[Top 15] Genshin Impact Best Xiao Wallpapers That Look Freakin' Awesome

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If you're looking for a Xiao wallpaper, this is your place!

Xiao is a really beloved character and everyone wants to have a wallpaper about him (I do have it, so I understand you!), but it’s kind of difficult to find a good one!

Today, we’re going to show you 15 wallpapers that are freaking awesome! You can find all of them on Wallpaper Engine, a Steam application dedicated to wallpapers!

15. Xiao and Lintern Rite

This wallpaper belongs to cinkai on pixiv.

In this pic, we can see Xiao on a rock with Liyue in the background. You can guess it’s Lintern Rite inspired! The best part about this wallpaper is that if you get it through Steam, it’ll move!

So, if you can, get it there! Lanterns and Xiao’s cape will move with the air and your PC will look so cozy.


14. Mysterious Xiao

On this Wallpaper, we can see a precious Xiao in the Lantern Rite too! He looks as mysterious as always, but that’s what we love about him!

The cool part about this wallpaper is that it moves and Genshin Impact music sounds in the background!


13. Relax with Xiao

Xiao looks as mysterious as always, but this time he’s on a Liyue’s river during Lantern Rite, since we can see the lanterns reflected on the water. He appeared with his polearm and the moon is right reflected on it!

The cool part about this it’s that it moves and cozy and chill music plays in the background! Also, when it moves it looks like the water is moving too.


12. Xiao on a clouded sky

This wallpaper style is kind of comic style because of the black lines and the blurry look, but it looks pretty cool when you use it as a wallpaper! We can see our favourite yaksha looking at the sunset in a cloudy sky.

And yes, like all the wallpapers that we’ve shown, it moves too!


11. Adult Xiao

Since Xiao won’t grow up anymore, we always wonder what he would look like as an adult, but here’s our answer! This wallpaper shows us an adult Xiao with horns, which can represent his demon’s part or Zhongli!

The cool part about this wallpaper is that it moves and when you move your mouse through your desk, a neon line will follow it!


10. Xiao in Liyue

This one is freaking cool and you know it! Xiao is drawn in an anime style with his mask while Liyue appears in the background in a hologram style with some deers.

The cool part, as always, is that it moves! The move looks so smooth that it relaxes a lot when you watch it.


9. Xiao Red Moon

This wallpaper is extremely beautiful!! We can see Xiao with his mask on with a kind of ruined Liyue in the background and a red moon. This red moon can represent his Yaksha side, so it makes it more beautiful!

The cool part about this is that it moves and has relaxing music playing in the background, so when you go to your desk that music will play automatically!


8. Xiao and Zhongli

Here we can see a small Xiao with Zhongli, or Rex Lapis, since he’s wearing his Archon’s outfit! It seems like Zhongli gave Xiao his polearm when he was a child. It’s a really beautiful wallpaper and it’s very cute at the same time.

This wallpaper moves and makes the polearm shine! This makes it even more beautiful.


7. Fighting Xiao

We can see a Xiao kind of fighting because of the move of his polearm and the arm’s shadow of a demon! It seems like he’s “fighting his demons”. Also, there are lanterns in the background because of the Rite Lantern.

This wallpaper moves too, but it’s extremely beautiful and the colours are freaking beautiful.


6. Xiao in a temple

This wallpaper is one of my favourites! Here we can see Xiao in a temple during Rite Lantern because of the little lantern that lights the path. 

Since Xiao is a lonely man and doesn’t like to spend Rite Lantern night with people, he might go to a temple to pray for his friends! So this wallpaper is kind of sad, but isn’t that what represents Xiao the most?

This wallpaper moves too, but it’s extremely beautiful because it looks like a painting! The painting technique is amazing and makes the wallpaper very beautiful.


5. Xiao in the mountains

I know I’ve said this before, but this is one of my favourites too! We can see Xiao looking directly at you with a very beautiful red sky in the background and the sunset. 

This wallpaper can look rough because of the colour palette and Xiao’s look, but it can be very relaxing to some people!

This wallpaper also moves and a neon path follows your mouse when you’re on your desk! Also, you can choose the colour palette you want for that path.


4. Xiao and his Yaksha friends

This wallpaper is very beautiful and cozy since there’s a sleepy Xiao while his Yaksha friends messed up with him painting his face! This scene appeared in the last World Quest for The Charm. If you didn’t do that mission, prepare tissues!

This one moves really slowly so it’s really relaxing and there’s music playing in the background too! It’s a very beautiful and chill wallpaper, I really love it.


3. Xiao in a forest

Here we can see Xiao in Liyue's forest with some mountains and lanterns in the background. Since Rite Lantern was Xiao’s event, it’s very current to see lanterns in his fanarts and I think that’s very beautiful!

This colour palette is amazing with browns and oranges! It’s kind of relaxing because of the move of the wallpaper and the shadows!


2. Xiao and his friends

If you know a little bit about Genshin Impact’s story, you’ll know that Xiao is the only Yaksha who is alive because of the war that took place in Liyue far ago. There was a Yaksha that was lost, but in Xiao's Chasm event we know what happened to him.

In this wallpaper, we can see a sad Xiao with his friends’ portraits in the background while they’re bleeding. It’s a really sad wallpaper, but it’s so well done that it’s impossible to not think that it is beautiful! Also, you can see the hour in this wallpaper.


1. Xiao and Lumine

Even if we placed this wallpaper on the Top 1 it doesn’t mean it is the best one! Every wallpaper we’ve shown you is amazing, but we needed to place them in order!

In this one, we can see Xiao and Lumine enjoying Lintern Rite lightning a lantern outside Liyue. It’s a very beautiful wallpaper since Traveler appears on it and it has the Rite Lantern too since it’s Xiao’s event.


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