[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Elemental Mastery Characters That Wreck Hard!

Don't skimp on Elemental Mastery


Create stronger Elemental Reactions with Elemental Mastery 

In Genshin Impact, the seven elements are not just an aspect of the story but one of the core mechanics of the game’s combat system due to what is called Elemental Reactions. This is created when an opponent is applied with an elemental status or an Aura element, then adds another element or the Trigger element through an elemental skill or attack.

While there are seven elements in the game, you can only apply Cryo, Electro, Pyro, and Hydro (Wet) as the Aura element. Some enemies may already have innate auras like slimes and elemental shield mages. Meanwhile, Anemo and Geo can only be added as the Trigger Element. At the moment, Dendro only exists in the form of enemies like Slimes and Samachurls and objects that react only with Pyro.

Elemental reactions can be divided into two types: Amping and Transformative.

Amping reactions refer to Melt and Vaporize reactions in which the DMG of the Trigger attack increases. This scales on Elemental Mastery and Reaction Bonuses. However, this depends on the order of elements. For instance, having Cryo as your Aura element and Pyro as your Trigger element to create a Melt reaction would have a higher DMG rather than vice versa. The same goes for Vaporize attacks.

On the other hand, Transformative reactions include Overloaded, Shattered, Electro-Charged, Superconduct, and Swirl. These reactions scale on three variables: Level and Elemental Mastery of the Trigger Character and the enemy’s Elemental resistance.

The exact formula on how Elemental Reactions work requires a deep dive into the matter and possibly a lot of math. However, to understand it to an extent and understand why these characters are included in this list, we need to learn about Elemental Mastery.

As mentioned earlier, Elemental Mastery is a variable for both types of Elemental Reactions. It is a stat that amplifies the reaction’s damage, except for Crystallize, wherein the crystals you pick up create a stronger shield with more EM.

Generally, if you want to increase your Elemental Mastery, you do it through artifacts and weapons with elemental mastery stats and characters with passive skills that give Elemental Mastery. However,  what makes a character suited for an Elemental mastery depends on the consistency that these characters can put out elemental attacks and if they’re Trigger Characters.

These characters can proc those Elemental Reactions that work as well as the one-off nukes by a main DPS’s Elemental Burst. Keep in mind that EM also does not scale linearly. For instance, the first one might provide 50%, while the next might only provide 45. Other factors such as team composition and the timing of proccing your reactions can also create a different experience.

 10. Hu Tao 

Elemental Reactions on top of Hu Tao’s high damage output can make you unstoppable. 

Investing in an Elemental Mastery build for Hu Tao should never be a priority, but a high EM is an excellent enhancement for her already high damage output. Since most of her DMG relies on her Elemental Skill, switch to a different character during its cool down.

Use characters with elemental skills or bursts that stay on the field for a long time, like Ganyu, Kaeya, or Lisa, before switching back to Hu Tao to trigger an elemental reaction. This reaction will have an even bigger DMG output with a high EM.

What makes Hu Tao Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Works well with Off-field support 
  • Increase her damage output further

See Hu Tao in Action: 

9. Diluc

With an easy to use kit and low energy cost ult, you can proc massive damage dealing Elemental Reactions with Diluc.

Like Hu Tao, Diluc can work great with another character with elemental skills and burst that stay on the field for a long time. His skill and Burst imbues his blade with Pyro, which allows him to trigger elemental reactions multiple times. Since his Elemental Burst has a low energy cost, you can also proc Pyro reactions as often as possible.  

What makes Diluc Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Elemental skill and Burst allow repeating Elemental Reaction triggers.
  • Low energy cost Elemental Burst

See Diluc in Action: 

8. Lisa

Take advantage of Lisa’s Ascension Stat Bonus.

Lisa is one of the underrated characters in the game, but she’s a strong DPS that free to play players can take advantage of. The AoE Electro DMG of Lisa’s Elemental Burst alone can make a great set-up for multiple Elemental Reaction Combos.

As a catalyst, she has great potential to deal massive damage based on elemental reactions. Even with just her Normal and charged attacks to spam reaction, you can spam Electro-charge and Overload reactions. This lessens the waiting time for the cooldown of her Elemental Skill and Burst.

Additionally, pairing Lisa with a Pyro or Cryo character to trigger Superconduct or Overload would add two stacks of Conductive status to opponents who are directly hit by her skill and one stack to other targets hit by the reaction. The more stacks you have, the stronger the Electro DMG of her Elemental Skill when held.

Elemental Mastery should not be a difficult stat to level up for Lisa. She can gain Elemental Mastery as a bonus stat for every Ascension. Once she reaches level 80, she’ll have a base stat of 96. If you have the right weapon and luck with your Artifacts, you should easily build her EM from there.

