[Top 3] Genshin Impact Best Teams for Kazuha That Are Powerful!

Kazuha's wind sword is so cool!

Since his arrival to the game, Kazuha has been one of the most used support characters both in Spiral Abyss and in the open world. I mean, I even know people who don’t climb anymore and just use his elemental skill.

Said skill’s crowd controlling capabilities, together with his long lasting burst, makes him one of the best Anemo supports, on par with the Anemo Archon: Venti a.k.a. Barbaros.

3.  Kazuha + Raiden Shogun + Kujou Sara + Bennett

In the first team shown in this guide,the main DPS is still Raiden Raiden Shogun. Supporting her we have Kujou Sara, with her ATK increase skills, and Bennett, with his healing and damage increase burst.

Together with these three, of course, we have to include Kazuha. After activating Raiden’s skill, you should spam both ATK increasing bursts and Kazuha’s elemental resistance decrease burst. It’s Raiden burst time! With its damage increased thanks to the previous burst, no one will be able to stand in this archon’s way.

What This Team Excels In:

Electro elemental resonance

  • Buff ATK 
  • Fantastic energy recharge
  • Huge burst DPS
  • Electro resistance decreased thanks to Kazuha
  • Passive damage from Raiden’s skill and Kazuha’s burst

2.  Kazuha + Tartaglia + Xiangling + Bennett

Believe it or not, the second team is also a burst team. In this case, the burst is just one hit, but god what hit. The DPS is our favourite redhead from Snezhnaya. Loyal to the Cryo archon, if he deserves a place between the Harbingers, he deserves a place in this guide.

Kazuha’s mission is the same as before: dealing passive swirl damage and decreasing the enemies’ resistance. The same happens to Bennett, whose attack increasing burst is essential. Together with Xiangling’s burst to cause a vaporize reaction, just one of Childe’s burst is enough to massacre every enemy.

What This Team Excels In:

  • Huge burst damage
  • x2 damage thanks to vaporize reaction
  • Short energy needed for recharge
  • ATK increase from Bennett’s burst
  • Hydro resistance decrease from Kazuha

1.  Kazuha + Ganyu + Zhongli + Hu Tao

Finally, as always, we find a team that also relies on elemental reactions, but isn’t as dependent on bursts as the other two. If you are like me and prefer to save bursts until the perfect moment, then this team is for you.

With Zhongli’s shield, you’ll be ready to start the battle. Now, with the DPS of choice, Ganyu or Hu Tao, apply an element and use Kazuha to decrease the enemies’ resistance. And finally the other DPS, some melting here and there and puff, no more enemies in sight.

What This Team Excels In:

  • Powerful melt elemental reaction
  • Fantastic shield from Zhongli
  • Two of the most powerful DPS
  • Doesn’t depend on energy or elemental bursts
  • Both useful in Abyss and in open world


As I said in the introduction, Kazuha is one of the favourite support characters of the people. He’s probably having a rerun soon, so for the people who want to get him because they couldn’t in August. Don’t worry! Use this guide to start making his team, and he’ll eventually come home.

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