[Top 7] Genshin Impact Best Archer Characters

Genshin Impact Best Archer Characters
We pray Aloy gets her constellations soon

Sometimes, it’s best to finish enemies from afar, quickly and easily. Archers, or bow users, are here in the game to do just that. These characters provide value in all shapes and forms, but in general, they all rely on their trusty bows.

Read along to find out the best archers in the game so far (Patch 4.0). Take note that by “best” we mean to evaluate the character in terms of the overall value provided in a team. Also keep in mind that these characters are judged at C0 for a level playing field.


7. Tighnari

Tighnari proves that nature can be a great weapon

This character is the first 5-star we got when Sumeru first arrived. He brought about a unique way to play DPS characters, especially with the introduction of Dendro. To this day, he remains a really good option in team compositions, and that’s why he bags a spot on our list.

Tighnari is mostly played as a quick-swap character. This means that he only needs a short amount of time on-field to do a lot of damage. You can also play him in various elemental teams due to the vast options when it comes to reactions.

His elemental skill creates a radius where enemies are confused, but what makes this really special is his ability to do three near-instant charged attacks right after this. His elemental burst lets loose a swarm of arrows, all dealing Dendro damage. All of this can be achieved in a single quick rotation, making him a time-efficient and reliable sub-DPS unit.

Why Tighnari Is A Great Archer:

  • Doesn’t take up much on-field time.
  • Can do high-speed dendro application.
  • You can get him from the standard banner.


6. Childe

Fear the 11th Harbinger in his Delusion form

Also known as the 11th Fatui Harbinger, this character is a force to be reckoned with. We all have a love-hate relationship with him ever since he showed his true colors in the Liyue Archon Quest. Nonetheless, his skills with a bow are truly admirable, despite this not being his preferred weapon in the first place.

Childe is a controversial pick for our list. He is technically a bow user, but his playstyle focuses more on melee attacks with his conjured hydro weapons. We can’t, however, disregard the importance of charged shots when it comes to his kit or that his burst can fire a deadly hydro arrow.

What makes him so strange is really what makes him so great. With this one unit, you have a DPS that can take down targets from afar, or shred groups of enemies at close range. He doesn’t make it that far in our list, though, because it takes quite the learning curve to use him properly.

Why Childe Is A Great Archer:

  • Unique playstyle is worth learning.
  • Take on enemies from afar or up close.
  • Really good hydro application and can work as an enabler.


5. Diona

A lady who hates alcohol but works as a bartender anyway

Whether or not you’re a cat lover, I’m sure you had this character taking care of your team at one point. This little feline is the complete package when it comes to supporting your team. In a single party slot, she fills in the roles of shielder and healer.

Diona brings a lot to the table, and some would even argue that she’s still a better pick when compared to other 5-stars that provide the same benefits. Her skill provides a good shield that can even be refreshed instantly if you have the Sacrificial Bow with you.

Her burst lays down a big circle that can heal units and damage enemies at the same time. This also applies a lot of cryo to enemies, making her a great enabler for freeze or melt teams. Unlocking her passive allows you to even reduce the ATK of enemies! 

Why Diona Is A Great Archer:

  • Have a shielder and healer in one slot.
  • Buff yourself and debuff your enemies.
  • Apply consistent cryo with her burst.


4. Fischl

The princess and her loyal servant

This list would definitely not make sense if this unit wasn’t here. This electro-powerhouse is one of the best enablers in the game. She has one of the best, well-rounded kits in the game, making her one of the most valuable sub-DPS characters up to this date.

The Prinzessin der Verurteilung takes our 4th spot easily, with the help of her familiar Oz, of course. Her trusty elemental skill letsher friend loose onto the battlefield, attacking enemies continuously with electro. Unlocking her passive even lets Oz perform an additional electro attack whenever a reaction is achieved.

When all this is over, Fishcl can simply use her burst to storm the battlefield, reposition, and have Oz’s duration refreshed all over again. This makes sure that you almost never run out of electro-application in your team. It’s also worth mentioning that Fischl can also be played as a purely physical damage-focused DPS because of the speed and fluidity of her normal attacks.

Why Fischl Is A Great Archer:

  • Convenient turret-based playstyle.
  • Pop multiple spread or aggravate reactions because of Oz.
  • Generate lots of electro particles.


3. Ganyu

You would have no idea that she's centuries old already

Being an adeptus, this character is expected to be a cut above the rest. She takes down enemies with ease, and does so with grace. She is one of the most sought-after characters up to this point in the game.

Ganyu has a lot going for he, but she is infamous because of her devastating charged attacks. These volleys of cryo deal massive damage in an AoE and can be even more enhanced when performed with the melt reaction. It can be argued that you can play the game easily without even using her skill or burst, but nonetheless, these also provide huge value.

Her skill helps her out in tight situations; this creates a decoy that would taunt enemies while she could slip out of sight. Her burst is a magnificent hail of cryo all around. In alternate teams, you can even use her as a sub-DPS or cryo enabler because of this. 

But let’s be honest, her charged attack playstyle is generally why we all love her.

Why Ganyu Is A Great Archer:

  • Truly embodies the FPS game playstyle.
  • Take down enemies from a safe distance, especially in co-op.
  • Reverse-melt enemies or freeze them until they drop.


2. Venti

Music and freedom represented by one individual

For our second spot, we have an archon gracing us with their presence. This unit was released really early on in the game but still dominates up to this day. Well, that’s what you would expect from the god of anemo.

Venti is one of the best crowd control specialists in the game. His burst is terrifyingly good, as it sucks all enemies into a single vortex that can even take on other elements. Aside from its sheer practicality, it also deals massive damage that can clear camps with just this single attack.

He has a passive that helps him regenerate 15 energy right after his burst ends, making rotations a bit faster. We also appreciate the fact that Venti can make traveling Teyvat way easier by summoning wind currents that we can ride upon.

Why Venti Is A Great Archer:

  • Suck enemies into a single spot before unleashing mayhem.
  • Make world exploration a breeze.
  • Build a team based on elemental reactions.


1. Yelan

A spy works best in the shadows

Taking the lead in our list is the most discreet and secretive unit from Liyue. This agent provides so much damage and value to a team that it would be wrong not to have her as our top pick.

Yelan is arguably the best off-field hydro enabler in the game. Her burst lets you do tons of off-field hydro damage, and the attack rate isn’t that bad. Her elemental skill lets her run rapidly around the battlefield, marking enemies that she gets close to and dealing great damage when she ends her cast. This is great for finishing off enemies or simply running around the open world to save time. Similar to Ganyu, she can also fire off a special charged shot that deals decent damage in an AoE.

Her value is also in the fact that she is really easy to build. By just stacking HP on her, you can already guarantee that she’ll be taking down enemies for you in a heartbeat.  

Why Yelan Is A Great Archer:

  • Special charged shots can make barrel shooting challenges a breeze.
  • Skill has amazing speed and a decent duration.
  • Stamina can be recovered while running in her skill mode.


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