[Top 15] Genshin Impact Best Ganyu Wallpapers That Look Freakin' Awesome

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If you're looking for a Ganyu wallpaper, this is your place!

Ganyu is a really beloved character and everyone wants to have a wallpaper about her, but it’s kind of difficult to find a good one.

Today, we’re going to show you 15 wallpapers that are freaking awesome. You can find all of them on Wallpaper Engine, a Steam application dedicated to wallpapers.

15. Ganyu and Shenhe

Here we can see Ganyu and Shenhe, our favourite Liyue’s cryo women. This wallpaper’s art style looks very beautiful and the colours are very relaxing. 

This wallpaper looks just very beautiful.


14.Ganyu relaxing

Here we can see Ganyu relaxing in Liyue’s meadow and there’s some typical Liyue’s rocks too.

The colours in this wallpaper look very beautiful and reminds me a lot to summer.


13.Ganyu with an umbrella

On this wallpaper we can see Ganyu with an umbrella and Liyue in the background. The art style in this one looks very cool and beautiful and the colours are really cool even if they look kind of dark.


12.Ganyu’s side

Even if Gnayu doesn’t look like her in this wallpaper, the art style and the colours look so good. At a first look she might look like Keqing, but we promise she’s Ganyu.

This wallpaper looks very simple but beautiful and you can have your desk’s stuff on a side without covering Ganyu.


11.Modern Ganyu in a city

This wallpaper is more modern since we can see Ganyu with a modern city in the background. She’s also using some headphones and maybe drinking some tea!

The colours are kind of dark, but they look very beautiful and relaxing.


10.Ganyu in a library

Here we can see Ganyu like a scholar in a library. She’s wearing a uniform and she’s ready to study. The colours are very soft and the light is very beautiful, which makes this wallpaper very beautiful.


9.Ganyu in the water

Here we can see Ganyu in the water looking at some of Liyue's flowers. This is one of my favourite wallpapers. The blue lights and colours look very beautiful and this wallpaper is kind of relaxing.


8.Smiling Ganyu

This wallpaper is simpler than others but it looks really good. We can see Ganyu looking at a cryo ball, which we suppose is her Elemental Burst.

The lightning here is very beautiful and her eyes look so cool. Also, this wallpaper marks the time.


7.Ganyu drinking

Here we can see a modern Ganyu drinking something. The place where she is looks modern and her outfit looks like a maid one.

The colours look soft but it’s very beautiful anyways.


6.Ganyu in the middle of the night

This background is very beautiful. We can see Ganyu in the middle of the night with her Elemental Burst and some butterflies around her.

The lightning looks very good because of butterflies and her Burst and the wallpaper looks very relaxing because of them.


5.Ganyu in a concert

Here we can see Ganyu on a stage with some concert items. In the background, we can see Liyue’s public and some lanterns from the Rite.

This idol Ganyu concept looks very cool and the lighting is very good.


4.Autumn Ganyu

Here we can see Ganyu on the top of a mountain in Liyue and with a typical Liyue’s tree. She’s wearing an umbrella and she’s looking at the clouds.

The colours are very beautiful, they truly look very beautiful.


3.Ganyu under the rain

On this background we can see Ganyu under the rain with an umbrella in the middle of Liyue’s city. It looks like she’s looking directly at us.

The style is very simple, but it looks really beautiful.


2.Summer Ganyu

Here we can see a summer Ganyu with a really beautiful bikini. She looks like a water princess and this background marks the time too.

The colours are really beautiful and Ganyu looks amazing.


1.Ganyu in Liyue’s forest

This is one of my favourite ones. We can see Ganyu laying in Liyue’s forest in the middle of the night with some typical flowers.

The blue colours in this wallpaper look very amazing and the lighting is very beautiful.


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