[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Burst Characters That Are Amazing

Genshin Impact Best Burst Characters
Raiden Shogun

[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Burst Characters That Are Amazing

Genshin Impact has a wide variety of characters, with even more new characters released in the 2.2 version, so it’s exciting to see what kind of abilities they offer to you as a player. Today we’re going to talk about their elemental burst, or their Q ability, which showcases the character’s best strengths to use in a fight. This list is of course conditional on many many factors, such as how to build your character, and what you’re using them as, so it is very subjective and possible for change, but these are, in my opinion, the best burst character list.

5) Jean

Jean is one of my all time favorites and I always have her in my party as a healer. She’s not only a great fighter with high DPS and attack but her main strength lies in healing everyone in your party. With Jean, you’ll never have to worry about losing your character’s health, and she’s the best support for me.

Her burst is Dandelion Field, and this creates a swirling circle field, which launches Anemo DMG on surrounding opponents, and instantly restores a Huge HP for all party members. This can be further boosted by your artifacts. Additionally it also creates an Anemo field, which you can use to combine your attacks with other elements to your best advantage, which means you’re also kicking ass and taking names while your party gets a giant HP restoration.

Calling upon the wind’s protection, Jean creates a swirling Dandelion Field, launching surrounding opponents and causing Anemo DMG. At the same time, she instantly regenerates a large amount of HP for all party members. The amount of HP restored scales off Jean’s ATK.

  • Incessantly recharges HP of Characters within the Dandelion field, and charges them with Anemo. 
  • Causes Anemo DMG to opponents within the Dandelion field. 

4) Zhongli 

Zhongli was the biggest deal when genshin first came out, and then he became a bit of a letdown once you got to play him but then they buffed him up so this penniless Archon is actually now one of the S tier characters in Genshin Impact. His burst is also as good as ever when pitted against other characters, and therefore earns a spot on this list.

Zhongli’s elemental burst brings a meteor down to earth, causing a big deal of Geo DMG to enemies caught in its AoE, and making them unable to move. This gives you plenty of time to beat up your enemies with his other skills and what’s more he’s also the only character able to do this. Upon unlocking the talent “Dominance of the Earth”, his burst deads additional DMG and also increases HP.

Zhongli is best played as a support character, but that doesn’t make his burst any less awesome. There are plenty of people who use him as the main DPS, and his burst is the reason why, since it’s ultimately very strong.

  • Brings down a falling meteor, dealing massive Geo DMG to nearby enemies
  • Applies Petrification status to them, which makes them freeze for 3 seconds
  • Petrify effects even large enemies

3) Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is the new character that was recently released by Miyoho, along with a host of other characters. Her burst is also something to behold, and has quite a number of interesting effects as well. It’s spectacular looking, dealing AoE Electro DMG, with Musou Isshin. The strength of this attack depends on how many Chakra Desiderata’s Resolve stacks consumed beforehand. 


In this state, Raiden uses her tachi which causes Electro DMG and also regenerates Energy for nearby party members, making her your battery to use your other characters as well. 


Musou Isshin causes Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks to be charged with electro DMG, recharging energy for nearby party members, once every 1s and can be triggered 5 times 

  • Raiden becomes resistant to interruption and immune to Electro DMG
  • Chakra Desiderata can be built up by the amount of energy consumed by nearby party members when they use their elemental bursts.

2) Xiao

Xiao has one of the best burst cutscenes where he dons a badass mask and just goes ham wild. Apart from the aesthetics, his burst also creates a lot of DMG which you can use to fight nearby mobs of enemies. He’s been a fan favorite since he came out, and his burst is just a joy to use. Perhaps the only downside to this, is that there is a cost of HP over time.

Obviously using him is best when you do Plunge attacks which will deal massive attacks to a mob of Enemies so it’s best to use when you’re being surrounded. Continuously using his plunge attacks is going to help you beat several enemies at once. Even though this costs you HP, it is a small amount compared to the benefits that you gain from this burst.

  • Bane of all Evil increases Attack DMG, and charges Normal attack with Anemo. 
  • Increases jump height by 4 times, letting you use Plunge attacks at the cost of HP 
  • Cannot be overridden by any elemental infusion 
  • Damage increases every second you use this burst, and increases by 25% at the very last few seconds of this burst.


Ganyu, queen of ice


Even after the 2.2 update, Ganyu remains a remarkable character that is irreplaceable once you have her in your roster. Her burst, Celestial Shower is amazing for several reasons, least of all the massive amount of Cyro DMG that it creates. It makes it rain ice shards, bringing down damage upon a group of enemies. She also summons a Sacred Cyro Pearl, and this will create an area which deals AoE and Cyro Damage. This allows other party members to combine elements and create elemental reactions, and increase the damage dealt.

In addition, when you unlock “Harmony Between Heaven and Earth”, all party members in the Celestial Shower area will gain Cyro Damage bonus. Unlike most other characters, this effect does not go away when you switch her out, so it is great to try out many elemental combinations or even use another cyro character to boost their DMG.

  • Summons Sacred Cyro Pearl that rains down ice shards
  • Hits opponents caught in the burst with AoE and Cyro DMG 
  • Party members gain Cyro DMG bonus 
  • Can switch out to other characters

So these are the amazing burst characters. I do know that this list is very subjective. I hope I have given sufficient reasons why these characters’ burst are awesome, and how you can use them to your advantage. So happy adventuring! 


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