[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Utility Characters That Are Great

best genshin impact utility characters
The world of Teyvat offers many versatile characters that play many roles in the game.

Know how these characters can make your Genshin Impact experience a lot better?

Genshin Impact characters are not only there as DPS, support, tanks, or healers. Did you know that many of them have other very useful utility skills that give big improvements to your gameplay experience?

These skills officially belong to a category known as passive talents. That means that they are automatically activated when you unlock the character. A utility passive is one that generally gives outside-combat perks.

Utility passives are useful because they do a lot of things, like doubling materials or conserving your resources. After all, why settle for the hard work of grinding everything when you can use a helpful utility passive to make life easier? 

That said, here’s a rundown of the game’s top five best utility characters. Compared to everyone else, these characters have arguably the most benefits to bring to your team. Why are they a must-have for your party? Read on to find out.

5. Raiden Shogun

Awe-inspiring and electrifying, she’s the archon who endlessly pursues eternity.

Her Eternal Excellency, the Raiden Shogun, is the archon and ruler of the island region of Inazuma. She wields power enough to slice an island into two with just a single strike … Yes, she’s that terrifying.

The Raiden Shogun possesses extreme martial prowess and she helped found different schools of martial arts throughout Inazuma’s history. And that’s why it’s no surprise that her utility passive accurately translates this canon lore into a useful in-game mechanic.

Here’s what makes the Raiden Shogun a useful utility character:

  • Her passive talent, named “All-Preserver,” halves the cost of ascending swords and polearms. These are two of the five categories of weapons in the game.
  • Specifically, the Raiden Shogun decreases the amount of Mora (one of the game’s many currencies) spent when ascending these weapons. What does this mean for you? Well, you can save anywhere between 52,500 to 112,500 Mora when you max out a weapon!
  • For endgame players, Mora is a limited resource that’s also used for artifacts, characters, and character talents. Saving some Mora is bound to go a long way.

4. Ningguang

Liyue’s Ningguang is one badass character and head of state.

Filthy rich and extremely sought after, Ningguang is one of the most interesting characters in the game. Despite being a 4* character, she’s one of the game’s strongest DPS characters with her powerful kit and potential locked behind her constellations.

In the game, Ningguang resides in a palace in the clouds and presides over the laws of Liyue. Her luxurious taste is undeniable, both in her character outfit and in her very useful utility passive.

Ningguang is a reliable character who doesn’t only decimate enemies but also helps you in gathering an important resource.

  • Ningguang’s utility passive is called “Trove of Marvelous Treasures.” As the name implies, it helps the player find quite literally the trove of treasures: ore.
  • Ore is one of the most important resources in the game because it’s used to level up weapons. All weapons. That’s why you can never (and should never) run out of ore.
  • When Ningguang is in your party, she will display the location of ores on the mini-map. This is very useful when you’re farming for ores as you wouldn’t need to keep checking interactive maps.
  • More ores equal stronger characters. Ningguang is the only character in the game so far to have the ability to help you find ores.

3. Tartaglia

Tartaglia taking a picture with mobs before he absolutely wrecks them.

This guy really took the concept of moral grayness to a whole new dimension. He’s protective, loyal, and caring, but he’s also a ruthless and bloodthirsty weapon of war. 

Tartaglia, also called by his codename “Childe,” is a paradoxical blend of a character who’s someone you’d love to hate and hate to love.

One of his signature strengths is his versatile playstyle that mimics his unpredictability in the face of combat. One minute, he’s shooting you down with arrows; the next, he’s slicing through you with swords made of concentrated hydro. 

Tartaglia is canonically a master of weapons. In some of his attack animations, he can be seen alternating between dual swords to polearms. What a showoff, right? That’s exactly what makes him a great utility character as well.

  • Unlike everyone else on this list, Tartaglia’s passive talent has nothing to do with saving resources or helping you find them. Instead, Tartaglia directly buffs your combat skills.
  • One of Tartaglia’s passive talents is called “Master of Weaponry.” This befitting name increases the level of your other characters’ normal and charged attack skills by one. For free.
  • This direct buff is especially useful for other DPS characters who rely on their normal and charged attacks, such as Ganyu and Hu Tao. For this passive talent to take effect, Tartaglia must be in the party.
  • An extremely useful utility passive, Tartaglia makes sure that all your enemies are reduced to dust in a matter of seconds. A stronger team means that content in the game is cleared much, much faster.

