[Top 10] Reasons Why Genshin Impact Is Popular And Loved By Gamers

I hope Aether and Lumine find each other soon!

Even if sometimes we find things that could be better and get angry at the developers, it’s true they’ve created an amazing game with an amazing fanbase. I don’t have enough fingers to count all the good things this game can offer, so let’s stick to 10. In this guide, I’ll talk about these 10 things people like the most about Genshin and why they love it.

10. Variety of enemies and difficulties 

With each update more enemies get included in the game. We have hilichurls, abyss mages, slimes, and Fatui of every kind. Each of them has different abilities and elements, and they all need a unique strategy to be defeated. If we count the world bosses, like the Wolf King or the Hypostasis, you won’t get tired of the same enemies. 

9. Teapot mode 

One of the biggest updates of Genshin Impact was the one that introduced the Serenitea Pot. Like other simulation and building games, see Sims 4 for example, you can build your own house and decorate the inside and outside. You can also include characters and even shops inside your teapot. It’s really fun.

8. Wonderful OST 

Developers have explained each time that the music composed for each area and situation is specifically chosen to immerse the player in the world. For each region and mission, they’ve created a set of incredibly beautiful songs. Of course, you can buy their albums in CD format if you want to listen to them at home.

7. Constant event updates

Genshin Impact updates every 20 days or so, and in each update they include events for each week, like the one in the photo. Although sometimes they reuse events, normally they are all newly created. Sometimes you can play alone or with friends, some are more chill and some need to fight. There are events for everyone!

6. Well-though stats and battle system 

Although at first glance it may seem complicated because of the huge quantity of stats, in the end they complement each other and need an equilibrium between them. The same happens with leveling your characters and creating battle strategies. Their stats, level, talents, and roles all take a part in the outcome of your battles.

5. Lots of daily activities

There are tons of dishes to discover and cook. There are tons of fish to find and fish. There are tons of NPCs that need help. When you play Genshin Impact you won’t get bored at all. From daily needed activities to chill optional minigames. Every part of this game is made so that you constantly have things to explore and do.

4. Engaging main story 

I don’t know about you, but the story of the twins and the archons is really engaging for me. I mean, I literally cried in the third Inazuma arc. Where is the other twin? Who is the unknown goddess? What happened 500 years ago? All these questions are waiting to be answered in this story and I’m anxious to know their answers.

3. Variety of good characters 

The huge quantity of playable characters is a big plus for Genshin Impact. Moreover, the ease with which you can get lots of new ones when you’re a beginner is one of its best things. Those characters are really fun to play with, and their personalities match them as well. Although some are enemies and some are friends, every one of them has a distinct and enjoyable personality.

2. Huge open-world 

Without any loading screens whatsoever, Genshin Impact’s world, called Teyvat, comprises 7 huge regions that you can walk and explore without limits. It’s amazing just how big the world is and how many places there are to explore. Just climb somewhere high enough, like the top of Dragonspine, and try to see just how far you can go gliding. Even if it’s a lot, it won’t be even near the whole scope of the game!

1. Best mascot: Paimon! 

And, of course, there is Paimon. This little flying fairy has been guiding us through Teyvat from the start of the game until now, and hopefully will do until the end. Travelling (and playing) alone can be boring and tiring after some time, so having a funny, kind friend that accompanies you is a very lucky thing!


Genshin Impact is a game that you can play daily or weekly, alone or with your friends, paying or free. It just gives you so much freedom that you forget how good it is until you try another game. We just only need to be grateful to the developers and keep playing and expecting new things to be included, because I’m sure they’ll deliver.


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