[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Pyro Characters That Are Amazing

Even if she's a Knight, Klee's still a child

I suppose everyone here knows there are 7 gods in Teyvat, and each of these gods controls an element. They can share that control with people of their choosing through a Vision. One of these gods, Murata, governs over the Pyro element.

In this guide, we’ll rank every character that was bestowed with a Pyro Vision. You can already guess that this Pyro means that their powers will be related to fire. From fiery arrows to fire-spitting plushies, we’ll see every ability.

10. Amber (Enabler, Sub-DPS)

We start this guide with the first person the main character meets after waking up: Amber. She’s the only Outrider of the Knight of Favonious, in Mondstadt. As cute as she is, you can leave her alone because she’ll wander off gliding.

Being a Knight, she’s also proficient in battle. Even if she’s the last on the top, you can’t underestimate her. She can be helpful as a support character, enabling your DPS by infusing Pyro damage or working as a sub-DPS with fast damage like her burst or skill.

What Makes Amber Great:

  • Can use the Bow to hit enemies' weak spots.
  • Can distract enemies with her Elemental Skill.
  • Useful for exploration

9. Xinyan (Shielder, Burst DPS)

We can find Xinyan in Liyue, probably playing guitar in one of her concerts. This music, mainly rock and roll, is related to the Pyro powers she possesses. Her main weapon is a claymore, but when using skills, the guitar is the one that deals damage.

Like Amber, Xinyan can be both a support character and a damage dealer. In her case, she can create shields for your team, which also inflict Pyro damage. In the case you want a sub-DPS, you should improve her burst, whose Physical damage is outstanding.

What Makes Xinyan Great:

  • Can provide Shields and Physical DMG Boost.
  • Elemental Skill and Burst deal a combination of Physical and Pyro DMG.

8. Thoma (Enabler, Shielder, Sub-DPS)

In 8th place, we have another shielder. He mainly shields the Inazuman Kamisato Clan, being the retainer of the young master Ayato and the young lady Ayaka. He’s originally from Mondstatd, but this house took him in.

His shields are based on his HP, but they also deal Pyro damage, so you should increase ATK or HP depending on the use you want to give him. In the main story, Thoma protects you various times, and he’ll do so in his gameplay as well.

What Makes Thoma Great:

  • Provide shields with Elemental Skill and Burst.
  • Can apply off-field Pyro reactions with Elemental Burst.
  • C6 provides a boost to the party's Normal, Charged, and Plunge Attacks.

7. Yanfei (DPS)

Going back to Liyue, the next person with a Pyro Vision is the adepti Yanfei. You can see that she’s an adepti because of her white horns. However, this doesn’t stop her from having a human job, thus working as an attorney.

Even if she’s a 4-star, she’s not a support character like the others seen before. The overall damage made by her normal and charged attacks is really high. Moreover, all her skills are damage-based, so just let her kill.

What Makes Yanfei Great:

  • High DMG output, especially with Charged Attacks.
  • Normal Attacks are long-ranged and can lock on targets.
  • Skill and Burst have short CD and deal AoE DMG.
  • Can easily trigger Elemental Reactions with Pyro element.

6. Klee (DPS)

Klee, like Yanfei, is another DPS character. Yes. This little girl. She’s also a member of the Knights of Favonious. And, although she gives Jean lots of trouble, she can be deadly in a battle with monsters.

She’s more similar to Yanfei than you’d have thought, making her normal (and above all, charged) attacks her main weapon. The difference between them will be her skill, which plants bombs on the floor that deal tons of damage to the enemies that walk above them.

What Makes Klee Great:

  • Easily sets up Pyro Elemental Reactions with explosions.
  • Explosions knock back small enemies.
  • High base Pyro DMG.

5. Diluc (DPS)

Halfway through the top, we find Diluc. He may seem like a lonely but rich young master, who owns the biggest winery of Teyvat. What not many people know is that he’s the black knight that patrols Mondstadt through the night.

He’s also a pure DPS, who uses his claymore to destroy the dangers that approach his city. His Pyro Vision allows him to infuse his weapon with fire, increasing his damage output and inflicting Pyro damage to his enemies.

What Makes Diluc Great:

  • Can imbue weapons with Pyro for repeat Elemental Reaction triggers.
  • Elemental Burst has a large effect area.
  • One of few characters whose CRIT Rate increases with Ascension.

4. Xiangling (Enabler, Sub-DPS)

Xiangling is one of the most used support characters in the game, like Bennett, who we’ll talk later about. She’s part of the so-called national team, with Bennett, XIngqiu, and another DPS whose damage is the one increased.

Her burst, the Pyronado, it’s a long-lasting fire tornado that deals damage and infuses Pyro while flying around. This can help with elemental reactions that increase damage, like Melt or Vaporize. Gouba’s also a really useful ability.

What Makes Xiangling Great:

  • High ATK Speed.
  • High AoE Elemental Burst DMG.
  • Elemental Burst has strong Pyro application on enemies.
  • Persistent Elemental Burst after switching out.

3. Yoimiya (DPS)

Now onto the podium. Yoimiya, the most talkative girl in Inazuma, gets 3rd place. What position does she hold? Well, a DPS for sure. Her knowledge and love for fireworks, which she builds daily, are surprisingly useful in battle.

Infusing her arrows with the Pyro element is where most of her damage comes from. This can help build elemental reactions with other DPS. Moreover, her elemental burst can cause burning on enemies, receiving damage over time.

What Makes Yoimiya Great:

  • Elemental Burst buffs party members' ATK.
  • Deals damage from a safe distance.
  • Can spam Elemental Burst with its low Energy Cost.
  • Great against Single-Target Enemies.
  • Refunds materials when crafting furnishings.

2. Hu Tao (DPS)

The silver medal goes to Hu Tao. The ghost in the photo represents clearly what her Vision does to her. She naturally had the ability to see ghosts and help them go to the beyond. Her Vision amplified that ability and let her use it in battle.

She can use the power of the death butterflies to increase her damage at the cost of her life energy. But don’t worry, her other ability allows her to use that little ghost to heal herself just to the point she can increase damage again.

What Makes Hu Tao Name Great:

  • High Charged Attack and Elemental Burst DMG.
  • High Base CRIT DMG.
  • High Base HP and DEF.
  • Provides CRIT Rate for other party members.

1. Bennett (Enabler, Healer)

And finally, in 1st place, we have Bennett, the best boy in Mondstadt and all of Teyvat. People didn’t like him at first, because his gameplay was not useful and whatnot. However, after leveling for a bit, he’s just the best.

His energy recharge is outstanding, so his burst is completely recharged in seconds, ready to be spammed. And this same burst is what makes him amazing because he creates a healing zone that also increases ATK by up to 3000.

What Makes Bennett Great:

  • Provides powerful ATK buff and healing.
  • Chargeable and spammable Elemental Skill.
  • Can easily apply pyro to set-up reactions.


The people who receive a Pyro Vision are the ones whose bodies contain a burning passion or a goal to be fulfilled. From getting revenge on Fatui to creating the best concert in the world, they all have one thing in common: nothing will stop them. Well, two things. They are also powerful enough to burn a city to ash, yep.

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