[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Healers That Are Amazing

best genshin impact healers
With a wide variety of characters, Genshin is sure to give you your favorite healer!

Why do you need a healer?

You can invest everything you have in your DPS characters. But without healers, you have to be a lot more careful. Sometimes, this is a very difficult thing to do, especially in endgame content such as the Spiral Abyss where you can’t use food to heal.

That’s why players also invest not only in their main damage-dealers, but also in their healers. Most importantly, players want someone who’s versatile and can take on more roles than just plain healing. 

Can’t figure out who you want as your designated healer? Check out this list of healers and how exactly they can heal your team!

10. Zhongli

Who wouldn’t feel unsafe if this is your shielder and healer?

If the saying “looks can be deceiving” were a person, it would be Zhongli. This strange young man possesses knowledge lost even to history. That’s why he was hired by the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor (run by Hu Tao) as its consultant.

In the game, Zhongli is commonly used for his shield because it’s the best one in the game so far. It’s capable of enduringmultiple hits and debuffing enemies so you can deal higher damage. Why then, you ask, is he listed in an article about Genshin’s healers?

Because given the resources, Zhongli can heal.

  • Zhongli’s healing ability is an additional effect of his shielding talent. At Constellation 6, Zhongli uses 40% of the incoming damage to heal the active character. 
  • While his healing does cap at 8% of the active character’s max HP, he makes your team composition a lot more efficient. Now, you have one character who gives you a shield and heals you. This is useful, especially in the Spiral Abyss.
  • Though it sounds amazing, the reason why Zhongli ranks so low on this list is because of how expensive his healing ability is. You would need to unlock Constellation 6; that means that you have to obtain Zhongli seven times! In the worst-case scenario, this would require 1,260 intertwined fates, definitely going into whale territory.

9. Sayu

Little Sayu is a “harmacist” whose healing scales off of her ATK

Sayu is a character who’s especially useful when exploring the overworld. Just hold her elemental skill and you’ll roll across the world, conserving stamina while giving you the most distance to cover.

But apart from giving you access to precious crystalflies, Sayu also provides healing on the battlefield. When the going gets rough, you can rely on Sayu to guarantee your survival against even the toughest of bosses.

  • Sayu heals you in two main ways. The first way she heals you is through her elemental burst named “Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry.”
  • When Sayu casts her elemental burst, she leaves behind a Daruma doll that either heals you or attacks enemies.
  • If Sayu is not at Constellation 1, her elemental burst will choose between healing you or attacking enemies. If the active character’s HP is less than 70%, the Daruma will heal you. If not, it will begin attacking enemies.
  • Constellation 1 becomes a game-changing improvement for Sayu. At this level, she will now heal you and attack enemies at the same time! This means that her healing capabilities become all the more useful in the overworld.
  • Sayu’s healing abilities from her burst scale off her ATK. This means that the higher Sayu’s ATK stat is, the better she heals.

The second way in which Sayu can heal you is through her ascension passive.

  • When Sayu reaches Ascension 1 (leveling her up to Level 20/40), she unlocks the passive talent “Someone More Capable.”
  • This ascension passive automatically heals all of the characters in your party every time she triggers a Swirl reaction. Sayu’s healing starts at a flat 300 HP for every character and then adds an additional 1.2 HP for every point of Elemental Mastery (EM) that Sayu has.
  • For example: If Sayu has 100 EM, she heals for a flat 300 HP plus an additional 120 HP, or a total of 420 HP. Naturally, the higher her EM is, the larger the HP she heals to your characters.

8. Xingqiu

This chivalrous young man will make sure no harm will come your way

This bookworm-slash-swordsman from Liyue has an air of eloquence around him. He’s a gentleman who believes that chivalry isn’t dead and fights for the idea of justice. When he’s not busy reading, he writes novels that become very popular with readers from outside Liyue.

Although Xingqiu is usually known for his god-tier support capabilities in the Spiral Abyss, he’s also able to heal your characters. Thanks to one of his passive talents, Xingqiu can provide some way to make sure that you survive through tough battles.

