[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Electro Characters

As sharp as steel.

Sparks are sure to fly as electro characters take the stage. These units are great when it comes to managing energy, and their attacks are as quick as lightning. One may find it difficult to figure out who reigns supreme among the current roster. Luckily, you have us to help you sort that out.

Read along to find out the best electro characters in the game so far (Patch 4.1). Take note that by “best”, we mean to evaluate the unit as a whole. This includes any effects or buffs that may come with using the character, as units in the game have their own unique quirks.


10. Razor

It helps to have a friend around.

He is as cunning as a wolf. Do not underestimate this young warrior, as he fights ferociously as if he were out to hunt.


Razor is a claymore user who specializes in dishing out rapid physical attacks. His normal attacks are wide and slow, but his attack speed is greatly buffed as he uses his burst, which summons a spirit to fight alongside him. This spirit would also attack in unison with Razor, dealing electro damage.

His skill allows him to generate energy quickly in the form of a forward slash. With enough stacks of this slash, Razor can unleash the held version of this skill and perform an AoE slash that also generates energy for him.

Razor enjoys the full benefits of the Gladiator's Finale set. He can deal loads of damage with either the Prototype Archaic or the Blackliff Slasher.

In terms of allies, Razor is in great need of an off-field cryo support to ensure that he can trigger superconduct consistently. This would ensure that you get the most out of his physical attacks.


Razor takes up a lot of time on the field, so pairing him with supports that can buff, apply superconduct, or shield him would be the best way to go. Overall, he is a capable DPS, but physical damage does have its limits and it is unlikely that we'll be getting any buff to it soon.

What Makes Razor Great for Electro:

  • Can gain unreal attack speed, especially with allies that can buff him.
  • Can produce lots of energy for himself.
  • Makes the most out of superconduct.


9. Lisa

A one of a kind scholar indeed.

The brilliant librarian of Mondstadt. She is famed far and wide for her intellect and her typical laziness among her close friends.


Lisa is a catalyst user who is great when it comes to electro application. As an off-field support, the highlight of her kit is her burst, which leaves behind a field that strikes enemies inside with electro.

Her skill throws out orbs of electro that stack on enemxies. At max stacks, the held version of her skill will have her charging up and dealing massive damage to enemies based on their stacks. 

Lisa's best artifacts sets are the Thundering Fury and the Gilded Dreams sets. For weapon options, you can't go wrong with either the Hakushin Ring or The Widsith.

She can fit in any team that would need an electro enabler. Try her out in a hyperbloom team if you want her to be the driver of the damage inflicted.


Lisa provides a lot of value, especially in hyperbloom teams. The only thing bringing her down is that her skill takes too much time to stack up and cast to get a good combo. Her charge time leaves her ultimately vulnerable to enemies. Better focus on maximizing her burst to aid other on-field units instead.

What Makes Lisa Great for Electro:

  • Great off-field electro application.
  • Burst can last for a long duration.
  • Can decrease the DEF of enemies.


8. Traveler

Danger is always around the corner.

A unit that we all have, but not really appreciate that much. This electro version is an upgrade compared to other variations, and we’ll tell you why.


Electro traveler is a dependable unit when it comes to energy generation and off-field electro application. His skill throws projectiles that drop energy when enemies are hit. These drops can be picked up by any unit to boost their energy gain and get a bit of energy for themselves.

His burst summons the power of electro to strike alongside you with every normal attack. This can be used even with other units on the field, making it effective for electro based reaction teams.

The Noblesse Oblige set maximizes the damage of the Traveler's burst while also buffing allied units. With this, the Sacrificial Sword is the best weapon for them as it not only provides ER, but also another chance to recast your skill. 

Due to their great ER support, Traveler can be teamed up with high burst cost units. 


We all get that Traveler isn’t really the best 5-star in the game, but this version is decently capable compared to their other elemental versions. Try them out, and you might just like it.

What Makes Traveler Great for Electro:

  • Great team energy generation.
  • Decent off-field electro application.
  • Most investments carry over to other elemental versions.
  • Constellations can be gained just by playing through the story.


7. Keqing

Sparks and speed!

