[Top 10] Reasons Why Genshin Impact Is Boring And How To Make It More Fun

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Although Genshin Impact nowadays has a ton of fans and players, that doesn’t mean that this game is perfect. Like in other games, some features are fun and exciting at the start but get repetitive after some time. There are other features that would make the game less boring but aren’t implemented. In this guide, we’ll cover 10 things that make Genshin boring and how to solve them.

10. Can’t see main characters in open world

If you aren’t a new player, you’re probably done with all the legendary and archon quests. It’s only in these quests that we can see our favorite characters talking and moving. Maybe in some events as well, but that happens once every two months. Moreover, it just feels strange to know Lisa is never at her library and Xiangling is never at her restaurant, you know.

Solution: Create models and dialogues for these characters and make them patrol or stand in their workplaces.

9. Boring NPCs

There are only 6 types of bodies and faces for NPCs, 3 for women and 3 for men. With different combinations of hairstyles and clothes, all of Teyvat’s villagers and shopkeepers are created. This, of course, makes your travels a bit boring. You can’t expect that finding the same face everywhere is going to make it any more fun.

Solution: Increase the number of body types. Increase the number of faces in the models.

8. Tiring minigames

When developers introduce new minigames, like fishing or foraging, it entertains players for a while. However, this is a short-termed solution that gets tiring after a while. For example, fishing was popular at first because it was new. Now, however, no one fishes anymore because of how simple the mechanic is.

Solution: Update minigames (increase number of fishes, bait, or rods, for example)

7. Spiral Abyss too meta

Every old (and probably new) player knows about the Spiral Abyss. In this mode you battle waves of monsters to get prizes depending on the time it took you to defeat them. As there is no PvP mode in GI, people use this mode to compete with each other. Developers used that to make the Abyss really meta, making it difficult to complete without that specific team.

Solution: Change enemies periodically but don’t adjust them to the meta game.

6. Reused events

Although some of the events that pass through Genshin Impact, like the Hyakunin Ikki, are really fun to play, it ends up being so if you reuse them again and again. Developers sometimes use those same events in the following update, instead of creating new ones or giving them a twist to make them seem like something else. 

Solution: Make variations in the events instead of repeating the same.

5. Monotonous domains

I, at least, know more or less which type of enemies are in each domain. How can I forget if Genshin makes me complete the same domain ten times to upgrade a weapon, and in those 10 times the enemies are always the same? It’s not a matter of them being difficult (which they aren’t) it’s a matter of getting boring.

Solution: Have more than one set wave of enemies and choose a random one between those before each dungeon run.

4. No exploration goals

When you first discover an area it is indeed fun to look for treasure or new enemies. However, those are completed with a little time. After, you have no more reason to enter those areas than when a mission’s NPC happens to live there. There aren’t any incentives to continue exploring, like hidden missions in caves, secret weapons only found in mountains…

Solution: Create incentives to continue exploring, the area can be upgraded in the following updates.

3. Repetitive daily missions

2. Easy battles

Every player that wants primogems does their daily missions given by the Adventurers’ Guild. That doesn't mean they don’t become boring. The same monsters reappear in the same place and the same people need the same help. Moreover, they have little to no tension because of how easy they are to old players. 

Solution: Increase the number and difficulty of daily missions. Maybe have main characters help.

2. Easy battles

Although it is true there are lots of world bosses, no new character asks for their drops. Although there are lots of enemies, they are not challenging at all. And so on. The quantity and variety of the enemies is a good thing to be centred on, but developers should not forget to create enemies difficult enough.

Solution: Create enemies with random attacks. Create a new world level for old players.

1. Everything needs resin

And last, but not least, the neverending need for original resin. The consumed resin can only be recharged with lots of time (up to 160 points) or with lots of money. This item is needed to run artifact domains, run boss domains, and even get world boss rewards. Everything needs resin to be played and you only get 160 a day (if you don’t pay, that is).

Solution: Decrease resin needed. Decrease resin recharge time.


All these aspects of the game can make it look boring at times. While it’s true that the way developers aren’t solving them is a bit discouraging, we can’t look only at the bad points and have to remember the good ones as well. Expect needing resin, that is, I just hate original resin.


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