[Guide] Genshin Impact Best Ways To Get Wishes 3.3 (Top 10 Ways)

One of the most famous wishing spots in the game.

When you wish upon a star, you can get characters and weapons— for Genshin Impact that is. This gacha game is driven by the desire for new things, and the excitement of testing our luck. Its format has the world still going crazy for it, even after 2 years since its launch.

This guide will help you squeeze every last intertwined, or acquaint fate out of the game. There's a step-by-step guide for each, so you don’t miss out on any important details.


10. Purchase Genesis Crystals

The Northland Bank, if it's wealth you're looking for, it's right here.

The most painful but direct way to get your wishes. Purchasing genesis crystals can get you a load of primogems, with a big bonus if it’s your first time getting your chosen bundle. 

This is mostly the option that content creators go for, as it saves them a lot of time and effort. It’s also a good thing that genesis crystals can also be used to purchase enhancement bundles and skins, so you can take a look around the shop if you have some to spare.

Let’s make it clear that this way of getting wishes isn’t for everyone. It’s highly recommended that you only spend real life cash on Genshin Impact if you have the money to spare, or if you really want the characters featured.

The game is free-to-play, and with a bit of patience and discipline, you can eventually get your desired character.

How It Works

  • Open the Paimon menu.
  • Open the shop tab.
  • Navigate through the Crystal Top-Up section.
  • Choose which bundle you need.
  • Pay through your preferred method.
  • Enjoy your genesis crystals!


9. Purchase the Battle Pass

The Gnostic Chorus certainly isn't cheap.

Another option that involves spending real cash. Getting the battle pass is like paying money to get a load of enhancement materials, and a free good CRIT weapon to ease your pain.

These CRIT weapons are some of the best 4-star weapons in the game, especially for DPS characters. When choosing your weapon, make sure to already consider which of your characters is going to use it.

Only go for the battle pass if you really can’t wait to enhance your beloved characters, and if you want your hands on one of the exclusive weapons. 

Also keep in mind that the Gnostic Hymn gives you your rewards after leveling up your battle pass. The gnostic chorus gives you everything instantly, along with a few bonus goodies.

How It Works

  • Open the Paimon menu.
  • Open the battle pass tab.
  • Click on “Unlock Gnostic Hymn”.
  • Choose whether you’re going for the Hymn or Chorus variation.
  • Settle your payment.
  • Enjoy your new battle pass subscription!


8. Character Ascension Rewards

If your Ganyu isn't maxed out, there must be something wrong with you.

Veteran players know this all too well. You can get up to three acquaint fates just by ascending your characters, this goes for both 4-star and 5-star characters. Maxing out your characters is an expensive goal, so try focusing first on the units that you actually use.

A common practice is to get your characters to level 20 and ascend them at least once to get a free wish. It’s generally cheap to achieve the first ascension, and this can be done on all units, even the ones that you don’t plan on using.

How It Works

  • Get any new playable character.
  • Open the character menu and navigate towards said character.
  • Click the level up button and get the character to level 20.
  • Ascend the said character and claim your free fates.
  • Continue the previous steps until the third ascension to get a total of 3 free fates. 


7. Adventurer's Handbook

Our resident lawyer knows the importance of books.

The trusty adventurer’s handbook is a critical guide for new travelers. It systematically teaches you the mechanics of the game, all of which will be useful up until the late game. Achieving the goals in the handbook gets you some pretty sweet rewards, and every level you complete can even get you some wishes.

If you’re just starting out, this should be one of your first priorities. Aside from the lessons it offers, the rewards will be crucial to the initial growth of your account.

How It Works

  • Open the adventurer’s handbook tab.
  • Navigate through the different sections, but mainly focus on the experience tab.
  • Accomplish every mission indicated.
  • Upgrade your handbook whenever you clear a chapter for nicer rewards.


6. AR Rank Rewards

Katheryne must have a whole load of primogems behind her booth.

The Adventurer’s Guild rewards those who achieve a certain level of greatness and experience. The best gauge for this is your adventure rank. 

You can get rewards from Katheryne for every level up that you achieve. Aside from the highly desired wishes, you can also get ascension materials for your Traveler.

