[Top 3] Genshin Impact Best Teams for Kokomi That Are Powerful!

Kokomi and Baal skipping their duties as rulers...

Kokomi is both a healer and a DPS. And not of little damage. With her new artifact set, the Ocean-Hued Clam Set, she deals tons of damage, both Hydro and Physical. Thanks to that, she’s one of the most wanted and used characters right now in Genshin Impact. In this guide, we’re going to talk about Kokomi’s team-building. We’ll explain three team compositions that will, at least, give you some ideas to form your own.

3.  Kokomi + Ganyu + Ayaka + Venti

The first team we’re going to talk about has not only one or two, but three DPS characters. Moreover, it’s focused on causing continuous freezing reactions, making your enemies immobile and unable to defend.

Both Kokomi’s burst and her skill will continuously apply Hydro to enemies. This will allow Ganyu or Ayaka to use her Cryo DPS capabilities to freeze enemies and destroy them. And don’t forget about Venti, whose amazing crowd control can speed up your battles like never before.

What This Team Excels In:

  • Amazing crowd control
  • Cryo elemental resonance
  • Huge DPS
  • Constant freezing enemies

2.  Kokomi + Fischl + Beidou + Kazuha

In the next team composition, you can have both Kokomi and Beidou as DPS or just Kokomi. This happens because Beidou’s main use is her counter shield, which blocks all damage and counters with an electro slash.

This shield counter and Fischl’s skill, Oz, will continuously apply the Electro element on enemies, causing electro-charged reactions. With Kazuha’s passive burst damage and elemental resistance decrease, Kokomi will deal tons of damage. Who can say she’s just a healer now?

What This Team Excels In:

  • Counters strong hits with Beidou’s shield
  • Constant electro-charged reactions
  • Electro elemental resonance
  • Enemies resistance decrease with Kazuha
  • Tons of passive damage from all characters

1.  Kokomi + Diluc + Albedo + Zhongli 

And lastly, our favourite duo of Geo characters, together with a Pyro DPS to make things hotter. You can already see that this team’s main focus will be the vaporize reactions. Changing from Diluc to Kokomi and vice versa will allow all your hits to have double damage thanks to the reaction.

Zhongli’s shield and nuker burst are great assets to increase the damage of the team. Albedo doesn’t only give you passive Geo damage but activates the Geo resonance as well. Protected, healed, and dealing tons of damage. What more can you ask from a team?

What This Team Excels In:

  • Geo elemental resonance
  • Constant vaporize reaction that amplifies damage
  • Healing and shielding
  • Good passive damage thanks to Albedo
  • Double DPS


Sangonomiya Kokomi, surnamed that way of because her role as Sangonomiya’s priestess is one of the most powerful healers in the game. Not only is her healing supreme, but her DPS is off the charts as well. Moreover, Kokomi having a Hydro vision allows her to make two of the most powerful elemental reactions: vaporize and freeze. We hope you liked this guide and are ready to build your own Kokomi team.

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