Genshin Impact Guide For Beginners [35 Useful Genshin Impact Tips Every Beginner Should Know]

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If you're a beginner and what to hear about some tips, this is your place!

Starting in a new video game is difficult because you barely understand anything and once you’ve known enough you realize how many things you’ve done wrong.

That’s why we present to you these 35 useful things every beginner should know when starting playing Genshin Impact!

35. Read Genshin Impact’s Story

We recommend you to read Genshin Impact’s story because even if it seems boring at the beginning, it gets better with time and if you feel interested in Inazuma you might be lost because you didn’t pay attention to the story before.

Although it can look simple, it gets more difficult by the time.

34. Do Daily Commissions

Primogems are very important in this game and Daily Commissions give you everyday 60 primogems. Some of them can be tedious, but the reward is worth it.

Also, if you’re tired of Mondstat’s dailies, for example, you can change them to Liyue, Inazuma or Sumeru!

33. Pick up Everything You See

Maybe you think that Dandelion you just saw won’t be useful in the future, but once you get Jean pulling on banners and you see she ascends with those flowers, you’ll remember that time you didn’t pick up the Dandelion!

That’s why we recommend picking up everything you see, even if you think it won’t be useful! It takes you just one second but it can save you in the future.

32. Don’t Level Up Too Much Characters

There are a lot of characters in Genshin Impact and if you’re free to play the amount of materials you can get is limited. Also, you won’t use all game’s characters, so don’t level up unnecessarily.

We recommend you to level up a few ones to level 50-60 at the beginning of your adventure, but just level up to level 90 those ones that you keep using when you’ve advanced enough in your adventure.

31. Just Pull for 5 Star Characters That You Want

Primogems are very difficult to find when you’ve advanced a lot in Genshin Impact if there’s not a new region to explore. Pulling is very fun, but don’t pull for characters that you don’t want!

Even if you like the new 4 star characters they added to that banner, don’t pull it because you can get that character any other time! Just pull for those ones you really like or you’ll regret it if you can’t get the one you really want later.

30. Unlock All the Teleports and Statues of the Seven

Exploring is very entertaining but it can be a little bit tedious when you have to go really far away. That’s why we recommend unlocking every teleport and Statue of the Seven you see.

Also, Statues of the Seven can heal you too  and you have to give them the “culus” you find in every region. Even if you have food to heal you, Statues are very helpful too.

29. Attack in the Air

If you’re falling from a really high place, attack! You’re gonna do a plunge attack and it’ll save your life if you have enough to survive the fall damage, which will be less than if you don’t do this!

28. Don’t Jump While Climbing

If you’re a beginner you won’t have a lot of stamina since it escalates according to how many times you've leveled up Statues of the Seven.

If you’re going to climb a really high place, don’t jump! Jumping expends more stamina than climbing normally.

Also, if you have characters like Zhongli or Albedo use their Elemental Skill to climb them and shorten distance!

27. Collect Every Culus You Find

Each region has its own culus: Mondstat has Anemoculus, Liyue has Geoculus, Inazuma has Electroculus and Sumeru has Dendroculus. Collect all of them!

Culus increases Statues of the Seven’s level and everytime you level it up it’ll give you Primogems, Adventure EXP and a key to unlock a Sanctuary, which will give you more Primogems and a luxury chest!

Also, they matter for experience percentage for each region's reputation!

26. Mark The Map

Even if we recommend you to pick up and unlock everything you see, sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it because you want to do other things first. Don’t worry, we understand it!

But then, we recommend you use map markers to mark those places where you have left behind puzzles or chests! Once you feel like unlocking them, you just have to return there because you’ll know where they are!

25. Use the Interactive Map

Hoyolab has an official interactive map where you can look up for those things you can find! It marks every chests, teleports, flowers, culus, puzzles, interactive plates… You can find everything you need to complete 100% of each region!

24. Spend Your Resin Every Day

Resin is used to farm ascend’s materials in domains or world bosses and to farm sets on domains to build your characters!

Try to spend it every day so you won’t waste any and try to don’t let it be fully completed because that means you’ll waste some of that resin!

23. Do The Abyss

Once you’re AR 20 you can unlock the Spiral Abyss which it’s in Musk Reef, that little moon island in Mondstat.

Abyss grants you with rewards such as set’s objects and Primogems! You can just do once until floor 8, but every 2 weeks floors from 9 to 12 are renewed so you can get those Primogems again!

It’s very important to do it because it’s another way to get Primogems easily and every 2 weeks.

22. Use Elemental Reactions

Elemental Reactions can look difficult to understand, but once you start learning about them you see it’s very easy to do them!

These reactions can help you in those difficult fights you can’t surpass or exploring freezing that water you can’t go through!

Use this mechanic the game gives you to make it easier for you and your team! Also, you’ll see how funny Genshin Impact is using this!

21. Claim Achievements

Genshin Impact has an Achievements mechanic where you can get Primogems by completing them! It has a lot of Achievements since you can complete one multiple times and it also has hidden ones.

If you don’t know which are the hidden ones you can always search it, but we recommend you to do everyone you can!

20. Complete Adventurer’s Handbook

Completing Adventurer’s Handbook will grant you with numerous rewards such as set objects, Mora and Primogems! We love Primogems.

Once you’ve completed it can still help you since you can see which domains are available that day and it has some new challenges that will give you rewards once you complete them!

19. Complete Battle Pass

Battle Pass has a free to play side that it’s still worth it to complete it! It gives you EXP, Mora, Wishes… Even if you don’t buy the pay to win side.

That’s why we recommend you to try to fully complete the free to play part!

