Genshin Impact Best Electro Characters (Ranked Worst to Best)

Hoping Scaramouche is released soon!

As the second element with the most characters, every player has at least two or three characters with an Electro Vision. At first, this element dealt low damage and was a bit underwhelming. However, that is solved now.

As you’ll see in this guide, characters like Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun have completely changed the game and the Electro element with them. Here we’ll show who these 9 characters are.

9. Traveller (Battery, Sub-DPS)

We start this guide with the Traveller after receiving his Electro powers. In the cutscenes of the main story, he’s amazing; he can fight even a god. When you use him in battle, not so amazing to be honest.

Of course, he’s very useful, just not as powerful as it seems. His main purpose is to be a battery, increasing the team’s energy recharge. He can also deal some off-field damage with his burst, easily charged because of the high recharge.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Elemental Skill and Burst provide a boost to energy recharge and elemental energy recovery.
  • Elemental Burst provides continuous off-field Electro DMG.

8. Lisa (Enabler, Sub-DPS)

The librarian of the Knights of Favonius is also a knight herself. Also called the Purple Rose Witch, Lisa studied at Sumeru Academy, received her Vision, and came back to Mondstadt to help her friend Jean.

The best quality of Lisa is her large area of effect. Charging her skill or using her burst deals tons of Electro damage to enemies in a big area. Even her normal attacks can deal damage from far away, useful for elemental reactions.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Large AoE on Elemental Skill and Burst.
  • Can trigger and inflict Elemental Reactions and Effects with Normal Attacks.
  • Elemental Burst decreases the DEF resistance of enemies.

7. Razor (DPS)

Razor is a wild boy, who received a Vision and was taught by Lisa how to use it. He was also taught how to cook and other things he hadn’t learned at all. However, she didn’t need to teach him to fight.

He’s already proficient in battle, having survived in the wild for so long. He has the qualities of a good DPS if built correctly. You can either use him as a Physical DPS or an Electro DPS. He’s amazing anyway.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Naturally high Physical DMG
  • Combines Physical DMG and Electro.
  • Elemental Burst gives large damage and defense boost.

6. Beidou (DPS, Shielder)

Captain Beidou also possesses an Electro Vision. As a pirate who is always fighting sea monsters, it is useful, although not necessary. You know, she defeated tons of sea monsters before even getting the Vision.

She already had the strength to fight back, so her Vision helped with her defense. She can now create a shield that absorbs damage and deals that very same damage to her attacker. Now, she’s unstoppable.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Perfect Counters reward players with High Electro DMG.
  • Can provide off-field Electro with Elemental Burst.

5. Kujou Sara (Enabler, Battery)

In Inazuma, there’re lots of races and clans, one of them being the winged tengu. Kujou Sara is a member of the Kujou clan, while also being a descendant of the lost race of Tengu. Her Electro Vision was what awakened her bloodline.

She’s a general that supports her army from the back with her powerful arrows. Moreover, she can buff her people with increased attacks, prepare elemental reactions, or deal sudden burst damage.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Has long-ranged arrow attacks.
  • Good for applying the Electro element.
  • Supports with ATK buffs and Energy Recharge.
  • Regenerates Energy for the team.

4. Fischl (Sub-DPS, Enabler, Battery)

Another archer, now from Mondstadt. Fischl received her Vision because of her loneliness. Her creativity and need for a friend make her imagination come to life, creating her familiar Oz. He’s also a very helpful ally.

In battle, Fischl can deal damage from afar, while Oz acts like a turret. Although she can deal damage as well as a DPS, she excels at recharging energy and creating off-field elemental reactions, like Superconductor.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • High Attack speed.
  • Elemental Skill and Burst persist after swap.
  • Provides a lot of Electro particles.
  • Easily applies Electro and triggers Elemental Reactions.

3. Keqing (DPS)

With her fake cat ears, Keqing is both an important member of the Qixing and one of the cutest girls in Liyue. Because of her unwavering beliefs in the people of Liyue and the ruler, Morax, she received her Vision.

Her gameplay is flashy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. She can blink from one place on the battlefield to another in a second, thus hitting her enemies with her Electro-infused sword. Really amazing.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Elemental Skill can hit weak points and has low CD.
  • Can teleport using Elemental Skill.
  • Very fast Charge Attack with High multipliers.

2. Yae Miko (Sub-DPS, Enabler, Battery)

The priestess of Narukami Shrine, on Inazuma, is a familiar of the Electro Archon. Although her appearance is that of a beautiful woman, her original form is a nine-tailed fox, one of the mighty kitsune.

Her Vision, given to her by her master, allows her to use fox spirits to deal damage from far away. She can also place totems that make it easy to create reactions with their off-field damage. Moreover, be aware of her nuker burst! 

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Quick Elemental Skill cooldown.
  • Elemental Skill can be used to dodge enemies.
  • Charged Attacks deal AoE Electro DMG.
  • Elemental Skill has a wide targeting range.
  • Elemental Burst deals high AoE Electro DMG.

1. Raiden Shogun (DPS, Battery)

And finally, we get to the Raiden Shogun. She’s the one who controls the Electro element, also called the goddess Baal, so of course, she has to be in this guide. Like Tartaglia, she’s able to change her weapon, from a polearm to a sword.

And beware of that sword! She only uses it when she activates her burst, inflicting Electro damage. This damage, if supported by the correct characters, can deal with usually prolonged battles in a matter of seconds.

What Makes This Character Great:

  • Deals high active and passive Electro DMG.
  • Has a high Energy Recharge rate.
  • Increases the team's Elemental Burst DMG.
  • Regenerates Energy for the team.


It’s true the first Electro characters introduced in the game were not the best of the lot. However, the newest acquisitions have changed the way people look at the Electro element. For example, not many expected Raiden to be one of the main teams of every pro-Abyss player; or Yae to have such a nuker burst.


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