Genshin Impact Best Main Dps Tier List (1.6)

Genshin Impact Best Main DPS

Every character in Genshin Impact is very powerful and useful on its own. However, some characters perform better when used for a certain Role. In this guide, we will rank the best Characters that perform well in the Main DPS Role. Main DPS characters are characters that can provide consistent damage output and can also deal massive bursting damage with their kits.


Here are the ranks we used:

  • OP = characters that are broken (in a positive way) in the current version
  • S = top-performing Main DPS characters
  • A = good Main DPS characters that can provide significant amounts of damage
  • B = pretty decent as a Main DPS, but they can be outperformed by others for this role
  • C = can be used as a Main DPS but is probably better for other roles




Ganyu can eliminate enemies from a safe distance by using her high-damaging Charge Attacks. She is very good at clearing Domains and Spiral Abyss Floors because all of her Abilities deal AOE Damage. She has complementing abilities, making her superior to others.
Hu Tao
Hu Tao can deal tremendous damage while under the effect of her Elemental Skill. She can defeat pretty much any enemy due to having high Attack and high Crit Damage. She can deal massive damage and even one-shot enemies by using Elemental Burst.




Xiao can spam Plunge Attacks to deal AOE Anemo damage repeatedly. Under the effect of his Elemental Burst, Xiao will have a damage increase and his attacks will be imbued with Anemo. Xiao can provide consistent damage output due to his high Attack Speed and he can clear mobs quickly with his Plunge Attacks.
Eula can deal tremendous damage without relying on her teammates. She is not dependent on Elemental Reactions because her damage output scales off Physical Damage. Eula can clear groups of enemies with her abilities and she can even reach a million damage with her Elemental Burst.
Diluc is a notorious offensive character. Due to being a Claymore-wielder and a Pyro Vision holder, he can break almost every type of opponent's shield. Diluc's Elemental Burst can clear groups of enemies and it has a short cooldown and low Energy requirement.
Being a Catalyst-user, Klee's Normal and Charge Attacks are imbued with Pyro Element. She can perform repeated explosions that deal AOE Pyro Damage to enemies. Klee is good at clearing mobs because she can trigger Elemental Reactions on a wide scale.
Tartaglia can conveniently switch from Range stance to Melee Stance. He can deal consistent Hydro damage to enemies while he is in Melee Stance. Tartaglia can apply and trigger Riptide Status to enemies to deal AOE damage. He can deal massive damage and can instantly eliminate enemies using his Elemental Burst.




Keqing is a good Main DPS character due to having fast Attack Animations. She can be built as a Physical Damage type or as an Electro Damage Type. Keqing can teleport to a certain spot to have a better positioning in battle. She performs multiple attacks in a large AOE when she uses her Elemental Burst.
Yanfei is also a Catalyst-user that can perform AOE attacks continuously. She can spam her Charge Attacks to deal Pyro Damage to multiple enemies. She can also trigger Pyro-related Reactions repeatedly.
Ningguang is a character that can stand on her own. She doesn't rely on Elemental Reactions to give significant damage outputs. She can deal consistent Geo Damage to her enemies by using her Normal and Charge Attacks. Ningguang can deal tremendous damage if she uses her Elemental Burst while a Jade Screen is present on the field.
Razor mostly relies on his Normal and Charge Attacks. He can deal Physical Damage consistently and his Attack Speed will be boosted if he uses his Elemental Burst. Additionally, His Elemental Burst also applies Electro Element on his Normal Attacks.




Beidou is good at triggering Electro-related Reactions repeatedly. When she uses her Elemental Skill, Beidou will assume a "Parry" stance. While in this stance, Beidou will form a shield for herself, and after some time, Beidou will swing her claymore to enemies. The damage of her Elemental Skill scales off how much damage she has taken during the 'Parry" stance.

Noelle's Elemental Burst can boost her damage and it imbues Geo Element to her attacks. She gets stronger as her Constellations level up. She can also create a shield by using her Elemental Skill, making her a good bruiser DPS.

Being a Polearm-wielder, Rosaria can perform fast Normal Attacks. She can also teleport behind her enemies if she uses her Elemental Skill. Her Elemental Burst can deal Cryo Damage to multiple enemies in set intervals.
As a Main DPS, Fischl can give constant damage with her fast Attack Speeds. Her companion, Oz, can deal Electro Damage to enemies continuously. With Oz by her side, Fischl can trigger Electro-related Reactions repeatedly to increase her overall damage output.
As a Claymore user, Xinyan can deal high damage with every blow of her Normal Attacks. Furthermore, she can deal great damage in an AOE by using her Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill. Xinyan's Elemental Burst boosts her Physical Damage.




Chongyun can deal decent damage by attacking with his Claymore. Under the effect of his Elemental Skill, Chongyun can deal Cryo Damage to enemies and he can trigger Cryo-related Reactions continuously. His Elemental Burst is effective for fighting multiple enemies because it deals AOE Cryo damage.
Amber can hit targets from a safe distance. She can also deal Pyro Damage using her Charge Attacks. Amber can use her Baron Bunny to taunt enemies and create an explosion. By using her Elemental Burst, Amber can shower enemies with arrows to deal Pyro Damage continuously.


We hope that this list helps you in choosing the best Main DPS character for your team. If you have comments or suggestions, please leave them below. We will be glad to know your insights.

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