[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Ore Locations

Genshin Impact Best Ore Locations
best ore locations

[Top 10] Genshin Impact Best Ore Locations

If you’re a genshin player, then you’re going to need to want to build your characters with cool swords, bows and polearms. In which case, you’re going to need level up materials, which can be crafted by various types of ore. The good news is that there’s tons of ore found naturally in Teyvat, if you know where to look.

It can be a bit daunting, when at first you’re not familiar with the map, and you don’t have your markers for your mining spots. Of course, once you’re any higher than AR 10 in the game then iron ore is not going to count as anything for you. What you’re looking for is either white iron or crystal chunks. Worry not, traveller, for here is the guide to the best places to find crystal and white iron for you.

Personally I love to use Nigguang, she can detect any nearby ore when you have her on your party, and her skills will make mining crystals ores a piece of cake, but it should be okay if you have a claymore user. I see a lot of people also using Razor’s E ability to blow up all the ore at once, and that’s also another cool way to get your raw materials.

10) Dawn Winery

There’s a few crystal chunks to be found in Dawn Winery, but many don’t typically go for it since it’s only very little to be found, but it’s good if you’re a newbie to Genshin Impact, making it easy for you to navigate when most of the map is unknown to you.

  • Takes 1 min to mine
  • 5 crystal chunks to be found. 

9)Cuijue slope

On the south waypoint of Cuijue slope northeast of it, there’s also another mining point which will give you about 2-9 crystal chunks. There’s also other mining spots in Cuijue slope, and you can get as many as 12 crystal chunks if you try

  • Up to 12 crystal chunks to be found
  • Takes 3 minutes to farm 

8) Qingyun Peak 

East of Qingyun Peak, is also another mining spot that is overlooked, and it’s got a whole lot of crystal chunks for you to mine, as many as 14 even though it might take you a while. 

  • 6 min to mine
  • As many as 14 crystal chunks to be found

7) Stormterror’s Lair

Everyone knows there’s a whole lot of crystal chunks to mine in Stormterror’s Lair, and the only reason it’s a little low on this list is because it’s a little scattered, but if you put your determination into it, there’s a whole lot of crystal to mine over there. Travel to the waypoints, and make your way over from each to mine your ores.

  • 14- 19  crystal chunks to be found
  • 7 minutes

6) Qingqe village

Teleport to the waypoint on the coast west and climb up the cliffside to reach the top and find the ore area. It’s mostly Crystal chunks so mine away. If this is your first time, you’re going to meet some treasure hoarders, but the bonus is when you defeat them, you’re going to get a chest as well!

  • Takes 6 mins to mine
  • 6-18 crystal chunks  

5) Wolvendom

Teleport to the wolvendom Waypoint East, and find your mining locations with plenty of white iron chunks and crystal chunks. This is Razor’s place and you can use him for mining all those ores. Mining here may take a bit more time, but the rewards you reap will definitely be worth it.

  • White iron chunk (6-18) 
  • Crystal chunk up to 16 
  • 5 min of mining 

4) Dunyu Ruins

Start from the two teleport waypoints at the Dunyu Ruins and work your way down, to the southwest, and you will find your treasure. This place is great cause it’s so fast to mine and there’s a ton of crystal ores to be found. You can just glide down from the two teleport waypoints at Dunyu Ruins.

  • 2 min to farm 
  • Up to 16 crystal ores 
  • Can start and glide down from teleport waypoints

 3) Mt. Taiheng waypoint 

There are three waypoints from Mt. Taiheng that you can start in and glide down to find your ore spots. Southwest of the Mount Tiang heng west waypoint, there is a cave which is loaded with ore. There’s white iron as well as crystal chunks, but in the cave, there is a Cryo Abyss Mage guarding what you’re coming after.

  • 6 - 18 crystal chunks to be found
  • 4- 12 white iron chunks 
  • Around 3 min to mine 
  • Can glide down from various waypoints

    2)  Guyun Stone Forest 

Guyun Stone forest is great because it takes only a little time to mine, and it offers up a great source of ore, especially crystal chunks. It’s also easy to navigate because it’s only a cluster of islands. But beware, for in the west of the Guyun stone forest, there’s a geovishap hatchling that could ambush you. You start on the east of Guyun Stone forest, then go down to the bottom island, where it’s the mother lode of ore.

  • Around 12-36 Crystal Chunks to be found
  • Takes around 3 min to farm
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Can start at Teleport waypoint

1)Mt. Aozhang

Mount Aozang is full of ore, starting from the top of the mountain, where you’ll find white iron and Cor Lapis, and make your way down to make much more discovery of Crystal nodes, more white iron chunks. North of Mt Aozang waypoint, in a cave, there’s much more ores to be found. Be careful though, since it’s possible that a Geovishap hatchling will attack you. But going on a farming route there is well worth the rewards.

Why you should go this route

  • Full of ore, from top of the mountain all the way down the bottom
  • Easy route to take
  • Can start at teleport waypoint 
  • Takes around 5 min
  • Around 18 - 24 crystal ores to be found

So there you have it. Happy mining, and I hope this list makes it easier for you to find where your ores are and make the most out of them, bedecking your characters with the coolest weapons that you can find! 


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