2. Eula

Eula’s cold blade is ready to parry any danger that threatens Mondstadt

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And for this cryo character, that’s exactly what’s always on her lips. But don’t be fooled by her outwardly hostile aura. Deep down, she’s a kind and caring person who’s always rejected by those around her.

A descendant of the fallen Lawrence clan and the aristocrats of Mondstadt, many are very wary of Eula. As an aristocrat, she was brought up in the ways of etiquette and nobility. This meant that she also had access to a level of education that’s not accessible to others.

And this is where Eula’s special utility passive comes in.

  • Her passive talent is dubbed “Aristocratic Introspection.” Eula’s noble blood meant she had to go through rigorous training to hone her skills, and this utility passive reflects that. This gives a 10% chance of receiving double a product when crafting character talent materials, making your character stronger.
  • Character talent materials, compared to weapon enhancement and weapon ascension materials, are notoriously time-consuming to farm. Each character has three upgradable talents. To reach that character’s maximum potential, you often need to upgrade their talents as high as possible.
  • For example, to get a character’s talent levels to Level 8, you would need 9 two-star talent materials, 63 three-star materials, and 30 four-star materials. With very low drop rates (especially for the four-star talent materials), the most reliable way to obtain higher quality talent materials is by crafting.
  • Xingqiu (a 4* character) has a similar utility passive, but he instead gives a 25% chance of recycling crafting materials. Eula’s utility passive is arguably better because she gives additional copies of the material you wanted to craft.
  • Since each higher quality material requires three copies of the lower quality material, Eula outperforms Xingqiu, especially for larger crafting quantities.

1. Sayu

Sayu is elusive. Just like these crystalflies. They’re also really cute, too.

And we arrive at the character with the most useful utility passive in the game: Sayu! This tiny and lazy ninja from Inazuma who prefers to sleep all day is one of the game’s most adorable characters. Though she looks like a child, she funnily enough wields a claymore as a weapon.

This bite-sized ninja has mastered ninjutsu techniques all for one goal: to grow taller. That’s it. She lazes around and escapes just to catch some snooze because she believes sleep will make her taller.

If Sayu would get to choose only one talent, she’ll probably want to keep her ability to stay hidden. Her mastery over ninjutsu techniques of concealment meant no ordinary person would find her. That meant a lot for her pursuit of a growth spurt, but not so much for her ninja organization.

Interestingly, it’s her bizarre obsession with growing taller that also gives Sayu the best utility passive in the game.

  • For uninterrupted quality sleep, one needs to hide. And this is what made Sayu perfect the ninjutsu technique of the “Yoohoo Art: Silencer’s Secret.” With this in her arsenal, Sayu can hide in plain sight or creep up unnoticed and unannounced.
  • In the game, Yoohoo Art: Silencer’s Secret’s main use is in not startling specific wild animals. What? That’s all? How is this the best utility passive in the game, you ask?
  • Though it sounds anticlimactic, you should know that Sayu’s utility passive works on one important creature in the game: crystalfies. These mystical creatures glow in the dark with the power of the elements. Their main use is in doubling the rewards from domains and ley lines, reducing the amount of time for your farming.
  • Crystalflies are, however, easily startled. Approach one and the entire flock scurries away far from your reach. Especially for mobile players, this means that collecting crystalflies can be a major pain.
  • Domain farming is a must for endgame players. As soon as they reach Adventure Rank 45, they can begin farming five-star artifacts to make their characters as strong as possible. Crystalflies are absolutely essential to farm efficiently.
  • Let’s imagine that concretely, eh? Without crystalflies, conquering an artifact domain costs 20 resin and gives 1–2 five-star artifacts per run at the highest domain level. With crystalflies, the cost goes up to 40 resin but it now gives you 2–4 five-star artifacts per run instead.
  • This also applies to other types of domains such as those for weapon enhancement, weapon ascension, and character talents. Five-star drops in these domains increase in probability when a crystalfly is used.


One of the beauties of Genshin Impact is the diversity of what its characters do. Many of them are not only hard-hitters, they also have special abilities that make the tedious farming in the game a lot easier. With the continued expansion of the game, new characters will eventually be added for players to get their hands on.

Who knows, there might be future characters who dethrone those who are on this list.

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