Here’s why Xingqiu is considered an amazing healer:

  • Xingqiu’s elemental skill and elemental burst both provide your character with rain swords. Depending on your constellations, you will have either 3 or 4 rain swords that will surround your character.
  • These rain swords do two things. One, they reduce the damage your active character receives. Two, they heal you thanks to Xingqiu’s passive talent.
  • Xingqiu unlocks the ascension passive “Hydropathic” at Ascension 1 (Level 20/40). What this does is that when Xingqiu’s rain swords are shattered or expire, they will heal your active character. This healing caps at 6% of Xingqiu’s max HP. Cool, right?

7. Noelle

A reliable maid is incomplete if she can’t heal, right?

Noelle is honestly one of the most wholesome characters in Genshin. She works as one of the Knights of Favonius’ maids and she loves helping people and doing tasks for them. Wanting to be a knight one day, she always looks up to more experienced people to get their advice.

Despite her inexperience, Noelle is one of the strongest 4* DPS characters in the game. Wielding the element of Geo, she hammers enemies while healing to your party.

If you’re short of DPS characters and want survivability in the Spiral Abyss, Noelle should be one of your options.

  • Noelle heals your characters passively when her elemental skill, “Breastplate,” is active. This skill gives your characters a shield. When Noelle attacks enemies with an active elemental skill, she has a chance of healing your entire party.
  • This effect is even better at Constellation 1. Here, Noelle is guaranteed to heal your entire party every time she hits enemies with her normal or charged attacks.
  • The reason why Noelle ranks high on this list is simple. She’s a 4* character who doesn’t suffer from split-scaling. Her useful and important abilities all scale off of her DEF stat, which makes her quite easy to build.
  • Noelle has access to a lot of DEF stats from her ascension stat, BiS weapon, artifacts, and her Constellation 6. This handy maid will make sure to carry you through a lot of difficult content in the game.

6. Qiqi

It’s funny how this healer is literally a zombie

Cute little Qiqi has one of the saddest backstories in the game. In her dying moments, she was caught in a battle between the adepti and demons. She was resurrected, but this turned her into a very forgetful zombie who’s frozen in time and doesn’t age.

A zombie child ironically has one of the best healing abilities in the game. Qiqi’s kit revolves around healing your entire party to ensure survivability. She’s so good at healing that oftentimes she maxes out your party’s HP, causing overhealing.

But it can’t be denied that if you have her, Qiqi makes for a really great exclusive healer. She has multiple ways to heal you, too.

  • First, Qiqi can heal your party through her elemental skill “Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost.” Activating this skill will release an ice sphere that heals your character at certain intervals.
  • Second, Qiqi’s elemental burst, “Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune,” marks opponents with a certain talisman. Attacking marked opponents will restore HP to the active character.
  • Third, Qiqi’s Ascension 4 (Level 60/70) passive talent, “A Glimpse into Arcanum,” also makes it easier to heal. Qiqi’s normal or charged attacks can mark opponents with the same talisman in her elemental burst. It also has the same effect as the elemental burst described above.
  • Fourth, while the elemental skill is active, Qiqi will buff your characters’ Healing Bonus stat by 20% when your characters trigger elemental reactions. This means that your characters will receive increased healing. 
  • And finally, Qiqi’s Constellation 6 can revive fallen party members and heal up to 50% of their HP whenever she uses her elemental burst.

Because Qiqi has a lot of ways to heal you, it’s no surprise that she can easily overheal. Before the Ocean-Hued Clam artifact set was released, Qiqi was often benched because healing was her only role. 

But while she is a good healer, she ranks low on this list because other healers can provide more than just heals.

5. Barbara

Barbara’s song will be sure to heal you up in no time

The next healer on our list is a young deaconess of the Church of Favonius who also has an almost cult-like following. Barbara is an adorable girl known for her beautiful voice and her weird taste for adding spice to drinks. 

She’s also one of the most reliable healers that new players have access to early on. Barbara can be unlocked as early as Adventure Rank 18. 

