[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best F2P Main DPS Characters (Latest Patch)

The Dendro Archon is really cute!

We all love these new support characters that are getting announced, like Nahida, the Dendro Archon, for example. However, a team made only of supports can’t survive in the harsh world of Teyvat, full of monsters and assassins. You need at least one DPS for sure. You don’t have primogems to get a new one? Don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll show you the best 10 free choices for your DPS.

10. Fischl

Fischl is another Electro character but used more as a support than a DPS. Her main skill is her imaginary friend Ozvaldo, which was created from her loneliness and the fantasy of being the princess of her own country.

Her elemental burst allows you to back off and resets Oz’s countdown. Oz’s purpose is to constantly shoot Electro bullets that create Energy particles and apply Electro to your enemies. Your elemental burst will always be ready and your enemies will be ready as well, to die that is….

What Makes Fischl Great

  • High Attack SPD.
  • Elemental Skill and Burst persist after swap.
  • Provides multiple Electro Energy Particles.
  • Consistently applies Electro and triggers Elemental Reactions.

9. Beidou

This pirate woman is a free-to-play 4-star character that is powerful enough to kill a hydra in her sea adventures. Apart from being powerful, she’s charismatic as well, being able to get Kazuha into her crew and Ningguang’s best friend.

Her main ability is a shield, which is really helpful for clumsy beginner players. Moreover, that shield can reflect the damage it receives so that you can both protect yourself and attack your enemies… That’s why she can act as a support and as a damage dealer!

What Makes Beidou Great

  • Perfect Counters reward players with High Electro DMG.
  • Can provide off-field High Electro DMG with Elemental Burst.
  • High Physical Damage

8. Heizou

Heizou is another new character who has just been included in the game. He’s another Inazuman that works for the Shogunate, like Sara, although most of his time is spent helping a detective agency in Inazuma City. You’ll learn more about him by doing his date mission.

Even as a catalyst user, his battle style is based on martial arts that deal Anemo damage. Not only do they deal tons of damage and cause reactions, but they can also pull enemies together like Venti!

What Makes Heizou Great

  • Swirl focused playstyle that synergizes well with Anemo.
  • Above average base ATK for a 4-Star character.
  • Can quickly create Declension stacks through swirled Normal Attacks, letting him deal max Elemental Skill DMG.

7. Collei

One of the 4-star characters from Sumeru, Collei, is a ranger that works as a ranger with her master Tighnari. Like Candace and Dori, Collei is a new character and thus has a lot of hype. However, she’s the only Dendro one. 

This is amazing for a DPS because right now, Dendro is the best element for elemental reactions, with the addition of even triple reactions. Her skill and burst deal Dendro damage in a wide area, ready for a support that can finish the enemies with a reaction.

What Makes Collei Great

  • Elemental Skill can trigger Quicken and Spread reaction on its own.
  • Elemental Burst has a wide area of effect.

6. Yanfei

Going back to Liyue, the next person in this guide is the adepti Yanfei. You can see that she’s an adepti because of her white horns. However, this doesn’t stop her from having a human job, thus working as an attorney.

She can be said to be the best 4-star DPS. The overall damage made by her normal and charged attacks is really high. Moreover, all her skills are Pyro-damage-based, so just let her kill everyone with her AoE charged attacks.

What Makes Yanfei Great

  • High DMG output, especially with Charged Attacks.
  • Normal Attacks are long-ranged and can lock on targets.
  • Skill and Burst have short CD and deal AoE DMG.
  • Can easily trigger Elemental Reactions with Pyro element.

5. Qiqi

Qiqi is a 5-star character from Liyue. This zombie girl with the worst memory works for Baizhu in his pharmacy. He kind of adopted her after finding her wandering in the wild, being just hit by an adepti curse.

Meanwhile, she can also work as a healer when battling with you. Her powerful healing burst combined with her healing normal attacks (which also deal tons of physical damage) are amazing weapons that give her 5th place.

What Makes Qiqi Great

  • Strong Overall Healing
  • Elemental Skill provides heals over time and applies Cryo
  • Elemental Burst provides great Heals while dealing high Cryo damage
  • ATK stat increases with ascension

4. Jean

In 4th place, we find the Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonious. As the boss of that huge Order, it’s obvious that Jean Gunnhildr is not a common person. This lady has a huge sense of responsibility, taking on even field jobs that require Hilichurl extermination. 

There she helps the team with dealing damage with her Physical normal attacks, controlling the enemies with her puller elemental skill, allowing for Swirl elemental reactions, and even healing her subordinates!

What Makes Jean Great

  • Elemental Skill can function as crowd control.
  • Normal Attacks heal the party while dealing high Physical damage.
  • Elemental Burst provides AoE Burst Heal and DMG.

3. Keqing

This purple-haired girl was also born in Liyue and works for that same country in its government: the Qixing. Even though she hated Visions she still received one herself, making her even more powerful and wanted by the government.

As a pure DPS, Keqing can teleport herself from one place to another while dealing damage in a wide area. Thus, you can also use her in exploration to skip long jumps or climb low mountains. However, beware of her burst, because you won’t be able to escape it.

What Makes Keqing Great

  • Elemental Skill can hit weak points and has low CD.
  • Can teleport using Elemental Skill.
  • Very fast Charge Attack with High multipliers.

2. Diluc

In second place we find the former Knight of Favonious who nowadays plays the part of Mondstadt’s night guardian. He uses his Vision and battle skills inherited from the Ragnvindr Clan. 

That same Vision allows him to infuse his claymore with the Pyro element constantly and hit with heated rage the enemies of his hometown. Both his elemental skill, which can be used up to 3 times and his burst allow you to deal this Pyro damage.

What Makes Diluc Great

  • Can imbue weapons with Pyro for repeat Elemental Reaction triggers.
  • Elemental Burst has a large effect area.
  • One of few characters whose CRIT Rate increases with Ascension.

1. Tighnari

Finally, your first choice for a main DPS character if you want to be free-to-play should be Tighnari. This new Dendro character is the first one you meet after you arrive in Sumeru and is a ranger expert in Sumeru’s wildlife.

With a bow as his weapon, he specializes in using charged attacks that divide into various arrows which persecute enemies. Not only does he do amazing damage, but you also don’t even have to aim!

What Makes Tighnari Great

  • Strong ranged Charge Attacks.
  • Great single-target damage.
  • Applies Dendro from multiple sources on his toolkit.
  • Strong Elemental Burst with a low Burst cost.


In conclusion, there’s no need to pull for characters that demand primogems, like Kamisato Ayaka or Cyno. Although they are good DPS with powerful abilities, you can put one of these 10 characters in their roles and the damage will be approximately the same. Genshin Impact is also a game for f2p players! Well, most of the time.


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