[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Annoying Enemies

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto
Genshin Impact Enemies That Annoys You To Death

Why would these enemies drive you crazy?

Genshin Impact has a diverse set of enemies in the game. Some of them are no brainers but some of them require a specific set of characters and strategies to defeat them relatively easily.

Here we try to list down the top 10 most annoying enemies out of all of them. We take their attack strategies, elemental DMG immunity and buffs/debuffs in the game.

We will include open-world enemies as well as bosses in this collection.

10. Fatui Skirmishers (Hydro and Cryo)

Fatui Skirmisher Cryogunner Legionnaire (Left) and Hydrogunner Legionnaire (Right)

Usually in the open world, they stay together. When you approach them, both of them would attack you from their Hydro and Cryo guns. But, that is not the annoying part. The annoying part is you constantly get frozen and the Hydro skirmisher keeps healing the Cryo skirmisher and other enemies surrounding you.

This annoys most of the new players who are dealing low amounts of damage. However, without a Pyro unit in your team, even AR55+ players find it difficult to defeat them sometimes. 

The best way to defeat this couple of enemies is to shred the Hydro skirmisher’s shield with a pyro support/DPS and defeat them before getting to Cryo skirmisher. But, be aware of the Cryo skirmisher’s attacks when you do so.

9. Oceanid

Oceanid of Qingce (Rhodea of Loach)

Oceanid’s Hydro mimics are one of the most annoying enemies in the game. There are few types of hydro mimics in Oceanid’s arsenal. 

Hydro mimic boar, raptor, ferret, crab, frog, finch, crane and water bomb are the type of mimics she sends to attack you. Each of these mimics have different ways of attacks.

1. Boar- This Hydro mimic attacks you by ramming into you. So, you might want to dodge their attacks because they hit like trucks. Also, they have a very high HP so, freezing them will be a good idea before you attack them.

2. Raptor- These Hydro mimics can fly and they dive in and attack you, as real birds of prey would do. To defeat them you had better have a shield on and a bow character to defeat them.

3. Ferret- These Hydro mimics attack you with their tails and they deal enormous DMG. Freezing them will give you enough time to defeat them before they attack you.

4. Crab- These Hydro mimics would revolve around you gushing you with bubbles dealing Hydro DMG to you. It is difficult for players to aim and attack due to the speed of their movement. Best thing to do in this situation is to deal AoE Cryo or Pyro DMG.

5. Frog- These Hydro mimics would send you a small Hydro wave towards you or they would leap up and deal AoE Hydro DMG to you. Freezing and attacking them would always work.

6. Finch- These Hydro mimics would also deal AoE Hydro DMG by leaping up in the air. They have a good amount of HP as well. Therefore, freezing them and attacking them would be the best strategy here as well.

7. Crane- This hydro mimic would send you Hydro waves and they would dodge your attacks by jumping backwards. It gets annoying when they move to the water and you do not have ranged characters. 

8. Water bomb- The only way to be safe from the water bomb is either to have a shield on or to jump into the water before it explodes.

Even with all this, if you take too long to defeat the mimics, Oceanid would initiate the “Submerge” attack which moves with you, and you will die instantly no matter where you are on the field.

Good luck with the Oceanid!

8. Azhdaha

Azhdaha (Sealed Lord of Vishaps)

This guy! This guy is “ugh” to some people and for Zhongli or Diona havers, this guy is like a punching bag to show off their DMG output. 

Packed with a wicked amount of HP, Azhdaha has four elemental attacks and two of which will be active when you fight them. The active elements are depicted by the color of letters in front of his domain gate. Purple for Electro, Light blue/white for Cryo, Blue for Hydro and Orange/Yellow for Pyro. 

Once Azhdaha absorbs elemental energy and deals his elemental DMG, you will constantly drain your HP due to elemental DMG no matter where you are on the field. The only way to stop this, is to have a shield on. However, his leap attacks can shred your shield if it is not good enough. So far, the only shield that can withstand his leap attacks is Zhongli’s shield. 

If you do not have a shielding character, you will find it quite difficult to defeat this boss especially if you are in the early game. You can always expect help from Co-Op in this case.

7. Specters

Specters- Electro (Top), Pyro (Center), Cryo (Bottom)

Annoying little floating peaches. They consist of different elements as well and you need to deal DMG accordingly, because when they are immune to some element and your DPS is not enough, they will kill your team in no time. 

Specters come in all sorts of elements like Hydro, Cryo, Anemo, Pyro, Geo and Electro. They are immune to their own elements and you need to cautiously engage in elemental reactions. 

Since they float in the air, you will find it difficult to attack them with melee characters sometimes. So having a bow or a catalyst character will help you in fighting them effectively. 

The specters gain “Rage” as they takehits and they grow larger with it. Once they are fully up on the “Rage” mode, they will gain enhanced attacks that deals humungous attacks. They display very high resistance to interruption when they start attacking. 

Once they are defeated, they would explode with AoE DMG. Usually you can find around 4-6 or even more of them at once. It gets annoying when they do their attacks with some coordination. For an example, Hydro specters heal others and when the Hydro and Cryo specters are together, they try to freeze you constantly.

