[Top 7] Genshin Impact Most OP Characters

Genshin Impact Most OP Characters

Genshin Impact offers you quite a variety of characters to play with, the best thing about it is: you’ve got a trial mode when an Event Banner is up (or during some particular character quests). Through this, you get to experience the characters’ skills, letting you know whether or not they’re up to your liking.


The characters in Genshin Impact are divided into two big categories at first: 4-starred ones and 5-starred ones. I think this is a great call, because the characters don’t have too many classes, thus the ‘weaker’ ones aren’t that much worse than the strong ones.

Even so, some characters are just much too powerful since the beginning, making them overpowered almost against everything in their path. 

To decide the most OP characters in Genshin Impact, I’ve chosen to see them on their basic stats; without any artifacts and weapons that essentially upgrade them.  

7. Mona

We’re starting this list with a top-tier sub DPS, Mona the astrologist.

Even as a sub DPS, Mona is rather OP due to her overall Attacks. As a Catalyst, Mona is able to create an illusion for her Elemental Skill, which taunts enemies whilst dealing Hydro DMG when they’re nearby. It’ll explode once its duration is over, which also deals AoE Hydro DMG.

Furthermore, holding her Elemental Skill will let Mona move backwards as she conjures the illusion. This allows Mona to place the illusion stealthily, making her hidden from enemies’ sight.

Her Elemental Burt is also amazing, applying Illusory Bubble status to opponents in a large AoE. This bubble will apply an Omen to the enemies when they sustain DMG, trapping them inside as it applies Wet status. This stuns enemies effectively and when they’re under the Omen, they will take more DMG.

What Makes Mona Awesome:

  • Elemental Skill works as Crowd Control
  • Holding Elemental Skill lets her to move under the radar when putting the illusion
  • Elemental Burst somewhat stuns enemies as it continuously deals Hydro DMG

6. Diluc

Diluc has always been one of the most desirable characters in the game. Whether it’s due to his looks, backstory, VA, or skills; he’s got it all.

Not only his Elemental Burst can summon a big phoenix that deals Pyro DMG to everything in its path, it’ll also imbue his Claymore with Pyro Element for a few seconds after the phoenix dies down, enabling him to deal Pyro DMG through Normal Attack.

Additionally, his Ascension 1 decreases the Stamina Cost for his Charged Attack by 50% and increases the duration by 3 seconds. At Ascension 4, the Pyro Enchantment after his Elemental Burst lasts 4 seconds longer, along with a 20% Pyro DMG Bonus. 

What Makes Diluc Awesome:

  • A very strong main DPS
  • Elemental Burst imbues his weapon with Pyro energy afterwards
  • Ascension 4 upgrades his Elemental Burst
  • Elemental Burst deals a rather wide Pyro AoE DMG


5. Klee

Next is Klee, the adorable bomb experts from Monstadt.

Klee is pretty much direct with her interest towards bombs; no matter what kind of Attacks you decide to use, it all ends with explosions.

This is what makes her DMG somewhat overpowered; the fact that you can just click away without much thinking and she’ll defeat whatever’s on her path.

Whether you’ll use her Normal or Charged Attack, Elemental Skill, or Elemental Burst, they’re all just different in size and DMG dealt at the end. Klee is designed to be used easily and yet she still brings in DMG despite the ease in using her.

What Makes Klee Awesome:

  • Attack is easy to use
  • Elemental Skill scatters around mines that explode
  • The best artifact set for her is clear: Crimson Witch of Flames
  • Elemental Skill and Burst result in Pyro AoE

4. Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a great main DPS, that is just how her character is made. 

All of her skills are meant to be used for her role as a main DPS. The most important thing about Hu Tao is the fact that her Elemental Skill increases her ATK, and the bonus gained through this is based on her Max HP; what a dream, right? At most, the ATK Bonus can reach 400% of her Base ATK.

Plus, in this state, Hu Tao’s Attack DMG are all converted into Pyro DMG. Yes, activating her Elemental Skill consumes a portion of her HP, but it’s a fair cost for the power she gains. On another note, her Elemental Burst brings back a percentage of her HP when striking enemies! This effect can happen for 5 times at most, which is totally fair.

