[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Teams

Genshin Impact Best Teams

Quite a lot has been updated in Genshin Impact since the last article about the best team you can build within the game, which was based on version 1.2.

From new characters appearing to old ones being upgraded, the list is bound to change. Not to mention the new enemies (even Bosses) that have been added to the game itself.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re building a team in Genshin Impact, even different bosses require different teams if you want to fight effectively and efficiently.

Between the number of characters that you have (or want to have) and the things that you have to go against, here goes your guide to making the best teams in Genshin Impact.

10. Best Wolf of the North Team

Wolf of the North, Andrius, is one of the Weekly Bosses that you can challenge in Genshin Impact. We first go against the Wolf’s spirit during Razor’s Story Quest: The Meaning of Lupical.

Andrius has three phases during the fight, Phase 1, Interlude, and Phase 2. His Attacks differ according to these phases, which makes it necessary to bring the right combination to fight him.

As Andrius is immune to both Anemo and Cryo, it is the best option not to bring characters with these elements when fighting him. Additionally, Hydro characters aren’t recommended either because you’ll get Frozen over and over again when Andrius enters his Cryo phase.

That being said, there are also a few combinations that work best against him, and here’s one of the unique combinations to go for: Klee, Ningguang, Albedo, and Bennett.

 With Klee as a main DPS and Andrius’ elements, Pyro would be the best choice to go against him. Plus, with Albedo’s Geo Construct, Klee can climb and Attack from a heightened place than her usual short range. Or, well, you can use Ningguang who’s much taller.

Bennett’s just here as a healer and buff, but, if you feel like it, you can change him with Barbara just because. Remember to be careful of getting Frozen if you bring her!


  • Klee – Main DPS
  • Ningguang – Sub DPS
  • Albedo – Sub DPS
  • Bennett – Utility

Why This Team Is Great:

  • The double Anemo activates an Elemental Resonance, not only your Movement SPD, but your Stamina Consumption is decreased by 15% and the Skill CD is shortened by 5%
  • The double Geo activates Enduring Rock resonance, in which it increases Shield strength by 15%. Characters within the Shield will have their DMG increased by 15% and dealing these DMG to enemies will decrease their Geo RES by 20% for 15 seconds 
  • Klee and Ningguang makes a double main DPS even though Klee is the priority here
  • Albedo and Ningguang can trigger Crystalizes, making Shields for the characters

9. Best Golden House Team

Golden House is another domain that holds the Weekly Bosses you can challenge. To unlock this domain, you’ll need to complete Archon Quest Chapter 1, Act 3. The Boss in this challenge is Childe, the Fatui Harbinger.

Childe has three phases in this domain, in which the nature of his Attacks also differs in each phase. This makes him a bit tricky to fight, but all is good as long as you know which characters have the best skills against him.

That said, the best team to challenge the Golden House is Hu Tao, Xiangling, Rosaria, and Qiqi. With these four, there are two Elemental Resonances unlocked: Shattering Ice and Fervent Flames which are effective against the two elements Childe uses in this domain, Hydro and Electro.

Additionally, there are a few reasons why these characters are great for the Golden House challenge. With Qiqi’s Elemental Burst, in which she regenerates HP  when dealing DMG, this encourages you to keep on hitting Childe as your heal your characters.

Plus, this helps a lot with Hu Tao’s HP that’s used for activating her Elemental Skill.

Xiangling and Rosaria are here to provide support in triggering Melt reaction. On another note, if you have C2 Chongyun, he can be a good choice too as his C2 reduces the CD time of Elemental Skill and Burst that is casted within his Elemental Skill AoE by 15%.


  • Hu Tao – Main DPS
  • Xiangling – Sub DPS
  • Rosaria – Sub DPS
  • Qiqi – Utility

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Shattering Ice resonance is on, which gives the following effect: affected by Electro for 40% less time. Increases CRIT Rate against enemies that are Frozen or affected by Cryo by 15%
  • Fervent Flames resonance is on, which gives the following effect: affected by Cryo for 40% less time. Increases ATK by 25%
  • Continuous Melt reaction
  • Qiqi’s healing help Hu Tao as a main DPS

8. Best Stormterror Team

Compared to the other two Weekly Bosses, it wouldn’t be a lie to say Stormterror might be the trickiest one. To start off, you can fight against the other Weekly Bosses in Co-Op mode, asking your friend for help because they just might have the characters fitting to fight against those Bosses.

