Genshin Impact Support Tier List [Genshin Impact Best And Worst Support Revealed]

Treasure hunting with Bennett proves to be a 10-90 chance, 10% lucky in finding treasure and 90% unlucky in a thousand ways. Would still rate a 100/100 for the best boy.

As always, every hero needs a group of people who support them–like a family, a group of friends, and fellow heroes who work together to beat their enemies. In Genshin Impact, your DPS needs all the support they can get to deal those high damage scores in exploring, events, fighting in quests, or even in farming domains and beating the Spiral abyss. A good team needs good members and the best team has the best support.


Here, we’ll be talking about which Genshin Impact characters take the cake in being the all-around best characters that can act as the biggest support of your group.




Your party is bound for excellent, great gameplay and damage. To push it to its highest potential you need these characters. These characters can support the team without breaking a sweat, they buff your characters and provide whatever you need without any hassles.

  • Bennett (98/100)
  • Mona (97/100)
  • Sucrose (96/100)
  • Kazuha (96/100)
  • Diona (96/100)



With these characters, it’s no surprise that your team could end up being one of the best. They’re known to buff and assist parties well. Top-tier supports indeed, could fill in any role besides that, but you should definitely consider using them to aid the team with the support role.

  • Raiden Shogun (95/100)
  • Zhongli (95/100)
  • Albedo (94/100)
  • Yelan (93/100)
  • Shenhe (92/100)



This tier provides and serves, these supports get the job done and are great supports especially for starting the game or for mixing your party up in normal quests, commissions, or the abyss. Try building them, though they might need a little help from their constellations they could still help your team, especially your DPS, pack a punch.

  • Barbara (90/100)
  • Venti (90/100)
  • Xingqiu (90/100)
  • Collei (87/100)
  • Dendro Traveller (90/100)
  • Electro Traveller (88/100)
  • Gorou (88/100)
  • Kujou Sara (86/100)
  • Thoma (86/100)
  • Yunjin (87/100)
  • Noelle (86/100)



They might not be considered the best pick, but they could still be used to support the team. With good skill and proper builds–maybe even a constellation could bring them good assisting power. However, these characters might not be up to your expectations. A little patience is advised.

  • Qiqi (85/100)
  • Dori (82/100)
  • Xinyan (83/100)



1. Bennett (98/100)

Bennett taking his throne as the king of Support, definitely one of the best characters- personality and gameplay-wise.

The clumsy and loveable adventurer of Mondstadt is back! Despite his reputation for being unlucky, he certainly is lucky when it comes to his playstyle and synergy with other characters. As a support, you can never ignore him, he takes the cake as Genshin’s top support. 

Why S-tier for Bennett?

  • His elemental burst buffs all characters’ ATK based on his own ATK while active characters or players are on the field from his burst.
  • His burst can also deal pyro AoE DMG, perfect for elemental reactions. He hits the ground with a field of pyro AoE that can be affected by other elements for additional reactions and damage.
  • Bennett’s optimal weapon to use would be the Sacrificial sword that could allow him to use his skill twice. His skill could easily generate energy and allows him to also inflict pyro upon enemies.
  • With or without constellations, Bennett could be an awesome support for your team. His c1-c5 constellations greatly help with his buffs.
  • Bennett has multiple roles in a team, including being a healer and an enabler by using his burst.


2. Mona (97/100)

Mona can do more than just read fortunes, she probably read her enemies' fortunes as bad luck once she steps in the field. Truly powerful.

Mona Megistus, the great astrologist, is counted as one of the top Genshin support characters. She is considered a must-have among the standard banner 5-star characters given that her supporting abilities are truly unmatched and can easily be put in any team with any DPS.

Why S-tier for Mona?

  • Her ascension gives her more Energy Recharge that can allow the entire team’s elemental bursts to charge up quickly. After her illusion explodes, it charges up multiple energy particles.
  • She could act as crowd control with her elemental skill’s taunting ability. Enemies will be attracted to her phantom illusion and save you more time to cast your skills and attacks.
  • Her elemental burst buffs the team’s elemental damage and gives additional AoE damage.
  • Her first constellation is considered to have one of the best effects, boosting any elemental reaction’s DMG and duration by 15%
  • Her synergy with any element brings out the best damage with her hydro elemental reactions.


3. Sucrose (96/100)

She may look sweet and shy, but Sucrose is a powerful alchemist, Albedo's top student indeed- together with Timaeus.

The shy and timid Sucrose can concoct potions and study alchemy well, but she works harder at providing the most amazing effects for your team. She’s an anemo catalyst that can easily take a spot as one of Genshin’s top supporting characters.

Why S-tier for Sucrose?

  • Her constellations boost her skill’s charge, allowing her to cast her skill more than once. Her skill could be an enabler for different swirl-related reactions
  • She can boost the team’s elemental mastery by 50 with every swirl effect she deals. Her c6 also allows her to buff the team with a 20% elemental damage bonus for every swirl effect. 
  • She can act as a crowd control with her elemental burst. Once cast, the burst creates a field of anemo that gathers enemies together for an easier way to attack mobs.
  • Her elemental swirl effect can absorb any element and cause elemental reactions. Once a character performs a burst or skill or when enemies’ elemental powers are active, Sucrose’s burst can absorb these elements and cause different reactions.
  • She can synergize well with any element, her anemo swirl could easily assist any elemental skill’s damage with the help of her elemental reactions.


4. Kazuha (96/100)

He could definitely hear the wind telling him he could sweep all these enemies at once, that's Kazuha indeed.

