[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best DPS Characters That Are Amazing

Genshin Impact Best DPS Characters
Liyue's Jaksha and the one who granted his vision

A lot of people argue which type of Genshin Impact character is the best. However, all of them know that having a bit of everything is important. And most importantly, having a good DPS is essential. 

In this guide, we show the best 10 DPS characters in Genshin Impact. This way you can choose whoever fits your style better or seems more attractive to you. Then, you can build an awesome team that makes sure that character shines!

10. Eula

We start with this noble from Mondstadt. Her cold personality and bad reputation reflect in her having no friends except Amber. However, that doesn’t make her a bad Knight of Favonious. With her Cryo Vision, she destroys anyone she has a grudge with.

Eula’s damage is mostly based on Physical Damage, which is, you should improve her Physical Damage. That way, not only her nuker burst, but her normal attacks will deal huge damage to your enemies as well. This, together with her improved attack speed thanks to her passive, can make her one of your best assets.

What makes Eula an amazing DPS:

  • Nuker burst
  • Fast normal attack speed
  • Good Physical normal attacks’ damage

9. Yoimiya

Next, we have Inazuma’s fireworks girl. Is obvious that playing with fire every day would get her a Pyro vision. She may be a bit too talkative but her battle skills are the real deal.

Infusing her normal attacks with pyro damage using her elemental skill, her damage skyrockets. Yoimiya’s passive abilities also help make her a great DPS. From improving her attack to improving her Pyro damage or having extra arrows dealing damage, she has a pretty good kit.

What makes Yoimiya an amazing DPS:

  • Fast energy recharge
  • Continuous Pyro damage
  • Passive improves that Pyro damage

8. Raiden Shogun

In 8th place, we find the Raiden Shogun, Baal, Belzebuub, Ei, whatever you want to call her. It doesn’t matter, because she will cut you in half anyway. As a goddess exerting power over the Electro element, she’s obviously one of the best DPS in the game.

The Shogun’s best point is her elemental burst. He uses her hidden katana and deals a big nuke. After that, for a limited time, her basic attacks will be Electro-infused and deal additional damage. But don’t worry! Even after the burst fever time stops, her elemental skill will allow you to keep dealing Electro damage.

What makes Raiden Shogun an amazing DPS:

  • Nuker burst
  • Improved normal attacks’ damage after burst
  • Passive damage with elemental skill

7. Klee

Why would a little girl be in the top 10 DPS, you ask? Well, first, don’t forget she’s an official member of the Knights of Favonious. Then, remember her mother is Alice, the legendary adventurer. Finally, look at her Pyro vision and bag full of bombs. What do you think now?

Spamming her charged attacks is the only thing you need to destroy your enemies. If you want to be even eviler, you can plant bombs in the floor with her elemental skill, or use a support to make some vaporization or melt reactions to double her damage,

What makes Klee an amazing DPS:

  • Really powerful charged attacks
  • Has a free-to-play personalized weapon: Dodoco Tales
  • Can make vaporization and melt reactions

6. Diluc

The next one is Diluc. A descendant of the people who made Venti into an archon. A simple bartender who doesn’t like wine. A dark hero who patrols Mondstadt streets at night. If you want to break the third wall, you can also call him the best DPS in early-game, him being in the standard banner.

His low-cost burst makes him able to spam his ultimate ability constantly. This way, not only can he deal damage to his enemies, but also infuse his claymore with Pyro element, making his normal attacks deadly. Moreover, after his burst, his elemental damage is increased!

What makes Diluc an amazing DPS:

  • Powerful elemental skill
  • Fast energy recharge
  • Constant Pyro damage
  • Can make vaporization and melt reactions

5. Hu Tao

Going to Liyue we find the 5th candidate. Hu Tao owns a Funeral Parlor, as well as a Pyro vision. Combining her knowledge of the dead and her battle skills, she’s both a great nuker and DPS.

Although she loses ⅓ of her HP by using her elemental skill, it’s not a problem, because her burst fully heals her while dealing damage. Together with the ES Pyro infusion, burns to her enemies and, some elemental reactions, you can destroy the Abyss.

What makes Hu Tao an amazing DPS:

  • Powerful DPS while Pyro infused
  • Heals herself so you don’t need a healer
  • Burns enemies
  • Can make vaporization and melt reactions

4. Tartaglia

Somehow, this handsome Fatui finds his way in all of our tops. Not taking into account his Electro Delusion, his fair Hydro Vision and his fighting instincts are what got him into the Harbingers. They are also what make him an outstanding DPS.

Both his ranged charged attacks and his melee normal attacks really pack a punch. As well as both of his elemental bursts. Adding the passive damage to marked enemies and some vaporize here and some freeze there, no one can stand between Childe and his victory.

What makes Tartaglia an amazing DPS:

  • Versatile attacks: melee or ranged
  • Two types of bursts
  • Can make vaporize reaction or freeze enemies
  • Marked enemies receive extra damage

3. Xiao

Entering the top 3 in this list, we find Xiao the Jaksha. Although seemingly young, he is a warrior thousands of years old. After all that experience and time to hone his skills, he can be one of your best companions in battle.

His Anemo vision together with his powers of the Jaksha allow him to transform into a devil incarnation. With his mask on, you can use your Xiao to spam jump attacks. Anemo infusion, more damage, and higher jumps make his kits one of the easiest and most fun to use, always dealing huge DPS.

What makes Xiao an amazing DPS:

  • Difficult to damage while burst jumping
  • Anemo infusion after burst can cause swirl reaction
  • Each jump attack deals huge damage
  • Constant burst spam with a battery in the team

2. Kamisato Ayaka

Now in second place, we find the princess from the Yashiro Commission. Known to everyone as the Shirasagi Himegimi, or Heron Princess. For always trying their best, she and her brother both received a vision. In her case being the freezing Cryo Vision.

This vision allows her to infuse her katana with the Cryo element after sprinting, thus dealing high Cryo damage to her enemies without any cooldown or energy required. If spamming those attacks wasn’t enough, both her elemental skill and burst deal enormous damage as well, and are easily rechargeable with her normal attacks.

What makes Kamisato Ayaka an amazing DPS:

  • Applies Cryo just sprinting
  • Elemental skill deals huge damage
  • Elemental burst deals damage for a while
  • Can make melt reaction or freeze enemies

1. Ganyu

Ganyu being the best DPS in the game is one thing all Genshin Impact players can agree on. It doesn’t matter if you have her or not, everyone knows how devastating she is. And her attacks are not the only thing devastating about this adepti. Her beauty and intellect make everyone wait for her banner desperately.

She has a fairly simple playstyle. Charged attacks. That’s it. Not only are they powerful enough by themselves, but they explode, dealing extra damage afterward as well. She’s also very versatile in that she can dash backward if the enemies are getting near. Or use her burst to freeze enemies in a wide area after applying Hydro. However you use her, she’s definitely amazing.

What makes Ganyu an amazing DPS:

  • Doesn’t depend on cooldown or energy
  • Charged attacks work like a nuke
  • Being ranged she receives little damage
  • Can make melt reaction or freeze enemies


These ten characters may very well be the best damage dealers in the game. Their kits represent what a real DPS should look like. From killing damage by themselves to making it easy for supports to help them.

However, as we always say, games are made so you can have fun. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these characters. Nor if you have them but don’t like their playstyle. Almost every character can deal tons of damage with a proper build. So just look through this guide to take some tips about how your DPS should be like.

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