemental burst as quickly as possible. The 5-star 1000 Floating Dreams is about on par with this choice, but remains less practical as it provides no energy recharge;
  • Her best artifact set for Overload is Gilded Dreams, which provides a substantial amount of elemental mastery. While it’s also good for Hyperbloom teams, the Flower of Paradise Lost set is a bit better as it gives a boost to Hyperbloom reaction damage. On all artifacts, you want to maximize your elemental mastery while having enough energy recharge to use your burst as soon as its cooldown ends;

Best team for this build:

  • Nahida

Nahida is simply the best Dendro applier in the game, and so will be the most reliable option for spawning bloom cores;

  • Xingqiu

Xingqiu provides exceptional Hydro application to spawn bloom cores, as well as defensive utility with his damage reduction buff;

  • Beidou

Beidou deals very good damage in multi-target situations to complement Hyperbloom’s more single-target focused damage, and her burst notably doesn’t interact with Bloom cores, allowing Lisa to trigger all the Hyperblooms.

Lisa was once a character considered to have no competitive edge in the meta, and for a while that wasn’t completely wrong. Nowadays, though, she’s earned a respectable place among the Genshin Impact roster as a powerful, albeit complex, character with a strong affinity for Dendro reactions.

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