[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Attack Characters That Are Amazing (2022 Edition)

The prettiest girls in Inazuma

The characters of Genshin Impact have a lot of stats that you can increase with weapons or artifacts. These are ATK, DEF, HP, Critical Rate/Damage, Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Damage Bonus.

Depending on the character and their role, increasing some stats is better than others. For example, Jean’s healing increases with her ATK. In this guide, we’ll show you some characters who need to have a high Attack stat to be awesome.

10. Yoimiya

In 10th place, we find Yoimiya, the fireworks girl from Inazuma. With her Pyro Vision, she’s a DPS character, who mainly leads the team and deals the most damage of all. The damage dealt by any character is mainly based onn Attack.

As Yoimiya’s a DPS, she needs a lot of Attack to deal the damage necessary to carry the team. That’s why Yoimiya should increase her ATK stat, with weapons, artifacts, or whatever you have in hand.

What Makes This Character Great for Attack: 

  • Great DPS character
  • Needs a lot of ATK for nuker charged attacks 
  • Huge damage from elemental burst

9. Tartaglia

Tartaglia is another amazing DPS. He’s a Hydro Vision carrier from Snezhnaya whose battle style is based on powerful normal attacks and a nuker ranged elemental burst. He’s the same as Yoimiya, needing lots of ATK to increase the power of his normal attacks.

This character has been in the game almost from the start, but he hasn’t lost his place as an amazing carry. With his main weapon, the Rust, and a lot of ATK, he’ll be unstoppable.

What Makes This Character Great for Attack: 

  • Nuker burst that can destroy enemies
  • Fast and powerful normal attacks
  • Both ranged and melee gameplay

8. Diluc

Genshin Impact has a gacha system for getting characters with changing banners. However, there is also a permanent banner that contains various characters. One of them is the DPS Diluc.

As a DPS, he needs ATK to deal tons of damage. With enough Critical Rate and Critical Damage, Diluc only needs an Attack Hourglass or Attack Weapon to get his damage to the hundreds.

What Makes This Character Great for Attack: 

  • Easy rechargeable burst
  • Continuous Pyro damage
  • Overall huge DPS

7. Xiao

Xiao’s one of the characters with the highest ATK of the game. His gameplay is based on recharging energy with his powerful skill. Then, he uses his burst to jump super-high and deal plunge damage on his enemies.

Xiao’s plunge attacks need to be powerful enough to defeat all enemies before the damage increase from the burst finishes. With the new artifact set, Xiao’s damage will be increased. If one of those artifacts increases ATK, he’ll be unstoppable.

What Makes This Character Great for Attack: 

  • Easy gameplay
  • High jump can avoid enemies
  • Huge damage increase

6. Eula

Eula is one of the best DPS characters in the game, who mainly deals normal attacks and is based on Physical Damage. Her high attack velocity can increase her DPS by leaps and bounds. Together with her nuker burst, she’s an amazing character.

This character needs to deal powerful NAs because her skill is not her main ability. For this, a high ATK stat is needed, so she should have lots of ATK in a substat or a weapon with high ATK.

What Makes This Character Great for Attack: 

  • Fast attacks  mean faster battle
  • Powerful nuker burst
  • Can create powerful elemental reactions

5. Hu Tao

Hu Tao is one of the most used characters in both domains and the Spiral Abyss. She’s an easy-to-build character who uses elemental reactions (such as vaporize with Xingqiu or Barbara). Easy doesn’t mean weak.

It’s true Hu Tao uses her life to increase her damage, so she needs a lot of HP. However, we can’t forget she’s a carry, which means she needs both Elemental Mastery and tons of Attack!

What Makes This Character Great for Attack: 

  • Powerful elemental reactions
  • Easy to build
  • Doesn’t need healing

4. Ayaka

In Inazuma, we can find the Crane Princess Kamisato Ayaka. With a Cryo Vision and a perfect education in using her katana, she’s one of the most powerful DPS. She can infuse the Cryo element on her sword, dealing huge damage to her enemies.

She’s a pure DPS character that apart from Critical Rate and Damage all she needs is Attack. With a huge ATK substat, both her elemental skill and her burst will defeat enemies in seconds. 

What Makes This Character Great for Attack:

  • Most powerful burst in-game
  • Easy Cryo infusion
  • Pure powerful DPS

3. Ganyu

In the top 3, we find what is called the best DPS in the world of Genshin Impact. Ganyu is a half-adepti from Liyue, serving the Geo Archon because of a contract. Using her charged attacks she can deal the same (or more) damage than other characters’ bursts.

Ganyu is the same as Ayaka: a pure DPS that needs tons of ATK. With enough Critical Rate and Damage, her blooming charged attacks will be able to one-shot even the most powerful enemies.

What Makes This Character Great for Attack: 

  • Most powerful DPS in-game
  • Charged attacks deal a ton of damage
  • Can create amazing elemental reactions

2. Qiqi

Why a healer in second place? Well, I’ve written about her many times, and in all of those guides, I concluded that she can be both a healer and a DPS. Her skills hit like a truck if build correctly so she needs Attack to take advantage of that.

If that wasn’t enough, her healing increases with her Attack. If she has tons of Attack, she will deal tons of damage and heal tons of life. What more do you want?

What Makes This Character Great for Attack: 

  • Powerful skills
  • Can create huge elemental reactions
  • Normal attacks can heal your party

1. Jean

In the first place, we find a really similar case: the healer and DPS Jean. Jean’s elemental burst is a powerful crowd-controlling ability that both deals tons of Anemo damage and heals the whole party.

Her case is like Qiqi’s, both her DPS and her healing increase with her Attack stat. Whenever you use her burst, your whole party will be fully healed, your enemies pushed away, and probably dead.

What Makes This Character Great for Attack: 

  • Lots of healing
  • CC abilities
  • Huge DPS


As you can see, the Attack stat is useful in a lot of characters. It’s useful in DPS characters, who need high ATK to deal tons of damage. It’s also useful for healers like Qiqi or Jean, whose ATK increases their healing. 

This guide shows only 10 characters, but Genshin Impact has tons of them, so you should try to increase ATK in various characters and see if they increase their performance or perform worse than before.



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