Here’s why Barbara deserves a slot in your party as your designated healer:

  • The first way that Barbara can heal you is through her elemental skill “Let the Show Begin.” During this skill, a Hydro aura will surround your characters and heal them at set intervals.
  • Barbara can also continue healing you while her elemental skill is active. Every time you do normal or charged attacks with Barbara, she will heal your entire party by a set amount.
  • Players should be cautious however because Barbara’s elemental skill applies Hydro to the active character every once in a while. The active character can potentially be frozen if they take Cryo DMG.
  • The second way that Barbara can heal you is using her elemental burst “Shining Miracle.” This is the only elemental burst that deals no damage to enemies. But this burst instead heals your entire party by a large amount of HP.
  • Barbara is easy to build as a healer because all of her healing abilities scale with her HP. This means that for a healer build, you can simply give Barbara all of your unused HP artifacts!
  • Plus, at Constellation 6, Barbara becomes a miracle worker. When one of your characters falls, Barbara will revive them and regenerate their entire HP. This is pretty handy, especially in the Spiral Abyss
  • Barbara ranks high on this list because of two things. First, she has access to the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers weapon which gives up to 48% ATK to the character you switch to. This will help your DPS characters deal even more damage.
  • Second, Barbara can equip the Ocean-Hued Clam artifact set which also passively damages the enemies around you every three seconds.

4. Kokomi

Kokomi single-handedly heals all of Watatsumi Island

Kokomi is the closest character to a mermaid in Genshin because of her elegant attacks and gentle appearance. But don’t be fooled because she is the leader of Watatsumi Island in Inazuma. She has a very tactical mindset and prepares for every possible scenario in her mind.

This means that in battle, Kokomi’s priority is survivability. Her kit revolves around supporting allies by providing healing and setting up elemental reactions.

Kokomi is a worthy healer to add to your party because:

  • Like Barbara, Kokomi heals you through her elemental skill and elemental burst.
  • Using her elemental skill “Kurage’s Oath” casts a jellyfish that periodically heals the character within the AoE. Other than this, the jellyfish also applies Hydro to enemies within the AoE and deals damage against them.
  • Kokomi’s elemental burst meanwhile is “Nereid’s Ascension,” and it allows Kokomi to directly heal your party. When Kokomi is using her burst, her normal and charged attacks will restore HP to your party members.
  • Kokomi’s Ascension 1 (Level 20/40) passive talent enhances her healing abilities. When she uses her burst while her elemental skill’s jellyfish is still active, she will refresh its duration. This means that you will have a constant source of healing and Hydro application.
  • Unlike other characters, Crit is something you don’t want on Kokomi. Instead of the usual stats, you should build Kokomi as a healer with a Healing Bonus circlet. Kokomi is one of the easiest characters to build in the game.
  • Her Ascension 4 (Level 60/70) passive will buff the normal and charged attacks you use during her elemental burst based on her Healing Bonus
  • Kokomi’s healing ability improves with constellations. At Constellation 2, she provides a bigger healing boost to your characters with less than 50% HP. This also further buffs her normal and charged attacks during her burst.
  • Her Constellation 6 also buffs her damage by giving her 40% Hydro DMG Bonus. This effect happens when her normal and charged attacks during her burst heal a character with 80% or more HP.
  • Finally, just like Barbara, Kokomi also has access to Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers and the Ocean-Hued Clam artifact set. Not only that, but she can also help you set up freeze teams because of her continuous Hydro application. 

3. Diona

A cat-tailed character who works at the Cat’s Tail tavern in Mondstadt

If you could make the best drinks ever, even if you try not to, would that be a blessing or a curse? That’s the dilemma that Diona faces every day. This Cryo child character is one of Mondstadt’s best bartenders, even if she really hates alcohol.

In battle, Diona is often used for her tanky shield. But don’t worry, she definitely belongs to this list of Genshin’s healers.

And she’s a pretty good one too.

  • Diona’s elemental burst, “Signature Mix,” casts a circular field of Cryo that heals your character based on Diona’s max HP. This field lasts for a decent amount of time and can max out your character’s HP.
  • This effect is further buffed when Diona reaches Constellation 6 because she provides Healing Bonus for your characters with half HP or less. A higher Healing Bonus stat means that each tick provides higher healing to your characters!
  • Though it sounds pretty straightforward, Diona ranks high in this list because her kit also doesn’t just provide healing. She also shields, something very useful for DPS characters.
  • Plus, when paired with Cryo DPS characters such as Ganyu and Ayaka, Diona can provide access to Cryo resonance, one of the strongest in the game. Diona also can act as a battery because her elemental skill can provide multiple particles. This means that your DPS character’s burst is recharged quickly.
  • Both Diona’s shield and healing scale with her HP. You can use all your HP artifacts on Diona for max shielding and healing.