What makes Lisa Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Consistent Electro attacks, leading to more elemental reactions
  • Superconduct or Overload reactions triggered by her skills will add additional stacks of Conductive status to those directly hit by her skill and reaction.
  • Gains EM as a specialized stat from her Character Ascension.
  • Large AoE on Elemental Skill and Burst, affecting more opponents

See Lisa in Action: 

7. Yae Miko

Guuji Yae is capable of providing boths constant off-field Electro damage  

Yae Miko is a consistent provider of powerful elemental damage. As a catalyst, all of her moves will deal Electro damage. Her skill, Sesshou Sakura, can apply Electro even if she’s off-field continuously. This allows you to trigger reactions even if you switch out of her character. Investing in your elemental Mastery would make for more powerful and frequent reactions.

At the same time, each point of her Elemental Mastery will also increase her Sesshou Sakura’s Damage by 0.15% once you’ve unlocked her fourth Ascension Passive at Level 60.

What makes Yae Miko Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Consistent Electro attacks, leading to more elemental reactions
  • Can trigger Elemental Reactions off-field
  • At level 60, Elemental Mastery increases her skill, Sesshou Sakura, DMG by 0.15%

See Yae Miko in Action: 

6. Xinqiu

The best 4-star Hydro for reactions like Vaporize and Freeze comps

Xingqiu’s kit may make him more suitable for setting up elemental reactions rather than being the trigger. His Elemental skill and Burst can provide Hydro damage while applying Wet status that will help set up reliable reactions for other members of your party.

Xingqiu is the perfect pair with Cryo characters like Ayaka or Chongyun to set up a Freeze party composition that will lock down enemies for a few seconds. At the same time, it will also provide an opportunity to inflict Shatter, a reaction damage triggered when a direct attack hits a Frozen target.

Having your Xingqiu at a higher level and Elemental Mastery can potentially create more damage. Although, keep in mind that the enemy’s physical resistance should also be considered.

Of course, pairing Xingqiu with Pyro characters like Diluc, Klee, Bennett, or Hu Tao is also best for setting up Vaporize reactions. However, some reactions would receive a more significant damage bonus depending on the order of elemental application. Vaporize is one of these reactions.

If Xingqiu’s Hydro abilities are the second element, the multiplier that will be added to the amplifying reactions will be 2. Meanwhile, only 1.5 will be added to Vaporize reactions if Pyro was the trigger element.

What makes Xingqiu Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Elemental abilities can trigger reactions such as Vaporize, Electro-Charged, and Frozen
  • Consistent Hydro Application
  • Hydro works as either Trigger or Aura.

See Xinqiu in Action: 

5. Sayu

Don’t stunt Sayu’s EM like nature stunts her growth.

Anemo characters like Sayu can trigger one of the unique elemental reactions in the game, Swirl, when their elemental abilities interact with Pyro, Electro, Hydro or Cryo.

When you hold her Elemental Skill, Sayu will curl into a ball and roll around while dealing continuous Anemo DMG. As she comes across another element from enemies and objects, her skill will absorb it and spread the element around. The damage from Swirl reactions she causes will scale from her level and Elemental Mastery, so upgrading these will deal more damage.

Moreover, Elemental Mastery also plays a part in improving her Elemental Burst once you’ve reached constellation six. Using her Elemental Burst would release The Muji-Muji Daruma, which can either heal your party or deal Anemo DMG to nearby enemies, depending on your active character’s HP.

It will deal Anemo DMG to nearby opponents if your HP is above 70%. Otherwise, it will be on its healing function. However, Sayu will be free to heal and attack without conditions once you unlock her first constellation.

Sayu’s Elemental Mastery affects both the DMG and Healing of her Muji-Muji Daruma. As you increase her EM, you’ll gain a great Sub-DPS and Healer Anemo. Luckily, Sayu should make it easier as her Ascension Bonus stat is Elemental Mastery.

What makes Sayu Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Elemental abilities can trigger Swirl reactions that spread the element it interacts with.
  • Swirl reactions can cause secondary reactions.
  • Her Muji-Muji Daruma DMG and Healing scales from her Elemental Mastery.
  • Gains EM as specialized stat from her Character Ascension.

See Sayu in Action:

4. Xiangling

Xiangling’s strength lies in applying and triggering Pyro reactions with her Pyronado

Xiangling usually works great as a Pyro applicator. When she summons Guoba, he will spit five four times, allowing you to trigger strong elemental reactions multiple times before he disappears. Her elemental Burst, the Pyronado, launches a spinning fire ring around her. It is also effective against enemy mobs and triggers quick reactions.

Her abilities continue to affect enemies even after switching to another character. That’s why most rotations would start with her abilities first before using another character to proc reactions.

