[Top 10] Genshin Impact Long Range Characters That Wreck Hard!

You'll never need to get close to an enemy again

Would you rather use long range or melee characters?

Genshin Impact is famous for its fun gameplay, beautiful graphics, and open-world mechanics that you can all experience for free. But the reason why it has such a huge following is because of its fun and unique characters. Each playable character has a great design, intricate stories, and irreplaceable roles in the game's overall lore. 

When it comes to gameplay, the characters in Genshin Impact have their own value to bring to the team. Building a great team is a matter of investing in your favorites and matching them with your other favorites in your roster to create the perfect synergy and the power to wreck any enemy on sight. 

Most players consider the elements of their party members. Put two characters from different elements, and you might create an elemental reaction where they can deal damage like Vaporize and Melt or protect your characters with Crystalize. You can also include two characters of the same type, and you can create an Elemental Resonance to receive effects like increasing Elemental Resistance. 

For all the thought put into elemental abilities, character's classes are mostly forgotten. And there's a good reason for that. It's not exactly crucial if your character swings a sword or a polearm when they can shoot electricity out or summon a meteor to take care of the problem. 

But keep in mind that you will rely heavily on their Normal Attacks while their Elemental Skills and Bursts are on cooldown. If a majority of your party is a Claymore user, you're going to have a hard time in a crowd of enemies. 

Genshin Impact offers five of the most classic weapon types: Sword, Claymore, Polearm, Catalyst, and Bow. But we're going to ignore most of them for now and focus on Bow Users and Catalysts. 

Having at least one character from these two classes has a lot of uses. These characters are capable of mid-to-long range elemental damage with their Normal and Charged Attacks, resulting in a quick and easy Elemental Reaction. The only difference is that with Bows, you can attack further and more accurately. 

With a growing list of long-range characters in this game, find out which ones can wreck enemies from far away.  

10. Yanfei

Liyue's best legal adviser. 

Rarity: Four Star

Element: Pyro

Even as a four-star character, Yanfei can bring in a solid performance with just her Normal and Charged attacks. Her normal attacks are fireballs that cause Pyro DMG at a long-range while generating up to three single Scarlet Seal every time it hits an enemy. These Scarlet Seals will be consumed along with Stamina when casting Charged Attacks. 

Keep in mind that using her Charged attacks more often will make Yanfei vulnerable to enemy attacks as she can't use her Stamina to dodge. However, her shield skill at her fourth constellation can fix this problem. 

Compared to these attacks, her Elemental Burst and Skill may not be able to deal long-range damage. However, it can grant Scarlet Seals and increase the damage of her Charged Attacks. Take advantage of her quick cooldown to keep getting more Scarlet Seals. 

What makes Yanfei Great for Long Range: 

  • Low-Cost Pyro DPS 
  • Charged Attacks have High DMG output 

9. Diona

The Traveler is 500 years old and can't drink alcohol, but an actual child can work as a mixologist in a bar. 

Rarity: Four Star

Element: Cryo

If you're ever in need of a bow-wielding fighter, healer, and shield user, the young bartender of Cat's Tail can do them all. 

While Diona doesn't have great damage potential, you can rely on her to provide useful ranged attacks and quick Cryo damage whenever you need it. She also excels as support, creating shields with her Elemental Skill. 

Currently, Diona's shield is considered the strongest after Zhongli's, making her the best low-cost shield user in your game. Her shield also deals mid-ranged Cryo DMG as it forms. Use Diona's Elemental Burst, and she'll toss out a special cold brew that deals Cryo DMG to enemies within the AoE while also regenerating HP for active characters in it. 

Between her long-range skills and support abilities, Diona is the tiny Swiss knife you need for a low cost on any banner.  

What makes Diona Great for Long Range: 

  • Can apply Cryo on enemies
  • Effective Healer
  • Strong Shield

8. Yoimiya

As the most skilled pyrotechnician, Yoimiya earned the title, "Queen of the Summer Festival."

Rarity: Five Star

Element: Pyro

As a pyrotechnician and current owner of Inazuma's Naganohara Fireworks, even Yoimiya's most simple attacks can be explosive. Not only can her Charged Attacks generate up to three homing arrows that can deal Pyro DMG, but you can also imbue her Normal Attacks with Pyro DMG through her Elemental Skill. If you use your skill more often, you get to cause as much as Pyro attacks as possible at a safe distance. 

With her Elemental Burst, Yoimiya shoots rockets to an enemy that will explode and cause AOE Pyro DMG without getting too close. When a teammate hits the mark, it will also leave a mark that will release another AoE Pyro DMG. After being defeated, this mark will get passed onto another nearby enemy.

