[Top 3] Genshin Impact Best Teams for Ayaka That Are Powerful!

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Our beautiful Cryo queen looks stunning and fights aggressively as the same time!

Kamisato Ayaka is the oldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan and sister of Kamisato Ayato. Because of her social status as the eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan of the Yashiro Commission and as the Shirasagi Himegimi, Ayaka is seen as a model of perfection.

She’s a Cryo character whose main role is DPS. Even if she’s not flexible about her role, she can have multiple types of teams.

Let us present to you some of our favourite teams for our beloved Ayaka!

3. Ayaka, Rosaria, Kokomi and Kazuha

Ayaka is the main DPS of the team and the rest of the team acts as supports for her. Rosaria can act as a sub DPS because she deals Cryo DMG too. This team is for Permafrost lovers.

  • Ayaka deals all the DMG with her Elemental Burst and Skill and her normal attacks when they deal Cryo and applies Permafrost with Kokomi.
  • Rosaria deals AoE Cryo DMG too but Ayaka deals all the DMG. She just helps spread Permafrost and maximizes her DMG.
  • Kokomi helps Ayaka and Rosaria to deal Permafrost and, meanwhile, heals the team. She’s very important since she’s the only Hydro character on the team. Without her, you couldn’t have Permafrost!
  • Kazuha is essential too. He helps spread Kokomi’s Hydro DMG to enemies so it’s easier for Ayaka and Rosaria to deal Permafrost. Also, he decreases enemies DEF to Hydro or Cryo.


2. Ayaka, Mona, Diona and Venti

This team is for Permafrost lovers too. Ayaka is the  Main DPS in the team and her ATK is maximized by Mona. Also, Mona helps Ayaka to deal Permafrost!

But all of them have really useful roles. Let us tell you about them!

  • Ayaka deals Cryo DMG with her Elemental Skill and Burst and her normal attacks when they deal Cryo. She benefits a lot from Permafrost because with Blizzard Strayer she deals more DMG when enemies are frozen.
  • Mona deals Hydro DMG so Ayaka can freeze enemies and maximizes Ayaka’s DMG with her Elemental Burst.
  • Diona deals Cryo DMG too so it’s easier to freeze enemies. Also, she shields and heals the team which it’s very important. 
  • Venti is very important too. She helps spread Hydro/Cryo DMG and group enemies so it’s easier to deal Permafrost.

1. Ayaka, Ganyu, Kazuha and Xingqiu

We’re finally with our favourite team for Ayaka! Since Ayaka is a Cryo character we can’t do much more than recommended teams for Permafrost, but they’re really worth it!

She’s a DPS too, but she’s not the only one this time! This team is really amazing for Permafrost lovers!

  • Ayaka is, again, the main DPS. As we said, she’ll deal a lot of Cryo DMG all the time with her Elemental Skill and Burst and her normal attacks when they deal Cryo. Nothing new, I guess!
  • Ganyu is the sub DPS of the team. She’ll deal Cryo with her Elemental Skill and Burst and her charged attacks! Since she deals AoE DMG with her Elemental Burst it’s easier to deal Cryo.
  • Kazuha helps to spread Cryo DMG and decreases enemies’ DEF. He’s very important but if you don’t have him you can use Venti instead!
  • Xingqiu is the star of the team! She deals Hydro DMG, decreases enemies’ ATK, and maximizes teammates’ DMG. He’s really important!

Now that we told you about our favourite teams for Ayaka it’s your time to choose! If you don’t have one character you can always use another! There are always a lot of options!

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