However, Xiangling would still be triggering elemental reactions often. That’s why she’s still one of the best characters to build for Elemental Mastery. Partner her with Hydro and Cryo characters to trigger Melt and Vaporize reactions. Even if a Pyro trigger would only deal 1.5x the amount of damage, Amping reactions are still powerful reactions.

What makes Xiangling Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Fits in many team compositions
  • Off-field Pyro application or trigger for passive Elemental reactions
  • Gains EM as specialized stat from her Character Ascension.

See Xiangling in Action:

3.  Sucrose

If you keep losing your 50-50, Sucrose is a good alternative.

Sucrose does crowd control and deal Swirl damage like most Anemo characters, but she’s one of the better ones because she’s cheap to build. Her Elemental Skill causes her to release a Wind Spirit that pulls nearby opponents and objects before launching them within its AOE while dealing Anemo DMG.

Her elemental Burst allows her to do the same on a larger scale. Not only does this group up enemies, but it also absorbs other Elements, which can trigger plenty of Swirl reactions and additional Elemental DMG.

Given all of her abilities, Sucrose relies heavily on Elemental Mastery. However, it’s not just her but also her party members. Sucrose can provide Elemental Mastery to other team members.

With her first Ascension passive, all characters in the party with matching element will have their Elemental Mastery increase by 50 for eight seconds after triggering a Swirl effect. When you’ve unlocked her fourth passive, she can also increase all party members’ Elemental Mastery equal to 20% of her Elemental Mastery.

What makes Sucrose Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Higher EM means more powerful reactions
  • Gathers enemies in one spot
  • Can create reactions with multiple elements
  • Grants bonus EM
  • Low-cost character

See Sucrose in Action: 

2. Venti

As with any Anemo character, Venti can proc multiple Elemental Reactions with Swirl when his Elemental Abilities absorb different elements.

When building Venti as support, elemental Mastery would be a good stat to invest in because of his skill and Burst. He deals enormous Swirl damage and can work well with any character that can be absorbed by Anemo.

While his skill can also deal Swirl damage, Venti’s Burst is more notable due to its ability to suck in all enemies and elements in range. This means that trapping mobs like Hilichurls with enemies with elemental auras like slimes in his Burst would defeat the mobs easier due to the additional elemental damage.

However, the ones with elemental auras will be immune to this. If you have party members with either Cryo, Hydro, Electro, or Pyro elements, you can trigger a chain reaction of multiple elements. 

What makes Venti Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Higher EM, means more powerful Swirl reactions
  • Gathers enemies in one spot
  • Can create reactions with multiple elements

See Venti in Action:

1. Kaedehara Kazuha

Kazuha is number one because triggering Elemental Reactions with his skill is fun, and isn’t that what really matters?  

Out of all of the characters in the game, Kazuha is one of the few where a full elemental mastery build would be helpful. His elemental Burst is mostly used to deal Anemo AoE damage and create powerful Swirl reactions from the other elements he absorbed. When his Burst comes into contact with either Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro, it will inflict additional damage of that type.

Any elemental reactions by him and his party members during his Burst will be further buffed once he unlocks his second constellation as Kazuha and his team will be granted an additional 200 Elemental Mastery inside its AOE.

Similar to Venti, Kazuha can also gather enemies with his Elemental skill. He would launch himself in the air, creating a gust of wind that would pull in nearby opponents and elements. Once Kazuha is airborne, he can unleash a powerful Plunging attack that will be converted into Anemo DMG. Any absorbed element would only give its raw Elemental DMG bonus after plunging to the ground.

Furthermore, Kazuha will grant party members an additional Elemental DMG bonus for every point of his Elemental Mastery every time he triggers a Swirl reaction for 8 seconds. This means a higher EM will create further powerful reactions.

What makes Kazuha Great for Elemental Mastery:

  • Mainly uses Swirl reactions
  • Gathers enemies in one spot
  • Can create reactions with multiple elements
  • He grants his party members with additional Elemental Mastery

See Kazuha in Action: 


A higher Elemental Mastery can help any character buff their damage output, but that alone is not enough. Elemental reactions don’t just scale from Elemental Mastery; other factors can also affect it. This includes character level and the target’s elemental resistance.

With four Anemo characters on this list, it’s especially important to keep your enemies' Elemental Resistance in mind. Some monsters with an innate element like slimes are immune to their own element, so using Swirl damage won’t be effective against them. Similarly, setting Electro-Charged reactions between two opponents infused with Electro would have no effect.

Many experts would even suggest not to invest too much in Elemental Mastery. Depending on the character, 200-400 EM should be enough. A healthy build is still prioritizing your CRIT as well as the stat where their skill and burst scale (if they have one). It’s mostly preferred to aim for Elemental Mastery as a substat on your artifacts rather than the main stat on artifacts and weapons.

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