[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Ganyu Builds

Genshin Impact Best Ganyu Builds
Ganyu, cute cyro girl

[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Ganyu Builds

Ganyu was the coolest cyro character when she first came out. An emissary and secretary of the LIyue Qiqing, she continues to be the best Cyro DPS characters around. She’s a bow-wielding character who also does massive damage, with her charged shot having great AoE damage, and celestial shower creating ice shards that seek out enemies. She’s good when she’s attacking a single enemy but a cut above when she’s attacking a group of enemies. You can use her as DPS, support, or carry, depending on your playstyle, and she’s great to pair with Anemo characters and Pyro Characters.


So if we’re playing Ganyu, what artifacts do we need? Well, that entirely depends on what kind of weapon you’re using and what kind of build you want her to have, but generally, she does best with Wanderer’s Troupe, the Blizzard Set, or a combo of any of those two with the Gladiator’s set.

Wanderer’s Troupe

Circlet - Conductor’s Top Hat 

  • Crit Rate (4 - 31%) 
  • Crit DMG (4 - 31%)
  • ATK (6-46%)

Goblet - Wanderer’s String Kettle 

  • ATK (6- 46%)
  • Elemental DMG ( 6 -  46% ) 
  • Elemental Mastery ( 25- 187 ) 

Plume - Bard’s Arrow Feather 

  • ATK (42 - 311)

Sands - Concert’s Final Hour 

  • ATK ( 6 - 46% ) 
  • Energy Recharge ( 7 - 58% ) 

Flower - variable

Blizzard Strayer Set

Circlet - Broken Rime’s Echo 

  • ATK ( 6 - 46%) 
  • Crit Rate ( 4 - 31 %) 
  • Crit DMG  ( 8 - 62 % ) 

Goblet - Frost - Weaved Dignity 

  • ATK ( 6 - 46%) 
  • Elemental DMG ( 6 - 46%)
  • Elemental Mastery (25 - 187) 

Plume - Icebreaker’s Resolve 

  • ATK ( 42 - 311) 

Sands - Frozen Homeland’s Demise 

  • ATK ( 6 - 46%) 
  • Energy Recharge (7 - 51%) 
  • Elemental Mastery (25 - 187)

Flower -  Variable

5) Black Cliff warbow

Blackcliff Warbow is a weapon obtained by starglitter exchange, and it’s a good weapon for Ganyu if you don’t have any good five star weapons. It’s got a solid base attack, and its secondary stat is the crit rate, which is great when you’re playing Ganyu. The best thing is that you can stack a lot of attacks, and with Ganyu’s already impressive damage-dealing stats, it’s just going to make your Ganyu that much more powerful.


  • Base ATK more than 450 after lvl 70
  • Crit Rate +33.5% after lvl 70 
  • ATK increased by 12% for 30s after defeating the enemy. 
  • Max 3 stacks. 

Build Details 

  • Use with two piece wanderer and two piece blizzards set. The two piece wanderer stat is going to give you an increased elemental Mastery by 80% and the two piece Blizzard  Strayer is going to give you Cyro DMG bonus by 15
  • Focus on artifacts that increases Crit Rate and ATK because you want to capitalize on that with this weapon
  • It’s great for support or carry Ganyu

4) Viridescent Hunt 

The Viridescent Hunt is a great four star weapon for Ganyu obtained by Battle Pass, so it’s not entirely free to play, However, it has a large base attack, and its secondary stat is the crit rate which is always good for whatever character you’re playing. However, its passives make it a great weapon for Ganyu, with some cool ATK increases with normal and aimed shot attacks.


  • Base ATK more than 400 after lvl 70 
  • Crit Rate more than 22 after lvl 70
  • Upon hit, Normal and Aimed Shot Attacks have a 50% chance to generate a Cyclone
  • Cyclone deals 40% of ATK as DMG to these opponents every 0.5s for 4s.
  • can only occur once every 14s.

Build Details 

  • Use with Wanderer’s troupe four piece set, which will give you increased charged ATK DMG by 35%. DMG is already a big stat for this weapon, so you’re going to want to increase that. 
  • Focus on Crit rate on your artifacts
  • Good for support or DPS Ganyu

3) Prototype Crescent

Prototypes are and always will be my favorite four star weapons and Prototype Crescent is no exception. It has a great Base Attack, it’s completely free to play since it’s forged, and its secondary stat is the ATK which means it’s going to deal massive damage. In addition, it focuses on weak points, which is critical for Ganyu, and increases movement speed and ATK. Ganyu is already fast, and with this weapon, taking on a horde of enemies is going to be a piece of cake.


  • Base ATK more than 400 after lvl 70
  • ATK more than 37 % after lvl 70
  • Charged Attack hits on weak points increase Movement SPD by 10% and ATK by 36% for 10s.

Build Details 

  • Use with four piece Wanderer’s troupe which will increase charged ATK DMG by 35% or two piece wanderer and two piece gladiator which will increase ATK by 15% and Elemental Mastery by 80
  • Focus on ATK in your artifact sets 
  • Best used as support or DPS Ganyu

2 ) Skyward Harp 

Skyward Harp is the second-best weapon for Ganyu. Being a five star weapon its base attack is extravagant, and its secondary stat is crit rate, which will make Ganyu even more OP. It also increases AoE which is where Ganyu is good at, and it has a mind blowing physical ATK DMG.


  • Base ATK more than 530 after lvl 70 
  • Crit Rate more than 18 % after lvl 70 
  • Increases CRIT DMG by 20%. 
  • Hits have a 60% chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 125% Physical ATK DMG. 
  • Can only occur once every 4s.

Build Details 

  • Use with four piece Blissard Strayer Set, which gives you Cyro DMG Bonus of +15 and crit rate is increased by 20% on cyro affected enemies and 20% additional for frozen enemies
  • Capitalize on that crit rate!
  • Can be used as DPS Ganyu but also great as support Ganyu

1) Amos Bow 

Amos bow is without competition the best weapon for Ganyu even though it has a slightly lower base attack, and this is because of its passive, which increases ATK DMG on normal and charged attack which means it’s not only going to increase Ganyu’s charged ATK but also the AoE Damage after. Another fun fact is that the further away you are from the enemy, the more damage it does. Once you compare it to the other bows, there’s just no competition once you look at the damage dealt when using this bow on Ganyu.


  • Base ATK more than 480 after lvl 70 
  • ATK more than 40% after lvl 70 
  • Increases Normal and Charged ATK DMG by 12%
  • Normal and Charged ATK DMG increases by 8% every 0.1% for up to 5 times 

Build Details 

  • Use with Blizzard Strayer which will increase Cyro DMG by +15% and Crit rate is increased by 20% with cyro affected enemies and further 20% on frozen enemies 
  • Use as DPS Ganyu!

Team Comps

For Ganyu, the best team comps are going to be with Pyro and Anemo. Anemo creates swirl which will increase her cyro attacks, and the Pyro character will induce melt. I suggest using Venti, or if you don’t have him then other anemo characters are fine as well. Use pyro characters like Bennet and Xiangling also works.

All in all, Ganyu is a superb character  and if you have her, then by all means use this cute little cyro powerhouse.Give her a great build, and clearing floors with hordes of enemies is going to be plain sailing  for you. Make sure that you use her properly and she’s the best Cyro DPS, at least for me, and hopefully with all these builds, for you too. 

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