What makes Yoimiya Great for Long Range: 

  • Quick and powerful attacks
  • Single Target Enemies
  • Elemental Burst buffs

7. Sucrose

Sucrose is an alchemist that focuses on bio alchemy and aims to improve existing life with her research, the complete opposite of Albedo who is more interested in the essence of alchemy and the creation of new life. 

Rarity: Four Star 

Element: Anemo

The assistant of the head alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, Albedo, can become the most essential character of a team that heavily relies on Elemental Reactions. Her Normal and Charged attacks cause Anemo DMG that can trigger Swirl reactions if they come in contact with other elements. 

Her Elemental Skill creates a small Anemo Hypostasis that pulls and launches opponents within its affected area, dealing Anemo DMG along the way. Sucrose can launch a larger one with her Elemental Burst. Aside from launching nearby opponents and dealing Anemo DMG and additional Elemental DMG depending on which element it comes into contact with. 

When Sucrose triggers a Swirl effect, all characters except Anemo will get an increased Elemental Mastery. Sucrose's skills and burst have a similar effect to Venti. But as a four-star, she's a much easier character to get, which caused fans to call her discount Venti. 

What Makes Sucrose Great for Long Range: 

  • Boosts elemental mastery 
  • Great for crowd control
  • Elemental Skill has multiple charges
  • Reliable Anemo Sub-DPS 

6. Yae Miko

Behind that smile is a sly and shrewd character that you wouldn't want as an enemy.  

Rarity: Five Star

Element: Electro

The newest playable character that came with the Version 2.5 update, Yae Miko, is the familiar of the Electro Archon, overseer of the Grand Narukami Shrine, and the Yae Publishing House owner. Her Normal and Charged attacks summons kitsune spirits that deal Electro DMG and launches enemies away from her. 

When you press her elemental skill, Yae Miko will move swiftly and leave behind a Sesshou Sakura that will deal Electro DMG. You can leave behind up to three Sesshou Sakura which will boost each other's damage. This would need a bit of strategic planning as you can maximize the damage of her Sesshou Sakura by placing them in an ideal formation.  

Her Elemental Burst can be a finishing blow as a powerful lightning strikes with an enormous AoE Electro DMG. If there are Sesshou Sakura nearby, it will destroy their outer form and transform them into Tenko Thunderbolts that deal more AoE Electro DMG. 

As a new character, opinions regarding Yae Miko are currently mixed, but she's a great unit, especially as a sub-DPS for an Electro DPS team. Plus, she's a god-tier waifu that many anticipated up to her banner's release. 

What Makes Yae Miko Great for Long Range: 

  • Consistent Electro Damage 
  • Wide target range 
  • High AoE Electro DMG 
  • Fast Elemental Skill cooldown
  • Works well with an Electro team

5. Mona Megistus

A knowledgeable astrologist with a talent in hydromancy who always runs out of Mora. 

Rarity: Five Star

Element: Hydro

If you ever lost one too many 50-50s in a Character event banner, then you must be well-acquainted with Mona. The Mora-less astrologist is a versatile character that can deal massive damage herself, work with other supports, or act as a Sub-DPS. 

She can use water splashes to deal Hydro DMG with her Normal Attack, but it can also affect more opponents if you hold it long enough. This allows you to consistently apply Hydro for quick elemental reactions without wasting her skill or burst. 

When you use her elemental skill, she creates a Hydro Phantom that taunts nearby opponents while dealing Hydro DMG. Mona will also move away as she conjures the decoy if you hold her skill. Combine this with her unique dash, and she can escape her enemies swiftly. 

On the other hand, Mona's burst will apply the Illusory Bubble status, which will immobilize opponents and gives additional damage to the following attacks during its duration. It will also deal Hydro DMG as it goes.  

What makes Mona Great for Long Range: 

  • Continuous Hydro application
  • Good for crowd control 
  • Flexible skillset 

4. Klee

Klee is so talented that she’s been acknowledged by a Vision from a very young age.

Rarity: Five Star 

Element: Pyro

It may be hard to believe that an arsonist and the official strongest fighter in Mondstadt is the same person, and that person is a little girl who hasn't even hit puberty. Klee may be adorable, but she can apply explosive attacks that deal AoE Pyro DMG with her Normal and Charged attacks, which can knock back opponents and set your team up for Elemental Reactions. 

With her Elemental Skill, Klee will throw a bomb that will bounce three times, dealing Pyro damage at each bounce. At its last bounce, the bomb will split into many mines that will explode upon contact with an enemy. 

Once her burst is activated, she will continuously attack nearby opponents and Pyro and explosive damage until the duration ends. This attack will hit the enemy regardless of its height and distance away from her. 

