[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Battery Characters That Are Great

Just because it's called Battery Characters, doesn't mean they're all Electro. It's just most of them.

Who would you use as a Battery for your team? 

In a game with unique and lovable characters, it's easy to get attached to our favorite Genshin character. We put them all in our party to keep them by our side as much as possible without thinking. 

Unfortunately, it can end up being a disaster. While every character in Genshin Impact has their own skills and abilities that make them formidable fighters on the battlefield, making the team with no synergy can lead to hours of frustrating losses. 

Think of it as an orchestra. If everyone only plays the violin, it may sound good, but it may also lack variety. Giving it more variety would make it even more impressive. In this game, team compositions require choosing characters for different roles to utilize them in combat. 

This means going beyond the Attack, Crit Damage, and Crit Rate that most of the community turn their attention to. It's time to start investing in energy recharge, especially for characters who can become a battery. 

Battery characters act similarly to their namesake. It provides the active character in the battlefield with a boost of energy to perform their Elemental Bursts as often as possible. So, if you ever had any problem with a main DPS with an elemental burst that requires a high energy cost, you're going to need a battery.

So before forming your party, find out which characters can fill up a burst's energy gauge:

5. Bennett

The sole member of Benny's Adventure Team. Everyone else quit to avoid his bad luck.

A young adventurer known for his big heart and terrible luck, Bennett was a pleasant surprise for Genshin players. He became the ultimate support with his flexibility to a wide array of team comps, boosts as an attack buffer, and a healer. And he doesn't even need to be on the battlefield to do all of it. 

However, his ability to become a battery comes from his elemental skill. This allows him to deal Pyro damage at different, depending on its charge. At the same time, it also generates two to three energy particles, which also change based on its charge. 

Tapping on the elemental skill gives you a five to ten percent chance of generating a third particle. It will increase to 60% if you hold and release it before triggering Charge Level 1. The cooldown on this ability can reduce to 4-8 seconds after the first Ascension. When the second passive talent is activated, the skill's cooldown can lower up to 2-4 seconds while inside the Fantastic Voyage's circle.  

Bennett will need a Skyward Blade of a Favonius Sword as a weapon. Skyward Blade will give a 12% Energy Recharge, which can help with a faster Elemental Burst. As a bonus, movement speed and attack speed will increase by 10%. Normal and Charged attacks will also deal additional attack damage equal to 20-40%. 

Meanwhile, the Favonius Sword will give off an Energy Recharge of 13.3%. Its passive skill will allow Bennett to have a 60-100% chance to generate six energy particles when they Crit. However, it can only occur every six to 12 seconds. If you don't have those in your inventory, Sacrificial Sword, Skyrider Sword, or any sword with Energy Recharge will suffice.

What Makes Bennet Great for Battery 

  • Low-cost character
  • Generates a ton of energy from elemental skill, giving two elemental particles when pressed and three when held.
  • Skill has a low cooldown. 
  • Shines as a battery for Xiangling, Klee, Diluc, and Hu Tao.

4. Venti

Even gods can be tone-deaf, or maybe it's just this bard. 

The current mortal vessel of the Archon of Mondstadt roams Teyvat as a free-spirited bard, singing songs and collecting a tab at Angel's Share. But despite his playful personality, having a literal god on your team has its own benefits.

As an Anemo character, Venti works best as support. His elemental skill and burst can cause elemental absorption damage and Swirl reactions when all your characters add in their elements, which can deal some hefty damage. He also acts as crowd control for mobs of enemies, making it easier to deal with them all at once.   

It's not completely common to use Venti solely as a battery, but the amount of energy he generates makes him good at it. When you press his elemental skill, he can generate three elemental particles and four when held after hitting a target.  

On top of that, when his passive talent, Stormeye, is activated at level 60, his elemental burst can regenerate 15 Energy for Venti and any characters with an element it comes into contact with when an elemental absorption occurs. 