Our electro queen still takes a spot on our list. She reigned supreme during the early days of the game, and she still works great even after 3 years on the roster. The introduction of hyperbloom has even opened up an entirely new playstyle for her to work around.


Keqing is a lightning fast sword user who slices and dices across the field. She specializes in dealing quick electro attacks with her entire kit.

Her skill allows her to throw a stiletto that she can then dash towards. She gains an electro infusion afterwards, letting her wreak havoc on the field. Her burst has her cutting enemies all around her in an AoE.

Keqing is most famously played with a combination of any ATK giving artifact set paired with the Thundering Fury set. As an electro DPS, she maximizes the full benefits of the Lion's Roar which only gets better for her with higher refinements.

She is a generally squishy DPS so make sure you have a decent shielder to help boost her resistance to interruption. 


If you’re using Keqing, don’t expect to see large damage numbers. Her playstyle is angled towards multiple small cuts with consistent DPS. If this is your cup of tea, then she may just be the carry you want for your team.

What Makes Keqing Great for Electro:

  • Can consistently infuse her weapon with electro.
  • Skill can be used to traverse difficult terrain.
  • Can boost her own CRIT Rate through her burst.


6. Beidou

All hands on deck!

The scourge of the seas. All seafarers know that this pirate is the boss, and crossing her would be a fatal mistake.


Beidou is a claymore user who can take on a multitude of roles in the game. Her skill is the best counter in the game. She uses her weapon as a shield and, when timed correctly, can dish out massive damage to any enemy trying to attack her.

Her burst summons the power of Haishan to attack alongside her. This works even when she’s off the field. Grab a few constellations for her, and she gains the ability to create a shield alongside this.

Beidou can be built in many different ways but her most flexible artifact set is the Emblem of Severed Fate set as it helps her regain her burst faster for any encounter. 

She is a superstar that fits in a whole lot of teams. The key is identifying what role you wish to place her in.


With her skillset, she can serve as a DPS, sub-DPS, or shielder, depending on your preference. Overall, investing in her is a great choice, and you won’t regret it.

What Makes Beidou Great for Electro:

  • Has the best counter mechanic in the game.
  • Can fill multiple roles.
  • Easy to build due to flexibility.
  • Can shield her allies at higher constellations.


5. Cyno

He walks barefoot in the sun.

A lone wolf that hunts down evildoers in Sumeru. He is a general feared by all, as his sense of justice has no equal.


Cyno is a polearm user that fights similarly to Razor, except that he focuses on electro damage rather than physical. 

His skill has him striking through enemies in a swift motion. This is a great ability to gain energy and can be enhanced further in his burst mode. His burst unlocks the power of Anubis, which grants him electro claws, enhanced resistance to interruption, and an EM boost. This would also buff his skill to do AoE damage instead of the usual strike.

As a DPS who focuses on EM, Cyno makes great use of the Gilded Dreams set which also potentially increases ATK. When it comes to weapons, the Blackliff Pole gives him enough CRIT DMG to deal tons of damage.

He excels in quicken teams where the main damage source would be from his attacks. He can also work in hyperbloom teams if you want a more explosive playstyle.


Cyno is another unit who loves to take their time on the field. Make sure you cast all other support abilities before raging into his burst mode. Don't disregard the proper timing of casting his skill as this significantly increases your damage output.

What Makes Cyno Great for Electro:

  • Can increase her own resistance to interruption.
  • Can shred enemy resistances.
  • Has one of the best damage dealing bursts in the game. 


4. Kuki Shinobu

What did they do this time?

The true backbone of the Arataki Gang. She is calm, wise, and happy just chilling around with the boys. 


Kuki is a sword user that can heal while applying off-field electro. Her skill costs a chunk of her HP, but in return, she can heal any on-field unit in intervals as a ring of electro pulses around. Her burst summons a quick stream of electro to attack enemies, dealing multiple instances of electro.

For an all around functioning Kuki, you can't go wrong with building her with the Gilded Dreams set. She makes great use of the EM boosts provided by the Xiphos Moonlight or the Iron Sting.

In terms of teammates, she can be placed in any compositions that would require a healer, though her potential truly shines in hyperbloom teams.