18. Do Web Events

Sometimes, Hoyolab releases Web Events that give Primogems, EXP and Mora. Genshin Impact will notice you when there’s a Web Event available, but you can check it in Hoyolab too or through social websites!

17. Use Elemental Synergies

We already recommended you to use Elemental Reactions, but we also recommend to use Elemental Synergies. If you use two or more characters of the same element, it’ll grant you some buffs.

These buffs will change depending on the elements you use and if you use 4 characters of different elements it’ll give you a buff too!

16. Level Up Reputation

When you reach a certain AR you can unlock Reputation. Here you have the map's porcentage challenges, bounties, missions rewards… It has 10 levels and if you complete one it’ll grant you special rewards!

The only way to unlock the region's special wings is leveling until level 10 Reputation.

15. Don’t Use Fragile Resin Unnecessary

Fragile Resin is very useful when you get a character you want but didn’t farm the materials and set yet. You can use this Fragile Resin to get more normal resin and keep farming until you get it.

We recommend you to use it ONLY when you didn’t finish building a character you wanted and don’t use it for unnecessary things you don’t need at the moment.

14. Farm Ley Lines If You Don’t Have Anything To Waste Resin On

There will be times where you don’t have anything to farm because you don’t want to pull for no one or you’ve already farmed it.

When this happens we recommend you to farm Mora or EXP in Ley Lines, since you’ll need it in the future!

13. Use Treasure Compass

Some chests are hidden or are more difficult to get than others, that’s why we present to you the Treasure Compass!

You can get this once you’ve reached a certain Reputation level. This compass guides you to the nearest chest, it doesn’t matter if you have to get it with a Seelie or a puzzle.

12. Don’t Transform Primogems Into Acquaint Fate

Acquaint Fate are the special wishes used in the Standard Banner. Since you can get those characters anytime in the Limited Banner and Genshin Impact will grant you with a few Acquaint Fates by leveling characters or sacred trees.

We recommend you to just transform Primogems into Limited Banner’s wishes.

11. Use Forge Weapons

Being free to play doesn’t mean you can’t get good things! If you don’t have enough wishes to pull for a character’s weapon, don’t worry!

Genshin Impact’s forge has really good weapons and, sometimes, they’re even better than the character's one. For example, the Iron Sting sword is better for Kazuha than his own weapon.

When a new 5 star character is released at the same time a weapon is being released it means it’s their weapon.

10. Use NRE (Menu 30)

NRE (Menu 30) is very useful when you don’t have a healer in your team and you can’t open the menu while fighting to eat some food. This item will have food to heal or to revive your team anytime.

It has some cooldown, but it’s very worth it to craft it!

9. Don’t Use Bennett C6

It’s very cool to have a C6 character, but remember to read what those constellations do because they may not be worth enough to pull for or activate them.

This kind of happens with Bennett! He’s a really good character, he’s even considered the best character in Genshin Impact, but his C6 isn’t very worth it since it makes his Burst transform ALL basic attacks in Pyro DMG.

This is not worth doing Elemental Reactions and it’s a basic in Genshin Impact.

8. Use Artifacts Strongbox

While farming sets you’ll get almost every time items that you won’t use in the character you’re farming for or any other. But we recommend you to not delete them!

Genshin Impact has a mechanic named Artifact Strongbox where you can use those items to transform them into others from another set! You can’t select the stats or which set’s part you want, just the set, but sometimes you can get really good things!

Also, Hoyoverse is adding in each update new sets to this Artifacts Strongbox!

7. Delete Voice-over Files

Every new Genshin Impact’s update is heavier than the one before, but we have a little trick to delete a few GB. Delete Voice-over files!

Sometimes, we don’t even know we can do that or what it’s that, but basically those are files from past cinematics or missions.

Since you won’t need to hear them anymore (because you can’t, basically), we recommend you to delete them because some of them are 9GB.

6. Do Co-op Domains 

Genshin Impact with friends is funnier, but playing with them has another good part too. If you do domains or world bosses with them, your character’s friendship will increase faster!

This is a new mechanic that Hoyoverse added recently. Also, if you do your dailies in a friend’s world, you won’t need to do them in yours. This is very useful when there’s a mission you don’t want to do!

5. Fishing

Fishing can seem like something tedious but it has good rewards that are really worth it!

If you fish enough you can get rewards like weapons! This is very useful for those free to play players, but it’s worth for pay to win players too since the polearm The Catch is very good.

Also, if you love fishing, you will love this!

4. Use the Parametric Transformer 

Once a week you can use the Parametric Transformer to get good rewards like Mora, EXP, ascend’s materials, talent’s materials… It is random, so you don’t know what you’ll get, but it’s very worth it since you can get those things with no effort!

You just have to give it 150 items like food or minerals, that’s why we recommended you to pick up everything you see!

3. Do Hangout Events

Hoyoverse added a few updates a new mechanic named Hangout Events where you can have “dates” with some 4-stars characters! Some of those characters are Chongyun, Diona, Beidou, Thoma, Ninguang, Barbara…

These Hangouts Events have 4-6 finals and pair finals give you Primogems!

2. Use Resonance Stones

It’s very cool to have a region’s 100% but it can be tedious to collect all “-culus”. That’s why we present to you the Resonance Stones!

Each region has a Resonance Stone and it helps you to search those “-culus” you can’t find! You can get the recipe leveling up Reputation and you can craft it in the alchemy.

1.Have Fun!

This is the most important tip: have fun! Remember Genshin Impact is a videogame and the basics are having fun while playing alone or with friends.

Don’t endure yourself too much or compare your account to other player’s accounts. Remember to have fun always! This is not a job, it’s a game and games are mean to be funny.

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