Building a team with Venti and another Anemo character like Xiao or Jean can also lower the whole team's skill cooldown. Of course, the same would be true for any two characters with an Anemo element due to the Anemo resonance. But with Venti's abilities, he makes one of the best units you can have.  

The best weapon for a support Venti would be a five-star, Elegy for the End. It provides Energy Recharge and increased Elemental Mastery by 60, adding to the damage from elemental reactions as you constantly burst. 

However, Elegy can only be obtained through the Weapon Events banner. The four-star Sacrificial Bow is an excellent alternative with its 6.7% Energy Recharge and a 40-80% chance of ending its cooldown after dealing damage with an Elemental Skill.  

What Makes Venti Great for Battery 

  • His elemental skill generates three elemental particles when pressed and four when held if it hits one target. 
  • His passive talent, Stormeye, regenerates 15 Energy for Venti after the effects of his elemental burst end. 
  • If an Elemental Absorption occurs, his passive talent can also restore 15 Energy to all characters with any element involved. This makes him the best battery for characters that can react with Anemo (Electro, Pyro, Hydro, or Cryo)
  • Pairing Venti with another Anemo character would activate the Anemo Resonance, which decreases the team's skills Cooldown.
  • With his C4, he can even receive a 25% Anemo DMG Bonus for ten seconds after picking up an Elemental Orb or Particle. 

3. Fischl

She's also a princess from another world, I swear. 

Known for her quirks and raven companion, Fischl is a bow and arrow character bestowed with Electro Vision. On the surface, she might only seem like a cute girl with Chuunibyou or Eight-Grade syndrome but don't make the mistake of underestimating the Investigator of Mondstadt's Adventurers' Guild. 

Fischl is one of the most popular four-star DPS in the game. Many players use her as a main DPS for her pet crow, Oz, who acts as a turret unit. You can expect Fischl to deal thousands of physical and Electro damage when properly built.

As a battery, Fischl was dethroned from the top since the Version 2.0 update, but she remains one of the characters with the highest energy rates, especially as you unlock more constellations. If you want to go full battery, make sure that Oz stays on the battlefield for as long as possible to generate more energy particles. Increasing her energy recharge will do just that. A four-star Favonius Warbow with its energy recharge secondary stat and skill that allows a 60-100% chance of regenerating six energy after a crit would be the best weapon if you want Fischl to become a battery. 

If you want a Fischl that doubles as a sub-DPS, Elegy for the End is a good alternative since it gives an attack bonus. Although, you may want to invest more real-life money into it once it comes out in another Weapons banner. 

What Makes Fischl Great for Battery 

  • Can passively generate energy while Oz is on the field.
  • At C6, Oz can generate up to 8 energy particles for the active character before disappearing. 
  • A universal battery that can provide a stable amount of energy even for party members of different elements

2. Electro Traveler

Teyvat's Number 1 Errand Runner. 

As we play through the game, we'll be seeing the world of Teyvat through the eyes of the Traveler, Lumine and Aether. 

But most of the time, players don't use them for combat. While the Traveler deTravelercent amount of damage and has the unique ability to change elements through the Statues of the Seven, they still get overshadowed by the massive damage dealers in the game. 

As a result, the Traveler gets sidelined until the cutscenes call for them. Until the Version 2.0 update and Inazuma, players could switch to Electro. Suddenly, many started to level up their Traveler. 

Traveler can generate energy from their elemental skill, Lightning Blade, which causes them to drop Abundance Amulets that restores elemental energy and increase energy recharge for any character on the field. They can also regenerate one more energy with their elemental burst. 

Equip the Traveler with either a Skyward Blade or a Favonius Sword. As mentioned in Bennett's section, the five-star sword, Skyward Blade, gives off Energy Recharge and increases movement and attack speed. Additional damage is also given to normal and charged attacks as a bonus.  

Favonius Sword is the best alternative for those with a lower budget and wants the Traveler to act as a battery solely. Of course, any energy recharge sword will suffice.

