[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Shield Characters

Genshin Impact Best Shield Characters
If you need a shielder in your team but you don't know who, you'r ein the perfect place!

Shields are very important in Genshin Impact since they bring you a lot of protection even if they can’t heal you. But, of course, there are characters that can heal and shield you.

If you don’t know what to choose between healing or shielding, we bring you the best shield characters so you can compare what you prefer!

5. Ningguang

Ningguang is the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing and owns the floating Jade Chamber. She’s intelligent, kind and pretty, all you need in a character.

She’s a Geo catalyst character that doesn’t have a shield ability, but she indeed has shields. Do you know how she does it?

  • Ningguang’s Elemental Skill creates a Jade Screen that deals AoE Geo DMG. This screen blocks opponents’ projectiles.
  • Her Jade Screen crystallizes when it makes contact with other elements such as Pyro or Cryo bringing you shields with the little crystals it generates.
  • If a character passes through the Jade Screen, it will gain a 12% of Geo DMG Bonus for 10s.

4. Noelle

She might not be a knight, but she’s wonderful serving them as a dutiful maid. Everyone knows Noelle is a great fighter and she will be a Knight of Favonius one day, but she’s a good shielder too.

  • Noelle’s Elemental Skill summons a protective stone armor that deals Geo MDG and absorbs DMG based on Noelle’s DEF.
  • Her Elemental Skill can heal a certain amount of HP based on Noelle’s DEF too.
  • This skill possesses 150% DMG Absorption efficiency against all Elemental DMG.

3. Diona

She’s a bartender at Cat’s Tail and wants to ruin Mondstat’s wine industry. Does it make sense? Not at all, but her kit doesn’t either.

Diona is a really great support even if you can use her as DPS. It always depends on how you build her, but you can get a really good balance between her heal and her shield making her a perfect support.

How can she contribute in a good way to my team? Easy to answer:

  • Diona can shield you with her Elemental Skill and deals Cryo DMG to the enemy with Icy Paws. If you hold the skill, the shield will gain a 75% Absorption Bonus.
  • Diona’s Elemental Burst deals continuously AoE Cryo DMG and heals the character you’re using at the moment. This AoE Cryo DMG simplifies using Frozen, one of the best Elemental Reactions.
  • While using Diona’s shield your stamina consumption decreased by 10%.

2. Albedo

Albedo is the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius. He holds an infinite desire to learn about the world of Teyvat with Sucrose, his assistant.

Albedo is a Sword character that doesn’t have a shield ability like Ningguang but can shield you anyways. We couldn’t expect less from our favourite alchemist.

  • Albedo’s Elemental Skill creates a Solar Isotoma that deals AoE Geo DMG. When Solar Isotoma hits an opponent it generates Transient Blossoms, which deal AoE Geo DMG.
  • Since Solar Isotoma is a Geo construct, it crystallizes when it makes contact with other elements. This generates crystals that shield you.
  • Also, Transient Blossoms deal 25% more DMG to enemies whose HP is below 50%.

1. Zhongli

Our best shield character couldn’t be other than Zhongli, the Geo Archon and the consultat of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. He works alongside Hu Tao, two characters that charmed our hearts since the first time. Do you think it is destiny?

Zhongli is a Polearm user and, in my opinion, he’s so broken as a shielder. Why? Well…

  • When you hold, Zhongli's Elemental Skill creates a shield that absorbs DMG based on Zhongli’s Mx HP. It deals AoE Geo DMG too.
  • His Elemental Skill can create a Stone Stele that causes AoE Geo DMG too.
  • When enemies are affected by his Elemental Burst, if you hold his Elemental Skill they will explode.

Now that you know the best shield characters you can choose if your team needs a healer or a shielder!

We love shields since they can protect you from a lot of damage and shield characters look amazing! I mean, It's a fact that Zhongli or Ningguang have good looks.

But now it’s your time! What do you want, heal or shield?


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