2. Jean

She protecc, she attacc, but most importantly, she yeets the enemies bacc

Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius and Lion of the South of Mondstadt. At a young age, Jean already holds numerous titles and responsibilities. Thanks to this, she’s a very reliable character who takes her job seriously and can even be a bit of a workaholic.

In the game, Jean is a very versatile character who doesn’t just heal. She can also provide crowd control support and make dealing with mobs a lot easier.

If you have a spare slot that you can give to a healer, consider giving it to Jean.

  • Jean mainly heals using her elemental burst “Dandelion Breeze.” This casts a field of Anemo that automatically heals your entire party. After, the field provides continuous healing for your active character.
  • The level of healing depends on Jean’s ATK stat. The higher her ATK stat is, the better the healing. This means that Jean can practically fill your entire party’s HP bars by just casting her elemental burst if her ATK is high enough.
  • With Jean’s Ascension 4 (Level 60/70) passive, the amount of energy she needs to cast her burst is reduced by 20%. From an energy cost of 80, Jean will only need 64 energy to cast her burst. This lower cost makes it more accessible, especially during Spiral Abyss runs.
  • Another way that Jean can heal your party is through her normal attacks. When she reaches Ascension 1 (Level 20/40), she unlocks this special passive talent. When Jean hits opponents with her normal attacks, she has a 50% chance of healing your characters by 15% of Jean’s ATK.
  • Jean’s use other than a healer is through her crowd control. Holding her elemental skill “Gale Blade” pulls opponents and then yeets them away, which can sometimes deal fall damage against these enemies. They also stay together after Jean yeets them away, making it easier for your DPS characters, especially AoE ones.
  • Jean’s charged attack also lifts smaller enemies to the air through her charged attacks. This would make them unable to attack you for some time as they’re literally floating. The mechanic helps you clear some of the enemies to prioritize the more pesky ones first.

1. Bennett

Those who hate this character deserve to not reach 36 stars every Spiral Abyss reset

Best boy, cursed adventurer, someone who deserves the world. Bennett is one of my favorite characters in the game because of how well-rounded and versatile he is. It also really helps that he’s such a precious boy that the player base collectively wants to protect.

As a member of the one-man adventurer team, Bennett had to do everything by himself. This shows in his in-game kit where he can attack, heal, support, and serve as a battery. This versatility is what makes him the top healer in the game for me.

In terms of healing, Bennett is a good character to use because:

  • Bennett’s elemental burst named “Fantastic Voyage” provides a field of Pyro that heals characters. This healing scales off of Bennett’s max HP, but it does have a cap.
  • The healing that Bennett can do caps at 70% of the active character’s HP. Why does he make it to the top of the list if he can’t heal completely? That’s because Bennett’s heals are ridiculously fast.
  • In most cases, the Pyro field will outheal the damage your characters receive. This makes the 70% cap almost negligible for most players.
  • The reason why Bennett is number 1 is because he also buffs your characters. The characters that stand on Bennett’s Pyro field will gain an ATK bonus based on Bennett’s base ATK (weapon and character ATK stats, not including artifacts and food). 
  • At Constellation 1, Bennett becomes even better. Before this constellation, Bennett’s ATK buff only occurs when a character’s HP reaches 70%. With Constellation 1, Bennett can both heal and buff at the same time!
  • ATK is just as important as Crit. A higher ATK allows your characters to dish out better damage and clear content faster. 
  • Bennett can also battery your Pyro DPS (such as Xiangling) because his elemental skill has a short cooldown and provides a ton of elemental particles. This just adds to the many reasons why Bennett is a consistent character in many meta teams.


And there you have it! These are the healers that I recommend for you to consider in building your teams. Note that these healers were selected based on how they fare generally. Some of them can outrank others in specific team comps, so try mixing and matching for the best results!

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