Genshin Impact Best Characters For Each Element

Get to know the best characters for each element in Genshin Impact
Each element has amazing characters, thank God there's only one Amber

Every character is great, but let's see which are the best...

In Teyvat, a world where the energy of seven elements can be used, people with ambitions strong enough may be recognized by the gods and be granted a Vision. These allow them the ability to use and manipulate the element of the Vision that was granted to them, giving them unique and strong skills.

Each playable character in Genshin Impact has its own Vision of a particular element: Anemo, Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, Electro, Geo, and Dendro. These have their own abilities that can act as a support, healer or just to deal a lot of damage. Do you know what are the best characters for each element? Here we’ll be going through the best characters so far for each element.


Anemo archon Venti is one of the most popular Anemo characters

The characters that have Anemo Visions have abilities related to the wind. Anemo is an element that was misunderstood in early versions, the only character from this element that was considered “Good” was Venti. Now, people see its true power and use the characters of these elements as amazing supports, healers, or main damage dealers.

Anemo Details: 

Best Characters for Anemo:

  • Kazuha
  • Xiao

Kazuha: This samurai from Inazuma has earned his position among the best support units in the whole game because, this is thanks to the multiple damage that can be achieved through the Swirl elemental reaction, besides that he also can boost the team’s Elemental Damage depending on the elements swirled.

Xiao: He’s a Yaksha and Adeptus from Liyue that protects its people from the shadows, Xiao is a main damage dealer that uses a polearm, his attacks are fast and strong, and his Elemental Burst allows him to jump higher than any character and perform a series of devastating plunging attacks.



Hu Tao can infuse her basic attacks with Pyro thanks to her elemental skill

Pyro is the element associated with fire, and it has the strongest elemental reactions, therefore, characters with Visions of this element can easily fit the category of DPS (Damage per second), but of course, the way you play them is up to you.

Pyro Details: 

Best characters for Pyro:

  • Hu Tao
  • Bennett

Hu Tao: is the 77th Director of the Wansheng Funeral Parlor from Liyue. The reason why she’s one of the best Pyro characters so far in the game is because of her ultimate ability is just overpowered, allowing her to easily defeat bosses and enemies with one shot.

Bennett: Anyone who has him can agree that no matter what, Bennett is one of the best characters in the whole game, hence one of the best Pyro characters. He can be a DPS, but he shines bright as a support that will heal you and boost your attack.



Kamisato Ayaka has been the last Cryo character released so far and an excellent honorable mention

This element is associated with cold or ice, the elemental attacks of characters with Cryo Visions usually create weapons such as blades to attack enemies. This element is great to slow the enemies' movement or even freeze them with the right elemental reaction, it’s used to create other powerful reactions as well.

Cryo details: 

Best characters for Cryo:

  • Ganyu
  • Diona

Ganyu: She’s an Adeptus from Liyue, who just as Xiao and the rest of them, have vowed to protect Liyue. Ganyu was frowned upon days before her release. But things changed when her banner came and players were able to test her, they suddenly realized she will be the strongest DPS in the game, and she still is up to this date.

Diona: A bartender with feline features, such as ears and a tail. Diona is a support and healer, she does very little damage, but in exchange, you get the second strongest shield in the game and great healing from her Elemental Burst. She’s a valuable character in any team composition.



Hydro is a versatile element with many useful reactions

Hydro is the element associated with water. It has powerful reactions and some that are really useful such as Frozen and or Vaporize. Hydro is an element that works well in many teams, especially if you know the elemental reactions, with some strategy you can produce the most efficient reaction for the right situation.

Hydro details: 

Best Characters for Hydro:

  • Tartaglia
  • Mona

Tartaglia: The 11th of the Fatui Harbingers, also the character that applies this element fastest to large groups of enemies in the whole game so far, this translates into the opportunity of hitting all these enemies with another element to affect them all at once. Although he has a tricky Elemental Skill, Tartaglia works wonders as a Sub-DPS or main DPS.

 Mona: An astrologist who is frequently at the edge of bankruptcy because she spends all of her Mora in astrological gadgets. Still, mona acts as an efficient DPS or as heavy-hitter Support for your whole team.



Geo Archon Morax  (AKA Zhongli) is one of the most popular in the game

This element is related to earth. It excels against pretty much all the other elements so far revealed in the game, its elemental reactions with Pyro, Hydro, Electro, and Cryo generate shards that grant you a shield of the element it reacted to. These shields are particularly resistant to their own element.

Geo details: 

Best characters for Geo:

  • Albedo
  • Zhongli

Albedo: He’s The Chief Alchemist of the Favonius Knights. Albedo is an awesome example of an off-field support character. The damage from his Elemental Skill can reach high standards and its cooldown is the lowest so far. He’s focused to be a support but can be a good DPS too.

Zhongli: The Geo archon is another character that is considered one of the best in the entire game. This is because his Elemental Skill provides you with the strongest shield so far, plus he has an Ultimate ability that hits hard and petrifies enemies for some time. He is amazing.



The electro element has been in the spotlight thanks to the Raiden Shogun and the new region Inazuma

Electro is the element related to thunder, it also has the most Elemental Reactions, they might not be powerful as other ones, but they are useful, such as superconduct, which decreases enemies’ physical resistance by 40%. 

Electro details: 

Best characters for Electro:

  • Keching.
  • Raiden Shogun.

Keching: She’s one of the permanent five-star characters that you can get from the Permanent or the Promocional banners. Keching is from Liyue and holds the position as one of Liyue’s Seven Stars, She’s a DPS that can carry your team and even was considered to be the strongest DPS in the early versions of the game.

Raiden Shogun: The Archon of Inazuma, Raiden Shogun, came out recently in her first banner. She works as a support for your entire team regarding energy recharge and boosting your whole party’s damage of their burst abilities. Raiden Shogun’s Ultimate ability deals a lot of damage too, so not everything about her revolves around support.


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