What Makes The Traveler Great for Battery:

  • The Traveler and their constellations are all free.
  • Their electro skill allows them to leave an Abundance Amulet that any active character can restore their elemental energy and increase energy recharge for 15 seconds. 
  • They release an extra Abundance Amulet with their first constellation, giving a total of three. 
  • At C4, a character with less than 35% Energy that would obtain an Abundance Amulet would have their energy restored increased by 100%. 
  • At C6, their burst will add one energy to the activated character on top of an additional 200% damage from Falling Thunder, which generates every half second. 
  • A universal battery, but shines the most in a team comp for Eula or any electro character main. 

1. Raiden Shogun

As if there's a better battery character than the Electro Archon herself. 

When the Electro Archon isn't busy chasing after her version of Eternity, she's an incredibly powerful character to have in your party. The Raiden Shogun has a unique role of being a damage-dealer and support by providing Electro damage that can be applied to enemies even when she's not on the battlefield. She can also buff the elemental damage of the other characters.

As the Electro Archon, no other character is a better battery than the Raiden Shogun. Not at the moment, at least. To maximize her ability as a battery, raise her energy recharge to allow the consistent use of her burst, Musou Isshin. Aside from infusing Electro Burst Damage to all attacks, she will regenerate energy every second throughout the skill's duration. 

Some constellations can affect the energy particles. If you can afford up to her sixth constellation, the whole party's Elemental Burst cooldowns by one second after a hit from the Musou Isshin up to five times.

She would be great in any team where she can act as a DPS or do elemental reactions as you can generate particles to charge bursts and trigger reactions constantly. 

Her best weapon as a battery would be the featured five-star weapon, the Engulfing Lightning. It provides up to 55.1% Energy Recharge. This polearm can also increase your attack by 28-56 for an Energy Recharge of over 100%. The attack bonus can be maxed out to 80-120% while gaining 30-50% Energy Recharge for 12 seconds after using an Elemental Burst. 

Skyward Spin is also an excellent five-star weapon. Aside from its 8-36.8% Energy Recharge, it also has a passive ability to increase your Crit Rate by 8-16% and 12% Normal Attack Speed. You have a 50% chance of triggering a vacuum attack that deals with 40-100% as AoE damage when you attack your enemies. This effect can be activated every two seconds. 

The Catch is the best alternative for F2P players with its energy recharge sub-stat. It also has a passive ability to increase the user's Elemental Burst damage by 16-32% and a 6-12% Crit Rate increase. 

Now that she's back for the Version 2.5 update, you'll get another chance to pull for the Electro Archon. 

What Makes The Shogun Great for Battery 

  • At level 20, her passive talent will allow her to add two resolve stacks to Chakra Desiderata on your elemental burst for three seconds after a party member gains an Elemental Orbs or Particles. 
  • At level 60, her energy restoration will increase by 0.6% and electro damage bonus by 0.4% from the Musou Isshin for every 1% of 100% of the energy recharge. 
  • At C6, the Elemental Burst cooldowns of other party members would decrease by one second after the Musou Isshin hits the opponents. This cooldown decrease can trigger a total of 
  • five times during Musou Isshin. 

Battery characters are only one aspect of what makes a great team in Genshin Impact, but it's necessary. A main DPS that can deal god-like elemental burst damage is meaningless if it takes too long to recharge. 

If you decide to raise any of these characters for their generated energy, boosting their Energy Recharge is the key to maximizing their skill. A general rule is to get their Energy Rechatageto 200% or above. 

Aside from weapons and ascending characters (sometimes), you can increase your energy recharge stat through artifacts. Artifacts like The Exile and Scholar can already increase a character's Energy Recharge by 20% with just two of its set. 

The Exile can regenerate two energy for all party members three times with an Elemental Burst in its entire set. Meanwhile, the Scholar will add three energy to the energy gained by any bow or catalyst user once every three seconds. 

But if you hate artifacts without a gold background, then equip your character with any 5-star set that you want. Just save Energy Recharge as the main stat for your hourglass and a sub-stat to any other piece that you want.

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