Kuki’s skill is invaluable to hyperbloom teams. Building her with EM and HP can get you a long way, as she would be triggering devastating hyperblooms while also healing her team.

What Makes Kuki Great for Electro:

  • Great off-field electro application.
  • Can heal her allies off-field.
  • Scales well with both HP and EM.
  • Has a lot of free-to-play build options.


3. Yae Miko

The feisty fox spirit.

Mischief is always about when this character is present. She is a trusted and long-time friend of the Archon, who holds her in high regard.


Yae Miko is a catalyst user who excels at applying off-field electro damage. Her playstyle lets you take control of the field with her turrets while you can just sit back and relax or double up on the enemies with your other units.

Her skill lets her summon up to three turrets simultaneously that all deal electro damage. Her burst allows her to blast enemies with a gigantic lightning strike that, when cast on the turrets, can deal even more damage.

Yae Miko is another unit who enjoys the benefits of the full Gilded Dreams set. She makes great use of both the Widsith and the Mappa Mare as free-to-play weapon options.


If you want to sti back a bit while your summons do the work, then she is definitely a must-have on your team. If you feel like getting more serious, you can always setup a powerful burst with the aid of your turrets to wreack havoc on the field.

What Makes Yae Miko Great for Electro:

  • Easy to build as she mainly needs to stack EM.
  • Can summon turrets to fight for her.
  • Synergizes well with many team compositions.


2. Fischl

She is unlike any you've ever met.

This one-eyed princess has always been a must-have since the start of the game. As the updates come, she always finds a way to shift towards the meta and stay on top.


Fischl is a bow user that is one of the most sought-after due to her off-field electro application. This damage is great and very straightforward, thus her value in many teams.

Her skill summons her familiar Oz to attack enemies alongside any on-field unit. At higher constellations, Oz can even synergize with normal attacks. Her burst allows her to fly across the field and refreshes Oz’ duration after.

For an all-around Fischl, building her with Thundering Fury and any other ATK giving set ensures that she can fit in any given team composition. As for her weapon, The Stringless is arguably the best option for her as it pushes Oz's damage to the limit.

What makes her so great is that she deals great damage on her own, even without the aid of reactions. You can literally place her in any team and be sure that she will do her part.


It is amazing how Fischl continues to dominate the meta of the game to this day. The true power of Fishcl is in how you make use of Oz. This isn’t a hard task, as tons of teams find value in her abilities, which grants her our top 2 spot.

What Makes Fischl Great for Electro:

  • One of the best units for off-field electro application.
  • Easy to build with multiple sets available.
  • Also works as a physical DPS if you wish.


1. Raiden Shogun

The frightening image of a warrior deity.

The top unit on our list is no surprise at all. She is the deity of Inazuma and is feared by all nations for her firm beliefs and combat prowess.


Raiden Shogun is a polearm user who is a master of generating energy and dealing off-field electro damage. She is an invaluable unit to have on your team as a support, and her damage in her burst mode is truly godly.

Her skill summons her power to attack any enemy that is dealt damage with AoE electro damage. This works off-field and even enhances the burst damage of allies.

As you fight, she gains stacks every time a teammate casts their burst, symbolized by the ring on her back. When cast, Raiden’s elemental burst unleashes the warrior within her, drawing out her sword to deal a gigantic slash that scales off on how many stacks she has achieved. If that’s not enough, she keeps her sword for a short duration after dealing great damage against any foes that survived, while also generating energy for her teammates with every slash.

The Emblem of Severed Fate set is tailor-made for her as it provides bonuses to all her existing strengths. Her best free weapon is The Catch so if you don't have it already, you better start fishing now.

Raiden is another unit who cares not who her teammates are as she is a beast on her own. To ensure maximum efficiency, you can always focus on surrounding her with units with high energy costs to fill her stacks quicker.


It is undeniable that Raiden brings so much value to most teams. You can’t go wrong with having this archon on your roster.

What Makes Raiden Great for Electro:

  • Great off-field electro application.
  • Can generate lots of energy for her team.
  • Easy to build as she focuses mainly on ER.
  • Can enhance the burst damage of teammates.

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