6. Abyss Lectors

Abyss Lector (Electro)

Abyss Lectors are quite new to the game and they  have tanky shields. There are three types of Abyss lectors; Pyro, Electro and Hydro. 

Most of these Abyss lectors are immobile for most of the duration. However, they deal enormous amounts of DMG to your team without even giving you a chance to put on a shield. When they reach the low end of their HP, they gain a shield that can only be broken with necessary elemental reactions. 

There is a very high chance that you’d be killed before you take their shield down. The best recommendation from the experts is to use the Sunfire Jean comp to take the shield down easily.

5. Abyss Heralds

Abyss Herald (Hydro)

These are just like Abyss Lectors but with quite the mobility. They would follow you with their attacks and they deal enormous damage to you. So, make sure you dodge their attacks or have a shield on.

Abyss Heralds also gain a tanky shield when they are on low HP and it is difficult to break. You can use the Sunfire Jean comp but this enemy moves a lot unlike the Abyss Lectors. Your best chance is to pray that you do enough elemental reactions while dodging their attacks.

4. Rifthounds

Rockfond Rifthound

These bloody dogs go through your shields and they come in groups. Most of the time you will find them in groups of three or more. 

Once they attack you, you get the “Corrosion” effect, which drains the HP of your active character as well as off field characters in your team. The corrosion effect drains your HP so fast.

The Rifthounds can also disappear and then reappear behind you. Their group attacks are well coordinated and, it will take only seconds before your whole team falls, if you do not have some healers in your team. Even the healers may die if you keep them off-field for too long.

Best you can do is to bring in some good healers like Kokomi, Qiqi, Jean and Bennett to your team and make them heal everyone.

3. Maguu Kenki

Maguu Kenki (Ingenious Machine: Marionette Swordmaster)

Maguu Kenki is a boss who can create delusions and attack in many directions. He deals Anemo DMG and Cryo DMG quite frequently.

The annoying part is where he creates delusions and moves from the place where you could be attacking a delusion all the time while taking its DMG as well. And, when Maguu Kenki attacks, he attacks in all the directions you can be. 

There are several types of attacks done by him. 

1. Oushi no Omote: Creates an Oni mask and protects himself from ranged attacks. Yes, Ganyu will have a difficult time with Maguu Kenki.

2. Pushing Mask: He creates an Oni mask and push it towards you dealing AoE Anemo DMG. 

3. Exploding Mask: He creates a mask revolving around you and deals AoE Cryo DMG after exploding.

4. Dash: He would dash towards you from his previous position. He can do this dash up to 5 times. If you are trying to get away from him, you can forget it if he starts to dash.

5. Taunt: Maguu Kenki would taunt you as if he is about to attack you again. He tries to mess with your mind man!

Maguu Kenki has different sets of attacking styles when he is above and below 75% of his HP. I do not try to go for detailed explanations here, but you will see how difficult it is once you start fighting this enemy.

2. Golden Wolflord

Golden Wolflord (Nameless King of the Rift)

Golden wolflord is the king of Rifthounds. Need I say more?

This boss requires a cracked Geo team to defeat him effectively. In addition, you will need a healer to heal you as, once you get hit by the wolflord you will start losing HP continuously due to the “Corrosion” effect. 

There are several attacks done by this highly mobile boss that makes the life difficult for you. 

1. Tornado: He creates a tornado that randomly moves around the field dealing AoE Geo DMG.

2. Laser Beam: He would shoot a laser beam that sweeps across the field dealing Geo DMG. Either you can go over this one using Venti, or dash under it at the right moment. 

3. Ramming Attack: Wolflord will go here and there trying to ram you on the ground. Once he does this, he gets stunned. You can attack him at this moment.

4. Sweep: Wolflord would descend to the ground and sweep his tail across the ground dealing AoE Geo DMG.

5. Rifthound Skulls: This would summon Rifthound skulls that would follow you and deal physical and Geo DMG. You can try to dodge these before you run out of stamina.

6. Earthshaking Dive: Wolflord will dive into the ground dealing Geo DMG in an enormous AoE. Moreover, when it resurfaces, eight explosions that would cover almost all of the ground will deal AoE Geo DMG. You better hope you would be at the right place or have a shield on when this happens.

You have to have a lot of strategy and skills to defeat this boss as you are battling with corrosion and different sorts of attacks.

1. Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto (Raiden Shogun)

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto (Raiden no Inazuma Tono)

It is as difficult to fight this boss as to pronounce her name. Let us see why she is the most annoying enemy to fight.

She attacks in every way possible and the AoE is immense. She has mainly four states of attacks.

1. Stance independent attacks

2. Stance switch attacks

3. Musou Isshin stance attacks

4. Engulfing lightning stance

When she is stance independent, she gains a shield that blocks almost all of the damage you deal. She creates illusions that deal you with electro damage. You have to find her by destroying the illusions. 

When she goes into the Baleful Shadowlord mode, she deals even more different kinds of attacks. One of which is the final calamity slash. If you do not break the electro flower by the time she deals the attack, you will be clapped even if you had Zhongli’s shield on. 

Make sure you have enough food buffs before you go into this boss fight. Also, make sure you have an electro character to destroy the electro flower. If your timing is good, you can i-frame that using a character burst. However, you have to depend on your luck for that.

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