[Top 5] Genshin Impact Best Overworld Teams That Are Powerful!

Childe seems dangerous but he's just a child

Genshin Impact’s open world is huge and fun, but also full of enemies and difficulties. There are lots of enemy camps, as well as single elite enemies roaming the map. You can either find a camping point full of Fatui, or a lonely Ruin Guardian walking through Mondstadt.

Even if you have the perfect team for exploring the open world, they won’t be the best choice if you look at a camp from afar and decide to steal their chest. You should change your team to an overworld team like the ones shown in this guide.

5.  Itto + Zhongli + Albedo + Gorou

We start the top 5 with our man Arataki Itto and his 3 Geo allies. This team is a fun team that shows double Geo resonance, with improved resistances and power when shielded. Itto should be the main DPS in this team, with the rest of them being able to change from Sub-DPS to supports.

This team has a quick start because of their simple kits, recharges energy easily, and deals lots of damage. Those are the best qualities for destroying an enemy camp: dealing lots of damage in a short time and having little to no strategy. Just use those elemental bursts and use Itto’s normal attacks like there’s no tomorrow.


  • Itto: DPS
  • Zhongli: Shielder, Sub-DPS
  • Albedo: Shielder, Sub-DPS
  • Gorou: Shielder, Enabler, Healer

Why This Team Is Great for Overworld:

  • Itto’s normal attacks and the rest’s burst can deal damage enough to decimate enemies
  • Quick energy recharge 
  • Constant shielding
  • Double Geo resonance

4.  Jean + Xiao + Zhongli + Albedo

This is a team we’ve also talked about because it’s really easy to play even if you are a beginner in the game. Its strategy is simple: first Albedo’s platform, second Zhongli’s shield, third Jean’s burst, and lastly jump like a hare with Xiao’s burst.

The AoE of Xiao’s burst is huge because it creates many polearms that surge upwards around himself. Accompanying him are Albedo’s and Zongli’s off-field damage, as well as Jean’s healing. Jean can be also used as a DPS when Xiao still hasn’t recharged his burst, using her skill to pull together and launch enemies (really useful for overworld camps).


  • Jean: Healer and battery
  • Xiao: DPS
  • Zhongli: Shielder
  • Albedo: Shielder and sub-DPS

Why This Team Is Great for Overworld:

  • Huge AoE from both DPS
  • Powerful healing from Jean
  • Constant shielding
  • Anemo + Geo resonance

3.  Ayato + Ayaka + Venti + Diona

Hydro, Cryo, and Anemo. That’s right, a control-freeze team. You don’t know what a control-freeze team is? Well, it is a team capable of pulling together enemies so that they are stuck in one place and can be applied with both Hydro and Cryo elements to create the frozen elemental reaction, making them immobile.

Venti’s burst can take care of the first one, Ayato’s AoE burst can apply Hydro, and Diona can take care of the Cryo application. Ayaka’s job is to finish the enemies with her powerful normal attack-based DPS, improved thanks to the Cryo resonance.


  • Ayato: DPS
  • Ayaka: DPS
  • Venti: CC, Enabler
  • Diona: Healer, Shielder, Battery

Why This Team Is Great for Overworld:

  • Huge AoE from Ayato
  • Can control-freeze every enemy in seconds
  • Powerful healing from Diona
  • Fantastic DPS thanks to two main DPS
  • Cryo resonance

2.  Raiden Shogun + Xiangling + Xingqiu + Bennett

This is another well-known team, probably because it’s one of the most powerful in the game, DPS-wise. Of course, as it’s presided by the third known archon, the damage dealt has to be high. Otherwise, she would be dethroned. The National Trio supporting her just makes this team even more perfect.

As always with this trio you have to use their three bursts one after the other, buffing Raiden as you go. After that, just spam the goddesses’ Electro-infused normal attacks that can cover the whole field, cleaning the area in 3 seconds.


  • Raiden Shogun: DPS
  • Xiangling: Enabler
  • Xingqiu: Enabler
  • Bennet: Enabler

Why This Team Is Great for Overworld:

  • Raiden can attack every enemy with each normal attack
  • National Trio Support is the best combination
  • Powerful off-field damage
  • Constant elemental reactions
  • Huge ATK buff

1.  Venti + Ganyu + Mona + Diona

Finally, in the first place, we have the so-called Morgana team. It’s similar to the one shown before that centred around permafreezing and crowd controlling, just somewhat better. Venti, as the best crowd-controller in the game, plus Ganyu, the best DPS in the game, form an amazing pair.

After debuffing and applying Hydro with Mona’s burst, Ganyu’s can make everyone freeze for a while, just before pulling them together with Venti’s vortex. Diona’s use is mainly healing and shielding so the strategy doesn’t get interrupted, plus helping with damage thanks to the Cryo resonance.


  • Venti: Sub DPS and CC 
  • Ganyu: DPS
  • Mona: Enabler 
  • Diona: Battery and Healer

Why This Team Is Great for Overworld:

  • Best crowd-controller in-game
  • Huge AoE from Ganyu and Mona
  • Two free-to-play characters
  • Can control-freeze all enemies in seconds
  • Huge healing thanks to Diona
  • Cryo resonance


As you can see, there are lots of ways to put together a new overworld team. Even if you don’t like the characters very much, you can use them for sweeping the field at the moment and changing to your favs again. What is better than shooting one of Venti’s bursts and cleaning up a camp so that you can pick those rewards in a flash?


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