More importantly, Hu Tao has a lot of but easy conditions in increasing her DMG. Through her Elemental Burst, having HP equal or less than 50% when dealing DMG to enemies will increase her DMG and the HP regeneration. At Ascension 4, Hu Tao gets a 33% Pyro DMG Bonus when her HP is less or equal to 50%.

Last but not least, at Ascension 1, her Passive Talent is to increase her party’s (excluding her) CRIT Rate by 12% for 8 seconds after her Elemental Skill ends.

What Makes Hu Tao Awesome:

  • Made to be main DPS
  • Increased ATK from Elemental Skill is based on her Max HP
  • Elemental Burst regenerates HP
  • At Ascension 1, when her Elemental Skill is done, she increases the party’s CRIT Rate by 12% for 8s
  • At Ascension 4, when her HP is equal to or less than 50%, she gets a 33% Pyro DMG Bonus

3. Ganyu

The reason why Ganyu is one of the most overpowered characters in the game is due to the way her Elemental Burst works.

As she summons ice rains upon her targets for a period of time in a rather big Cryo AoE, it is then that other character(s) can ambush with their Elemental attacks, triggering all sorts of Elemental Reactions that react with Cryo. Characters like Bennett, Mona, Xingqiu, Xiangling, etc, work well with this kind of Elemental Burst.

Because her Elemental Burst works overtime instead of at once (like Hu Tao’s or Zhongli’s), this makes Ganyu one of the characters with the highest possible DMG. 

On another note, almost every attack of Ganyu results in Cryo AoE DMG. The only exception would be her Normal Attack, which is totally normal. But except for that, even her Charged Attack, may result in Cryo AoE DMG.

What Makes Ganyu Awesome:

  • Almost all of her Attacks deal Cryo AoE DMG
  • Elemental Burst goes for a period of time
  • Elemental Skill can work as Crowd Control
  • Elemental Burst has the highest possible DMG when put together with other Elemenent

2. Venti

Anyone’s surprised Venti is on this list? I’m sure not.

The bard is, quite undeniably, one of the strongest characters in the game. It’s really common that he even surpasses the main DPS in the party he’s in when he’s supposed to be Utility.

Except for his Normal Attack, Venti’s attacks all result in Anemo AoE DMG. His unique skill is his ability to summon an air current that lets you fly up to reach high places, this surely helps in almost everything that you do. The same air current blasts Anemo DMG during fights; amazing, right?

The most amazing thing about Venti, though, is his Elemental Burst that creates a black hole, sucking in enemies and everything nearby into it. Not only it deals Anemo DMG and practically stuns enemies, it’s also able to absorb the first element it first comes in contact with, dealing that Elemental DMG together.

Plus, the drops from the targets will fall in one single place if they’re defeated there. Very neat, if I might say so myself.

What Makes Venti Awesome:

  • Unique skill to help players fly
  • Elemental Burst can absorb other Elements
  • Elemental Burst gather enemies in one place
  • His DMG is often bigger than main DPS

1. Zhongli

Zhongli and Venti being on top of these lists are getting predictable, I know. But it’s a fact that their skill sets are made to be one of the top characters within the game almost in every aspect. Maybe it has to do with them being the Archon’s vessels, who knows?

As a Geo vision holder, it is no surprise that Zhongli’s Shield from his Elemental Skill is one of the most invincible Shields in the game. What’s even more amazing is the fact that it’s based on his Max HP, a fairly easy stat to build.

He’s a very magnificent sub DPS; his tower resonates with Geo power, able to Crystallize with the first element it comes in contact with to make Shields for other party members. 

Furthermore, his Elemental Burst calls forth a meteor upon earth, applying Petrify status to the targets (he’s the only character able to do this as of now), turning them into stones. Not only it deals a great amount of DMG, it can work as a CC if you wish to see it that way.

What Makes Zhongli Awesome:

  • One of the best Utility
  • Can be Utility, sub DPS, or main DPS, up to you (and the way you build him)
  • Shield’s Damage Absorption is based on Zhongli’s Max HP
  • Able to make Elemental Shields through this Elemental Skill
  • Elemental Burst can apply Petrify status


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