[Top 3] Genshin Impact Best Fishing Rods And How To Get Them

Genshin Impact Best Fishing Rods
Find what fishing rod is for you

Genshin Impact has been around for more than a year now. And we’re all tired of doing domains and searching for artifacts again and again. That’s why Mihoyo has been adding a lot of new content. Two months ago, in the 2.1 update, they added the new minigame every good RPG should have: fishing. 

Fishing in Genshin Impact is as easy as they come. However, choosing the bait or the fishing rod could be a tad confusing for new players. But don’t worry! In this article, we guide you through the different fishing rods and the benefits of each of them in a simple top 3.

3. Wilderness Rod

  • Details: No special effects.
  • How to Get: Get from the Exploding Population World Quest

The wilderness rod is the first one you get in the game, after completing the mission that unlocks the minigame. It looks really simple. And it is. It has no special powers that improve your fishing. Just a simple wooden fishing rod.

Because this fishing rod offers no special effects it has the last place in the ranking. However, this ranking is for fishing speed, so if you really REALLY like this rod you can still use it. Some people still listen to vinyl records even though CDs exist, don’t they?

2. Windtangler, Wishmaker, and Narukawa Ukai

  • Details: If you can stay within the Ideal Tension Zone while fishing, this rod will shorten the time in which fish will struggle by a stable amount and increase your chances of success. This effect only works in Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma respectively.
  • How to Get: Buy from Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma Fishing Association.

Okay. They’re really pretty. But they are as pretty as difficult to get. For each of them, you need to fish and fish until you get a total of 20 fish of 4 different types. Then, you have to go to the regional Fishing Association and buy them. It’s an arduous job to get the three of them, but if you somehow missed the fishing event you will be glad you got them.

The reason these three rods are in the same place is that they are practically the same. Each of them has a special effect that shortens the fish’s struggle time and decreases your chances of losing it. 

However, all of them have a drawback: this effect only works in the region you bought them. Windtangler works in Mondstadt, Wishmaker in Liyue and, Narukawa Ukai in Inazuma. It’s hard to remember to change your rod depending on the region you are in, but the speed effect is worth it.

1. Moonstringer

  • Details: If you can stay within the Ideal Tension Zone while fishing, this rod will shorten the time in which fish will struggle at an accelerating rate and increase your chances of success. If you leave the Ideal Tension Zone, the acceleration will reset.
  • How to Get: Get from the Lunar realm Event.

And we are now in the top 1: the Moonstringer. This rod can be the hardest to get for some people because it’s from the fishing event in September. However, even if you missed the event, you don’t have to worry. Mihoyo usually recycles events and lets people buy items from past events if they weren’t playing by then. 

The Moonstringer has not one, but two reasons to be in first place. The first one is the same special effect as the regional rods: it shortens the time the fish struggles and improves your chances of catching it. 

However, there is a difference: this happens at an accelerating rate. This means that not only it has that special power, but its effect increases the more time you stay in the Ideal Tension Zone! Twice as powerful. And this isn’t its only perk. 

The second reason for its place in the ranking is that the special effect works in every single region. No more having to remember to change your rod every time you teleport! This fishing rod has everything a good fisherman could ever want.


To conclude, let’s highlight the main points to remember. Right now there are three types of rods: the basic one, the regional ones, and the event one. The Moonstringer is the best by far. If you have it, lucky you, go and make it your main rod. 

Now for the people who missed the event. You can just use the no effects Wilderness Rod (easy option) or go on a farming spree and buy the Windtangler, Wishmaker, and Narukawa Ukai (harder option). As we said before, the rods’ prices are high, but the special power they offer is worth the farming.

Maybe you are a “completionist” wanting to fill up your fish archive. Maybe you want to fish materials to buy The Catch for your Raiden Shogun. Or maybe you are just a hungry Traveler who wants some Mondstadt Grilled Fish. With the tips in this article, everyone should have an easier time getting all the fish they want. 

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