Dvalin, though, can only be fought by yourself . You’re not allowed to go into Co-Op mode when challenging his domain, so you’ll have to prepare well when you go to confront the dragon.

The Stormterror itself doesn’t exactly have multiple phases like the other Bosses. The domain, on the other hand, does have some stages which we might have to go through all if you don’t defeat him quickly enough.

With these in mind, the team to defeat Stormterror would be Ganyu, Ningguang, Fischl, and Bennett. The thought that goes behind this is, with these combinations, you don’t have to wait for Dvalin to come down to attack him.

With Ganyu, Ningguang, and Fischl you can just aim at him even from afar and maybe without even going up his back once he’s down. Bennett’s here for his Elemental Burst, healing and increasing DMG as the other fight.

That said, there are other combinations of Bow or Catalyst users for this if the main goal is to defeat him quickly without waiting for Dvalin to step on the platform.


  • Ganyu – Main DPS
  • Ningguang – Sub DPS
  • Fischl – Sub DPS
  • Bennett – Utility

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Unlocks the Elemental Resonance Protective Canopy, which gives a +15% all Elemental and Physical Resistance
  • Can fight Dvalin as he’s flying
  • No need to wait for him to step down on the Platform (which… can take some time)
  • With Ganyu and Ningguang together, you technically have 2 Main DPS
  • Bennett can heal and boost DMG for the other members

7. Best Exploration Team

With an open world like Genshin Impact which map is still being updated, you’ll eventually end up exploring the world once all the quests are done and you’re left with nothing but daily commissions and farming materials.

Roaming around can both be fun and tiring, because you’re just wandering here and there hoping to find treasures that might not even be there (please craft the Treasure Compass!). At times, you’re made to go through a complicated trip for a common chest. But, hey, you’ll reach that 100% mark on the map.

The best team for this purpose would be Venti, Mona, Rosaria, and Xiao.

It’s pretty obvious why they’re the team you need for exploration: Venti helps you fly, Mona helps you glide, and Rosaria increases Movement SPD at night (it’s such a good thing Genshin Impact allows you to change the in-game time, right?).

Xiao, on the other hand, is here both to be the main DPS and trigger the Impetuous Winds Elemental Resonance, which decreases Stamina Consumption by 15%, increases Movement SPD by 10%, and shortens Skill CD by 5%. Pretty neat, I know.


  • Venti – Utility
  • Mona – Sub DPS
  • Xiao – Main DPS
  • Rosaria – Sub DPS

Why This Team Is Great:

  • The double Anemo activates an Elemental Resonance, not only your Movement SPD, but your Stamina Consumption is decreased by 15% and the Skill CD is shortened by 5%
  • Venti’s air current helps reaching high places
  • Mona’s gliding ability helps in getting to the other side of the water body
  • Sometimes you see treasure surrounded by air current in the middle of nowhere, which can be reached with Venti’s own air current. So, no, you don’t have to look for cliffs and fly down from far away for you to fall in the wrong place and repeat. All for a common chest.

6. Best Cryo DPS Team

The next stop is the best Cryo DPS Team. While we have quite a few Cryo characters within the game, the only Cryo character suitable as a main DPS is Ganyu. Which is quite something, because she’s an archer. Either way, she’s a good one at that.

The team to help optimize her DMG would be Mona, Diona, and Xiangling. A note here, it’s okay if you’d like to change Diona for Rosaria and Xiangling for Bennett. What’s important is there needs to be a Utility here; so, while Ganyu and Mona stays, the next two pairs would be either Diona and Xiangling or Rosaria and Bennett.

Cryo DPS Team is great because both Mona and Ganyu have Crowd Control ability through their Elemental Skills, and this makes it easier for Ganyu to Attack as targets are taunted by their Elemental Skills.

Xiangling can assist with her Guoba for Melt reaction, which can also be left behind once summoned, switching back to Ganyu for more DMG. Even more, Ganyu’s and Xiangling’s Elemental Bursts complement each other well, going around over and over again until duration is up.

