Genshin Impact Best Characters For Spiral Abyss

Best characters for the Spiral Abyss
Put your skills and teams to test in the Spiral Abyss

In the Spiral Abyss, the right team for each floor is important, but these characters do amazing in any situation

The Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact is a game mode where you have to test your combat and strategy regarding team compositions. It consists of a series of floors, divided into two parts, that the deeper you go, clearing one after the other, the harder they get. You can get juicy rewards, such as primogems and mora from the Spiral Abyss in the first part of it, but you only get them once.

Then there’s the second part, where rewards are not as big as the first one, but in the long run, especially for free-to-play players, it still is a valuable source of primogens and mora that you can get every 15 days. And because you need two teams for this part, here we’ll be talking about the overall best character for The Spiral Abyss.


10. Beidou

Liyue's most iconic pirate

Beidou is a pirate from Liyue, and when it comes to the lore of the game, you could pretty much say she’s one of the strongest human characters so far. Her ability kit allows her to be a Sub-DPS or a main DPS in a team, her elemental ability can cause a lot of damage and her ultimate works well against multiple enemies and with elemental reactions.

Beidou details:

Why Beidou is great for Spiral Abyss:

  • She’s very flexible regarding roles in a team.
  • Her ultimate is great for various mobs, plus since she’s an electro character, she can do most of the reactions available.


9. Diona

The cat lover bartender

Diona, the feline bartender from Mondstadt has high value in the abyss for those who don’t have Zhongli. She works well in various teams and can be vital if you need someone who can heal lots of HP and shield you. A great 4-star character.

Diona details:

Why Diona is great for the Spiral Abyss:

  • Strong shield that scales off her HP, also this makes her easy to build, since all you need is HP and Energy Recharge to spam her burst ability.
  • Especially useful in floors where there are many cryo enemies, Diona’s shield is stronger against Cryo attacks.


8. Xingqiu

Hydro swordsman Xingqiu excels as a support in the Abyss

A Swordsman from Liyue that practices the Guhua combat style. Xingqiu has been a character that has always worked great as a support. From his elemental ability that gives you Interruption Resistance and heals you, to his Burst that provides high and quick hydro damage, Xingqiu comes in great in any party.

Xingqiu’s details:

Why Xingqiu is great for the Spiral Abyss:

  • The interruption resistance you get from both of his abilities, is quite useful in the abyss when it comes to enemies that knock you back.
  • His ultimate ability also works as an off field ability for your main DPS (or any other character) to use once you switch.


7. Xiangling

Xianling is one of the most valuable 4-star units in the Abyss

The chef from Liyue has been proven to be a four-star character that can carry an entire team with no difficulties whatsoever. All of this is thanks to her being a Pyro unit, the element you can get the strongest reactions out of.

Xianling details:

Why Xiangling is great for the Spiral Abyss:

  • Elemental burst has a very wide area of damage, plus its damage multipliers scale pretty high up.
  • She can constantly activate Melt or Vaporize with the right team, these the two strongest elemental reactions.


6. Bennet

Bennet is an amazing healer and support for literally any team

For the majority of players, Bennet is one of the best characters in the game, he acts an amazing support / healer to your whole party thanks to his ultimate ability. Which pretty much will heal you and buff your attack.

Bennet details:

Why Bennet is great for the Spiral Abyss?

  • Can act as both a support and healer, Bennet’s ultimate has one of the fastest healing rates. 
  • The Attack damage you get from it will make things even easier for your main DPS.


5. Kaedehara Kazuha

This Samurai from Inazuma has replaced Venti in many teams since he came out

Kazuha is a character that was expected by many but they were unsure about his skills just as much. Once people tested him in the Abyss, Kazuha won a permanent spot in the teams of many players. He’s so good that people who have Venti and him, may choose Kazuha over the Archon.

Kaedehara Kazuha details: 

Why Kaedehara Kazuha is great for the Spiral Abyss:

  • Elemental Ability pulls enemies to you, plus it gives you an Elemental Damage bonus of the element you swirl.
  • His burst deals constant AoE (Area of Explosion) damage of the swirled element.
  • Something to note about Kazuha is that both abilities will swirl elements in the following order of priority: Pyro, Hydro, Electro, Cryo. This is key to know and opens a door to strategies for teams based on elemental reactions.


4. Zhongli

Zhongli will make sure you don't receive any damage thanks to his shield

The Geo Archon is one of the most useful characters for the Abyss, if you have him, I’m sure you don’t have any issues getting all the stars in every floor. Zhongli is just an invaluable support unit.

Zhongli details:

Why Zhongli is great for the Spiral Abyss:

  • He provides your team with the strongest shield in the game. 
  • His ultimate ability deals huge damage, plus it petrifies enemies for a small period of time.


3. Eula 

The physical damage DPS that shocked many people

Claymore user and member of the Knights of Favonius, the most accurate way to describe Eula is as a “Monster of Physical Damage”, not many people like her because main source of damage is physical, but she can nuke enemies as if they’re nothing.

Eula details:

Why Eula is great for the Spiral Abyss:

  • Eula can easily one-shot enemies in the Abyss.
  • Physical damage is always a reliable source of damage against pretty much all enemies.


2. Hu Tao

Strongest Pyro character so far

Hu Tao is a reliable DPS character for the Abyss, she just does absurd amounts of damage, and just as Eula she can one-shot enemies easily. But things with Hu Tao get even better if you pair her with a Hydro Sub-DPS like Xingqiu or Childe.

Hu Tao details:

Why Hu Tao is great for the Spiral Abyss:

  • Elemental ability infuses your basic attacks with Pyro, allowing constant Vaporize and Melt reactions.
  • Hu Tao’s Burst ability deals an insane amount of damage.


1. Ganyu

Strongest DPS in the game so far

Ganyu comes from Liyue, she who swore to protect its habitants. Since her release Ganyu has been the character that deals the most consistent and high damage per second.  So it’s no surprise to find her in the first spot of any top, she has a useful Elemental ability to gather enemies and a Burst with a wide AoE.

Ganyu details:

Why Ganyu is great for the Spiral Abyss:

  • Highest DPS in the game so far.
  • Elemental skill lures enemies, which makes it easier to hit all enemies with your charged shots.


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