Adventure rank plays a big role in how the game and other players measure your strength. This is closely connected to your world level, or the difficulty of your game. So instead of rushing to get more characters, focus on strengthening your main team first. On a side note, the level cap for adventure rank is currently at AR60, any experience gained after that is converted into mora.

How It Works

  • Proceed to any Adventurer’s Guild booth within Teyvat.
  • Speak to Katheryne.
  • Click on “Claim Adventure Rank Rewards”.
  • Instantly receive your rewards.
  • Continue doing so until you’ve reached max level.


5. Region Trees

Arguably the most majestic among all the region trees.

Every region has its own giant tree. We have the Dragonspine Tree and the Sacred Sakura Tree, to name a few.

When it comes to these massive marvels, you must donate the sigils you’ve gathered from your travels and watch as they bless you with fruitful rewards.

This is another reason why you should never skip out on picking up even just common chests. Every sigil counts when it comes to these trees, and the rewards are always good. The crown of insight is probably the most valuable item you can get from them, but the few extra fates that they give you aren’t bad at all.

How It Works

  • Pick up chests and complete challenges to obtain sigils.
  • Proceed to any regional tree that you have sigils for.
  • Offer said sigils and claim your rewards.


4. Login Events

That day 7 reward is something that you just cannot miss out on.

Don’t you just love it when you get rewards from just opening your account? That’s exactly what happens when the game holds its login event.

You can get all the rewards up for grabs if you login for 7 days. The most treasured of them all is the generous 5 fates that you get on day 7 so missing out on it is going to hurt deeply.

The login event is held together with a major event in the game. For the most part, it's usually the Lantern Rite Festival. This is one of the most exciting times to be a player, as there are so many things in store. 

How It Works

  • Stay updated on the current events and patches for the game.
  • Keep an eye out for any login events.
  • When the login event is live, stay consistent for up to 7 days to reap the full rewards.


3. Anniversary Rewards

The adepti in all their glory.

The game is infamous for the negative feedback it receives during its anniversary season. This is due to fans claiming that the rewards the developers give for this occasion are lackluster compared to other gacha games. Nevertheless, there are still some decent rewards, and you can expect to get at least 10 free wishes during this period.

Don’t let the community bring you down, getting a few free wishes is still a good thing. That’s considering that you didn’t even need to work one bit.

Hopefully, Genshin Impact can give us players even more rewards for helping the game last so long. Maybe they can even give out a free 5-star?

How It Works

  • Play the game.
  • Be active during the months of September to October.
  • Claim your rewards whenever you get the chance.


2. Starglitter Exchange

You're going to need the Starglitter Exchange system if you want to C6 any of the starter characters.

Starglitter is one of the free resources that you can get just by playing the game. This is obtained whenever you get constellations or copies of weapons. It takes a bit of time to build up starglitter, but aside from getting fates, you can also purchase rotational weapons, characters, and character materials.

How you use your starglitter is totally up to you. Spend it in whatever way you think you can improve your account. If you don’t have any particular need for anything else in the shop, you can use all your savings to get both types of fates for as many as you can afford.

How It Works

  • Wish on any banner and save up on the currency.
  • Open the Paimon menu.
  • Tap on the “Paimon’s Bargains” tab.
  • Open the “Starglitter Exchange” shop.
  • Shop to your heart's content.


1. Stardust Exchange

The best deal you can ever get in the game.

It’s a close call, but the stardust exchange system is the best way to get wishes out of the game. Stardust is also accumulated the same way as starglitter, but it is more abundant and easier to save. The downside to this is that you can only get 5 of each type of fate every month, but that’s still a lot more than what you can get from starglitter, unless you’re a whale, of course.

Players of every adventure rank highly anticipate the reset of the stardust exchange system. For those that are free-to-play, this is a sure way to satisfy their urges to wish. Trust when I say that you’ll be very foolish to miss out on these wishes, as you have an entire month to get them.

How It Works

  • Open the Paimon menu.
  • Tap on the “Paimon’s Bargains” tab.
  • Open the “Stardust Exchange” shop.
  • Shop to your heart's content, or until you empty out the fates available for the month.

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