Diona offers both Shield and works as a healer in the team, which is pretty much self-explanatory why she’s in the team.  


  • Diona – Utility
  • Mona – Sub DPS
  • Ganyu – Main DPS
  • Xiangling – Sub DPS

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Diona and Ganyu activate Shattering Ice, which has the following effects: affected by Electro for 40% less time. Increases CRIT Rate against enemies that are Frozen or affected by Cryo by 15%.
  • Mona and Ganyu can provide two Crowd Control abilities
  • Can fight from a safe distance
  • Elemental Reaction: Frozen, Melt

5. Best Hydro DPS Team

Frankly, the Hydro DPS Team is a bit tricky to build. There are a few combinations that can work with Childe as the sole main DPS. Just for the sake of mentioning it, one of the options is Childe, Jean, Fischl, and Xiangling. That said, the team that I’m about to cover consists of Childe, Fischl, Chongyun, and Bennett.

The reason why I choose this one is to let you know that they’re just as good even if Childe is the only five-starred character in the team. Plus, I want to shake up the diversity of characters a little. 

With Main DPS Childe, Chongyun and Fischl are there to help with Elemental Reaction. Furthermore, with Chongyun’s Elemental Skill that turns Claymore/Sword/Polearm users’ Normal Attack into Cryo DMG, this will enable Bennett to also trigger the Frozen reaction if you manage to time the Attack well with Chongyun’s Elemental Skill and Childe’s Hydro element.

Chongyun might seem like a bit vague of an option, but his Elemental Skill in particular can help a lot during Childe’s cooldown because it lasts quite some time and he can Freeze the enemies as we wait for Childe’s Cooldown. At the same time, he can support the Elemental Reaction with Fischl and Bennett, too.


  • Childe – Main DPS
  • Fischl – Sub DPS
  • Chongyun – Sub DPS
  • Bennett – Utility

Why This Team Is Great:

  • A lot of Elemental Reaction can be triggered
  • Elemental Resonance is Protective Canopy, which gives a +15% all Elemental and Physical Resistance
  • Triggering Frozen will help you rest for a bit as you wait for Childe’s cooldown
  • Chongyun’s Elemental Skill can turn Bennett’s Normal Attack DMG to Cryo DMG

4. Best Electro DPS Team

Moving on to Electro DPS Team, I think it’s pretty obvious the main DPS would be Keqing (though I love Razor and Beidou with all my heart). To enhance her DMG, the support needed comes from Venti, Fischl, and Xingqiu.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Fischl and Xingqiu (and Bennett) appear a lot; but it’s hard not to include them when they’re superb DPS that can help just practically anyone. Fischl’s Elemental Skill and Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst can continuously trigger Super-conduct as Keqing hits the enemies even through her Normal Attack.

Plus, Xingqiu can heal quite a number if you build him well.

Venti doesn’t exactly need an explanation either, but if you’d like to hear why he’s good to be in Keqing’s party, it’s because his Elemental Burst and Keqing’s can be combined together as long as you aim Keqing’s Burst accordingly.


  • Keqing – Main DPS
  • Venti – Utility
  • Fischl – Sub DPS
  • Xingqiu – Sub DPS

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Activates High Voltage resonance, which has the following effects: Affected by Hydro for 40% less time. Superconduct, Overloaded, and Electro-Charged have a 100% chance to generate an Electro Elemental Particle (CD: 5s).
  • Keqing and Venti together also make a good team for exploration
  • Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst and Fischl’s Elemental Skill can trigger Super-conduct continuously
  • Keqing and Venti’s Elemental Bursts can work together

3. Best Geo DPS Team

Now this team is the ultimate Geo team with three out of four having Geo vision. With Ningguang, Albedo, Zhongli, and Benett, this is the best combo for your Geo DPS team.

Genshin Impact allows you three Geo Constructs at a time, which you can maximize with these three together. With them, you can create a wide-ranged Geo AoE on the field against any kind of enemies. On another note, Albedo’s Monolith also resonates with each other.

