[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Artifacts For Each Character (August 2022)

Lots of characters and lots of artifacts!

The best way to increase your characters’ stats and damage output is by changing their artifacts. With the huge quantity of domains and artifact sets in Genshin impact, it is difficult to create the perfect equipment. 

In this guide, we’ll show you the best base equipment for each character. Of course, you can change some things depending on how you play with them. However, trust us, this is one of the best artifact sets for them.

51. Kuki Shinobu

50. Yelan

49. Kamisato Ayato

48. Yae Miko

47. Amber

46. Traveller (Anemo)

45. Traveller (Geo)

44. Traveller (Electro)

43. Aloy

42. Lisa

41. Chongyun

40. Razor

39. Barbara

38. Gorou

37. Kaeya

36. Keqing

35. Ningguang

34. Noelle

33. Qiqi

32. Sayu

31. Thoma

30. Xinyan

29. Yanfei

28. Diluc

27. Jean

26. Klee

25. Beidou

24. Yun Jin

23. Sangonomiya Kokomi

22. Rosaria

21. Kujou Sara

20. Shenhe

19. Yoimiya

18. Xiao

17. Eula

16. Mona

15. Tartaglia

14. Xiangling

13. Albedo

12. Diona

11. Arataki Itto

10. Sucrose

9. Venti

8. Kamisato Ayaka

7. Raiden Shogun

6. Zhongli

5. Xingqiu

4. Kaedehara Kazuha

3. Hu Tao

2. Ganyu

1. Bennett


With more than 50 characters included in the game, it gets really difficult to keep track of what suits each of them best. Don’t worry! Just save this guide and take a look each time you need to remember what are the best stats to increase and how.


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