The anemo wanderer, Kazuha, follows the wind in his travels–and with the wind, he could easily assist the team with his abilities. He’s considered an amazing support, especially in Inazuma, where enemies are much heavier given that his powers and affinity to the wind is as strong as his will.

Why S-tier for Kazuha?

  • He can serve as crowd control for light and heavy opponents on the field through his elemental skill. 
  • His swirl effect can absorb any element and allow reactions that resonate with the absorbed element from the field or from other characters and players.
  • His ascension gives him More elemental Mastery that can boost his elemental reactions once casting swirl along with other elements.
  • He provides a 0.04% elemental DMG bonus for his team through his passive skills. 
  • Both his elemental skill and burst can deal with a swirl elemental reaction effectively, with his burst providing an AoE anemo field to swirl one element and create more reactions.


5. Diona (96/100)

Even as she continues to try and sabotage the wine industry, Diona still manages to create drinks as great as her skills in supporting a team.

Diona may not be successful yet in destroying the wine industry, but she’s definitely successful in supporting the team in destroying enemies. She’s an amazing Cryo archer that could assist the team with her abilities.

Why S-tier for Diona?

  • She serves as a shielder, enabler, and healer with her cryo abilities in battle.
  • Her shield is strong and based on her HP, having her 2nd constellation can provide a shield for the entire team.
  • Her elemental burst gives consistent cryo applications and heals characters on the field.
  • Diona is good for hydro freeze comps, melt comps that include pyro characters, and electro superconduct comps.
  • Any opponent that enters her burst’s AoE field will get a debuff of a 10% decreased ATK.


6. Raiden Shogun (95/100)

Never underestimate the divine power of the Electro Archon, Raiden could easily bring down the thunder.

The Almighty Raiden Shogun doesn’t just deal amazing damage, she could also greatly support the team and provide assistance to her fellow party members. The archon’s potential is truly eternal as she stands in as one of Genshin Impact’s best supports.

Why A-tier for Raiden?

  • She could easily charge up the team’s energy for their burst using her abilities’ high energy recharge.
  • She provides consistent electro-infusions through her skill and burst, her skill has a short cooldown and generates energy to fuel her burst.
  • Raiden can increase the team’s elemental burst damage with her elemental skill.
  • Her burst infuses consistent electro for any character on the field while active.
  • Raiden can synergize well with hydro, electro, pyro, and cryo characters, these elements can inflict electro-related reactions.


7. Zhongli (95/100)

Zhongli, the Geo archon himself, with his best Dragon friend Azhdaha. Both have a long history together and protected Liyue as its guardians. 

The Geo Archon is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the game: lore-wise and gameplay-wise. And he surely doesn’t disappoint. Zhongli can wield the power of Geo and resonate well with any team he’s in.

Why A-tier for Zhongli?

  • When holding his skill, Zhongli can summon a strong child that scales off of his HP.
  • His geo pillar gives amazing AoE geo damage in a large field.
  • His elemental burst deals huge damage and petrifies enemies.
  • He can resonate well with any team but especially with geo characters.
  • His passive can fortify the team’s shield strength.


8. Albedo (94/100)

Albedo Kreideprinz truly has powers beyond measure in alchemy and in contributing to the team. He could even paint and cook, what a talented guy.

The Chalk Prince alchemist Albedo truly makes one of the best geo supports in the game. With his specialty in scaling off of defense, he’s sure to escalate your team to victory through his skills, unscathed and boosted. 

Why A-tier for Albedo?

  • Albedo can use his skill to deal AoE damage and provide the crystallize effect for any element.
  • His skill also produces an elevating platform that can help characters plunge down and boost their physical or plunging normal attacks.
  • His crystallize effect can also provide shields for the team for a short period of time with any element
  • His burst gives an additional 125 Elemental mastery for the team.
  • Albedo easily resonates with any character–but most especially geo characters.


9. Yelan (93/100)

Never get yourself in trouble with Yelan, that's a rule most people need to remember in Liyue- especially those who meddle in the Nation's affairs.

The elusive and highly skilled Yelan is known for her skills and moves when it comes to her work as Liyue’s top intel, but aside from that, she is also known as one of Genshin’s sought-after Hydro bows that can help the team get anything done easily.

Why A-tier for Yelan?

  • Her elemental burst can increase a character’s DMG while on the field.
  • Her elemental skill can give amazing Hydro infusions to multiple opponents at once.
  • Gaining her 2nd constellation can give an even more consistent Hydro infusion through her elemental burst.
  • Her 1st constellation can allow her to cast her skill twice, dealing two rounds of hydro damage.
  • She can act as a support and stand in for a DPS while they’re off of the field, as she is considered a strong sub-DPS due to her ability to attack mobs effectively.


10. Shenhe  (92/100)

Shenhe practicing her combat and gracefully knocking out enemies. That says enough to not mess with her, she did defeat an evil demon as a child.

Shenhe may be as strong as the adepti and mysterious as a legend in Liyue’s old texts, but her skills are no mystery just like her strength. She’s considered one of Genshin’s greatest cryo supporting characters.

Why A-tier for Shenhe?

  • Can easily resonate with cryo characters and support them with her buffs.
  • Consistent Cryo application with her skills, allowing different elemental reactions.
  • Her elemental burst can cover a wide range as it deals cryo AoE.
  • Her burst can also shred any opponent’s Cryo and Physical resistance.
  • Boosts characters’ elemental and normal damage for a period of time.


And there you have it, the best Support characters of Genshin Impact. These characters make the game, as much as DPS ones do, much more fun. They can easily be switched and randomized, giving you a different kind of gameplay and rotation anytime as well as skills that may be of use in surviving with the team. Do give them a try and never underestimate the power of support.



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