With Ningguang as a Catalyst, you can fight from a distance (or maybe from nearby if you want, because there’s Zhongli’s Shield to the rescue, anyway). Plus, Albedo’s Elemental Burst also works in a rather wide area, adding even more DMG during the fight.

Most importantly, Ningguang’s Jade Screen can block enemies’ attacks and even increases Geo DMG if you go through it. This is the main reason why bringing Zhongli and Albedo into her team would be great.

As always, Bennett is here to help increase DMG and heal the party members. But also, his Pyro element can trigger Crystalize with the Geo Construct, producing Shields for the character that obtains the crystals.


  • Ningguang – Main DPS
  • Bennett – Utility
  • Albedo – sub DPS
  • Zhongli – sub DPS

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Activates the Elemental Resonance Enduring Rock, which increases Shield strength by 15%. Also, characters within the Shield will have their DMG increased by 15% and dealing DMG to enemies will make their Geo RES down by 20% for 15 seconds.
  • Optimizes the Geo elements to the fullest
  • Zhongli’s Elemental Burst can work as Crowd Control
  • Bennett can heal and increase DMG
  • Can put together three Geo Constructs for a wide AoE

2. Best Anemo DPS Team

With Xiao’s arrival to the game, the first Anemo Main DPS comes to Genshin Impact. To build the best Anemo team, you’ll need Xiao, Xiangling, Sucrose, and Diona in your team.

With Xiao as the center, Diona is needed for both her Shield and healing ability because Xiao’s Elemental Burst gradually decreases his HP for as long as he has it activated.

His Elemental Burst is rather solo, because it can’t be overridden by other elements and will finish once he’s switched out another character. On that note, the team is here to support him mostly after his Elemental Burst.

If you use his Elemental Burst long enough, it is possible that his HP would be pretty low once it’s done, which is when the rest of the members would be important in the remaining fight. As Sucrose provides Crowd Control, her Anemo skill can absorb Xiangling’s Pyro from Guoba (or even Elemental Burst) for additional DMG.

The most important thing about this combination, though, is the fact that everyone but Xiao can have their Elemental Skill on and be switched out right after so Xiao can deal supported DMG as a Main DPS.


  • Xiao – Main DPS
  • Succrose – Sub DPS
  • Xiangling – Sub DPS
  • Diona – Utility

Why This Team Is Great:

  • Unlocks the Elemental Resonance Impetuous Winds, which decreases Stamina Consumption by 15%, increases Movement SPD by 10%, and shortens Skill CD by 5%
  • Diona’s Shield and healing ability supports Xiao after his Elemental Burst
  • Succrose, Xiangling, and Diona’s Elemental Skill and Burst stays on field even when they’re switched out
  • Has all needed factors in the game for a fight: high DMG, Shield, Healing, and fast Movement SPD

1. Best Pyro DPS Team

Since her release, Hu Tao has quickly made her way to be one of the best Pyro characters in the game. That said, from the many choices of Pyro Main DPS, Hu Tao can be seen as your best choice to be the main DMG dealer in your party.

The team that completes the Pyro team led by Hu Tao would consist of: Hu Tao, Zhongli, Xingqiu, and Fischl. 

Zhongli is here to provide his invincible Shield, which is much needed for Hu Tao whose extra DMG is given under the condition of minimal HP. Not only that, her Elemental Skill also takes a portion of her HP when triggered, which is why she needs Shield to protect here.

Though her Elemental Burst can bring back some of her HP, Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill can also help in healing her (and the other members) even if it’s a bit slow because he’s not exactly a healer. 

Fischl is also here to help Hu Tao’s Pyro element primarily through Oz, continuously triggering Overload as Hu Tao attacks.


Hu Tao – Main DPS

Zhongli – Utility

Fischl – Sub DPS

Xingqiu – Sub DPS

Why This Team Is Great:

  • This combination is strong against any kind of enemies
  • Elemental Resonance is Protective Canopy, which gives a +15% all Elemental and Physical Resistance
  • Xingqiu and Fischl’s Elemental Skill along with Hu Tao’s can continuously trigger Elemental Reaction
  • Zhongli’s Shield helps protecting Hu Tao whose HP is used to trigger her Elemental Skill

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