What makes Klee Great for Long Range: 

  • High base Pyro DMG 
  • Every attack applies Pyro 
  • Explosions can knock back enemies 

Despite being well-liked by Mondstadt's citizens and earning the name, "Most Popular Bard of Mondstadt," Venti became known as a tone-deaf bard by players thanks to Paimon. 

Rarity: Five Star

Element: Anemo

Venti is a good character for reasons beyond completing your Archon collection. As the only bow Anemo user at the moment, he's the only one who can deal Anemo DMG with his arrows. 

With his elemental skill, he can also fire off wind currents that can launch opponents off their feet while causing AoE Anemo DMG. If you press it long enough, it can also double as an upcurrent that can lift Venti and his team in the air and give the chance to do a Plunge Attack. 

When his burst is activated, Venti will be helpful for crowd control. He will fire off an arrow filled with countless winds that will suck in objects and enemies along its path and deal with continuous Anemo DMG. 

Since his burst regenerates a lot of energy and has a low cost, you can also use his burst more frequently than most. Combine him with a team member with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro elements, and you can add additional Elemental DMG through Swirl reactions. 

What makes Venti Great for Long Range: 

  • High energy recharge rate 
  • Great crowd control 
  • Deals massive Anemo and Elemental DMG 

2. Childe/ Tartaglia

Despite being the youngest of the Fatui Harbingers, this battle-obsessed guy is one of the strongest of their organization. 

Rarity: Five Star

Element: Hydro

A man with many names and masks, Childe or Tartaglia, is a unique character for many reasons. He's currently the only playable member of the Fatui Harbingers and the only character who can use a long-range and Melee weapon. It's the best of worlds. 

Hit an opponent with a charged attack, and it will deal Hydro DMG while applying the Riptide status. This means that the marked enemy will suffer from AoE Hydro DMG every 0.7 seconds. Once they die, a nearby opponent will inherit the status for the remainder of its duration. 

If you pair him with other elements, you can proc reactions without wasting energy or waiting for a long cooldown. 

Childe's elemental skill allows him to enter his Melee Stance, where he can use weaponry that can deal Hydro DMG. However, his cooldown can go as high as 40 seconds, depending on how long it's activated. 

There are also differences with his burst depending on his stance. During his Ranged Stance, he'll be firing an arrow that will cause Hydro DMG at the affected area and apply the Riptide status. In his Melee stance, he'll perform a slash that will affect all nearby enemies and trigger a Hydro explosion to surrounding opponents. 

While Childe isn't only a long-ranged character, learning to juggle between his two stances is a challenging and fun aspect of his gameplay. 

What makes Childe Great for Long Range: 

  • Constant stream of damage from Riptide status
  • Can switch to Melee
  • Great at multiple enemies 

1. Ganyu 

You're probably tired of hearing this, but DPS Ganyu is outright broken. 

Rarity: Five Star

Element: Cryo

Many first-generation Ganyu havers didn't think much of it when they first got her for their team, but the Adeptus turned out to be one of the most powerful DPS characters in the game. Her ascension bonus stat is Crit DMG, so that you can get a pretty high base after level 70. If you add artifacts that boost this stat, you can deal damage without relying on skills and burst.

Charging her arrows can already deal massive Cryo DMG, especially if you charge it until level two. After a long charge, it will fire a Frostflake Arrow that causes Cryo DMG and add an AoE Cryo DMG after it blooms. 

Some players often have difficulty aiming for their targets, but you don't have to be a great shot with her level two charged attacks. It doesn't make direct hits necessary, making it the perfect attack for players struggling with long-ranged characters. 

If enemies are getting dangerously close, Ganyu can leave behind an Ice Lotus that will attract enemies to get attacked instead with her Elemental Skill. Aside from that, it will deal AoE Cryo DMG once destroyed, or its duration ends. There's also a bonus of enemies freezing if they are affected by Hydro. Since Ganyu has a low HP and Defense, this will allow you to create distance before starting to attack again. 

When you activate Ganyu's burst, she will release a Sacred Cryo Pearl that strikes enemies with Cryo within the affected area. It also has a low cost and cooldown that matches its uptime, making it easy to maintain on the field. 

What makes Ganyu Great for Long Range: 

  • High base Crit DMG 
  • Powerful Elemental Burst with Great Up-Time
  • Powerful Charged Attacks
  • Elemental Skill Acts as a Taunt 

With that, our list for the best long-ranged characters end. While many of these characters can deal massive damage from afar, they're not unplayable once enemies get close. They're just as equipped to handle opponents like any sword, claymore, or polearm user in the game. 

Remember, what makes a character amazing and powerful depends on how you build them. Invest in their weapons, artifacts, and team comp, and any character can wreck enemies no matter the distance.

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