[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Keqing Builds

Genshin Impact Best Keqing Builds
Keqing, best electro girl

[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Keqing Builds

Keqing, a five star electro character in Genshin impact, introduced as the Liyue Qixing, with some of the coolest fight animations, and a cute character design. She’s also extremely fast and her elemental skill lets her teleport to nearby enemies using stiletto. She also cuts distances with her teleport and lets you climb easier, or hunt with her electro ability. Her elemental burst, Starward Sword, creates massive Electro Damage to her surroundings. Usable as both a DPS and a support, she’s been one of my favorite characters in Genshin Impact.

However, using Keqing as a DPS requires you to give her a good build, and here, we’ll talk about the best way to max her abilities for your best Genshin experience. 


The four piece thundershooter piece is going to help you make use of Keqing’s electro ability as it increases 35% electro damage to all opponents.

The two piece thundering fury is good for her as well, as it increases electro damage by 15%, which can be paired with the gladiator set. The gladiator’s FInale set is pretty versatile and is great for any character, and personally my favorite set. Its two piece set increases attack by 18%, and its four piece set increases Physical attack for any sword/ polearm/ claymore user.

My recommendation would be to use the gladiator paired with the thundering fury as it helps with both electro and physical damage.

Gladiator’s Finale

Goblet - Gladiator’s Intoxication

  • +ATK (7 - 46.6 %)
  • +DEF (8 - 58%)
  • +Physical DMG Bonus (7 - 58%)
  • +Elemental DMG Bonus (6 - 46% )

Plume - Gladiator’s Destiny 

  • ATK (42 - 311)

Thundering Fury

Circlet - Thunder Summoner’s Crown

  • +ATK ( 7% - 46%)
  • +DEF ( 8% -58%)
  • +CRIT Rate ( 4% -31%)
  • +CRIT DMG (8% - 62%)

Sands - Hourglass of Thunder 

  • +ATK (7% - 46%)
  • +DEF (7% - 58%)

Flower - Variable

Now that we’ve got the artifacts down, we can talk about the best weapons for Keqing. I’m going to balance out the easy to obtain four star weapons and the more rare weapons for heavy spenders.

5) Flute

Flute is a beautiful, lightweight sword, the best four star weapon for low spenders like myself, easily attainable from wish. Its harmonics create 100% attack damage, and once you’ve maxed out the level it can reach up to 200% attack damage, with harmonics lasting up to 30 seconds. A solid weapon for both electro and physical Keqing all in all.


  • Harmonics create 100% attack damage, up to 200% once you max 
  • Harmonics last 30 seconds. 
  • Base ATK more than 400 after level 70

Build Details 

  • Use with two piece gladiator which will increase ATK +18% and two piece thundering fury set. 
  • This build will increase attack percentage, so its good to use as a DPS keqing
  • Good for Physical build Keqing

4) Lion’s Roar 

Lion’s Roar was meant for Keqing from Miyoho as she’s seen with this weapon in her official character demo. It’s a four star weapon obtained from wish, and in my experience, not too difficult to get. Another interesting thing is that it increases DMG against Pyro or Electro, which means that it’s perfect for an electro character like Keqing.


  • Max out attack + 41.3%
  • + DMG against Pyro or Electro affected opponents by 20%
  • More than 30% crit rate after level 70 
  • More than 510 base ATK after level 70

Build Details

  • Use for Electro Keqing build because you will get more DMG against Pyro or Electro
  • Use with two piece thundering fury, which will increase Electro DMG bonus by +15% and two piece thundershooter which will increase Electro RES by 40%
  • Pair with other electro characters, such as Fischl or Razor

3) Black Sword

R2 refinement and maxing out the level in Black sword is going to give you a high increase in attack damage. The best part about this sword is that it regenerates 70% of attack as HP when normal and charged attacks. You can get this sword by getting the Battle Pass. Use with Keqing to not only deal heavy damage to your opponents but also regenerate HP, if you don’t have a healer on your lineup. Since Keqing already has incredible crit damage, the Black Sword completely compliments her character stats, even if you don’t have good artifacts. It’s the best four star weapon for Keqing.


  • Max out level attack damage +25%
  • Regenerates 70% attack as HP when Normal/Charged ATK score CRIT hit
  • Charged attacks score a critical hit every 5s
  • Base ATK more than 400 after lvl 70

Build Details 

  • It heals super well if your Keqing has high crit rate, you barely will need the help of any healer characters
  • Can be used either for Electro or Physical keqing build. 
  • Use with Thundering Fury two piece set which will increase Electro DMG bonus by +15% and Gladiator’s Finale which will increase ATK by +18%

2)Aquila Favonia

Aquila Favonia was the best sword for Keqing originally, considering the massive physical damage it creates. Not only that, but it also regenerates HP. It’s a rare five star weapon, but completely worth it when you get it. It’s best for physical Keqing build, but even as an electro, it’s nothing to scoff at. Its HP regeneration lets you keep Keqing in the field for longer, and its high ATK is what makes it so special. It’s good for a physical Keqing build because of its physical ATK damage, while not withdrawing her electro advantages as well.


  • Increase ATK 20%
  • HP regeneration 100% of ATK
  • Deals 200% ATK as DMG to surrounding opponents once every 15s
  • More than 400 Base ATK after level 70

Build Details 

  • Use for Physical Keqing build 
  • Use with two piece Gladiator’s Finale which will increase ATK by +18% and two piece thundering fury which will increase Eletro DMG bonus by +15%
  • This build will also regenerate your Keqing’s HP which means you don’t need to rely on healers in your lineup

1) Primordial Jade Cutter

Primordial Jade Cutter is a five star weapon and currently THE best sword for Keqing, hands down. In spite of the ordinary base attack, the secondary stat is the high crit rate, which is what’s most important. Its crite rate is massive, and it makes your Keqing cut through all her enemies with ease. Using it with crit rate Artifacts, such as the Thundering Fury is further going to boost your Keqing build even more. It increases HP, and has an increased ATK bonus. It really elevates her playing strength as an electro character DPS, above all the other swords in comparison. So yes, if you do have the Primordial Jade Cutter, you’re in luck, just use it on Keqing and watch it do wonders.


  • HP increased by 20%
  • ATK Bonus 1.2% of max HP
  • More than 400 Base attack after lvl 70
  • Crit rate 40% after lvl 70

Build Details 

  • Use for Electro Keqing 
  • Focus on crit rate on your Artifact sets. Use two piece thundering fury and thunder shooter for Electro DMG +15% and +40% Electro Resonance
  • Can be used as DPS Keqing with support characters such as Fishl and Razor

Keqing is honestly an awesome electro character, fast on her heels, making elemental reactions when paired with other characters, creating electrocharge and overload, perhaps with Xingqiu or bennet. All around a great DPS and support, she’s really a classic, irreplacable character in the Genshin Impact Universe. 


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