[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Difficult Bosses (Ranked Hard To Hardest)

Ei should stop giving her puppets so much free will...

In Genshin Impact you can find lots of enemies with different abilities and difficulties. Because of that gap in difficulty, enemies are divided into classes. Common and elite enemies are the ones you can defeat easily. However, normal and weekly bosses are, well, tricky to beat. In this guide, we’ll show you the 10 most difficult bosses in the game and how to win.

10. Pyro Hypostasis

There’s one Hypostasis for each one of the 7 elements in Teyvat, spread around the world. They are all relatively easy to defeat and have a simple pattern, except the fiery one. It has a shield so you need to use a Hydro character to crush it before dealing any damage. Moreover, it can transform into random animals and become faster or even go through the floor!

9. Rhodeia of Loch

Rhodeia is normally called by her species name: Oceanid. They come from the Hydro Nation, Fontaine. Rhodeia travelled from there to Liyue and fought every player that came into her home. This boss is similar to the last one in that she can create water animals with different abilities. There are flying ones and jumping ones. And you have to destroy them all to defeat the Oceanid.

8. Childe

If you’ve played Liyue’s storyline, you should know which boss and character I’m talking about. As a Fatui and one of the Eleven Harbingers, he has both a Vision and a Delusion. Together, he can make Hydro and Electro attacks, both of which will deplete your HP quickly. The main difficulty is how fast he can get and the wide area of attack he has.

7. Coral Defenders

Instead of one enemy, you have to battle a Bolteater Bathysmal Vishap and Rimebiter Bathysmal Vishap. One has Cryo properties and the other Electro properties, so it’s similar to Childe in some ways. They are the most powerful enemies in Enkanomiya, as well as the last obstacle in completing an important quest. Remember, you must kill both of them at the same time!

6. Thunder Manifestation

Similar to the Oceanid Rhodeia, this is also an elemental creature. The Thunder Manifestation was created by fusing the Electro element with the regret of Kanna Kapatcir and inhabits Seirai Island. The most annoying thing about this battle is her ability to fly really high, forcing you to use bow characters. It can also be enraged, increasing her range and damage.

5. Ruin Serpent

The Ruin Serpent is the latest boss introduced in the game. This robot, created by the late nation of K’haenriah, slumbered in the Chasm until it was opened once again. Similar to other K’haenriahn creations, this robot attacks with Physical Damage. For most of the battle it will be digging in the ground and can’t be hit. However, when it appears, it will bring oozing concretions, so be careful.

4. Golden Wolflord

Also called the Nameless King of the Rift, this wolf commands over all the other riftwolves. It appears on Tsurumi Island, where the population of this species is at its highest. Not only is this wolf constantly flying and disappearing, but your HP is also constantly decreasing because of its corruption debuff. Make sure to equip a healer, because shields don’t work against it.

3. La Signora

This top 3 will consist of weekly bosses. They are more difficult than normal bosses and give random talent materials after being defeated. Moreover, the original resin they consume is way higher. Like Childe, La Signora is a Harbinger of the Fatui, and can use both Cryo and Pyro elements. Her attacks are fairly easy to dodge, but the difficult thing is to survive with the constant temperature changes.

2. Azhdaha

Morax’s corrupted dragon friend who needs to be properly sealed each week. To put it simply, you will most probably die without a shield. Azhdaha can use two random elements to deal attacks that cover the whole field. If that doesn’t kill you, the constant HP loss because of not having a shield will definitely make you lose.

1. Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto

This is the hardest boss in Genshin Impact right now. Taking the form in which she opposes her enemies, the Electro Archon’s puppet will try to kill you. She can change forms, increase her damage resistance, and absorb your elemental energy. There are times when she can even one-shot you! You must learn all her patterns by heart before you can defeat this puppet with ease.


At first glance, it may seem that you need lots of powerful weapons and 5-star characters to defeat these bosses. However, you can see in the videos that’s not true. Experience is the only thing you need to win. That experience will let you put together the most suitable team for that boss, and allow you to dodge almost every attack they send your way.


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